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2. Opteka Pocket Stabilizer Grip Mount Monopod

This particular stabilizer is meant to be used with DSLR and video cameras that have a weight of up to 6lbs. This makes it usable with a wide range of cameras. It is designed in a way that it allows high and low angle shooting consequently allowing videos and photos to be taken even in places which seem impossible. It has also been endowed with low friction joint and high precision bearing angels. These allow it to be positioned in different angels with the camera being held tightly. Another important feature of this stabilizer is that its height is adjustable which improves weight ratio while at the same time reducing the need for base weight. To ensure it is light and performs optimally it has been made with an aluminum body which has a black coating. It also has a quick release option which allows the camera to be put in place and also to be removed easily. The maximum length of this stabilizer is 23.6 inches and its minimum length is 14.6 inches therefore making it convenient to be used in different kinds of places. To assure buyers that they are getting a quality product it also comes with a one year warranty.

1. Opteka X-GRIP Professional Camera / Camcorder Action Stabilizing Handle

This particular stabilizing handle fits majority of the cameras and camcorders that have a standard ¼-20 thread. This makes it compatible with a wide range of cameras since most of the modern cameras are of this size. It also has a cushioned NBR handle that is also padded. This modern handle alleviates the stress that usually comes with lengthy filming since one can easily hold the handle for long hours. It has been made using high grade ABS impact absorbent plastic. This makes it ideal to be used even in rough places where it might bump into different kinds of things. It has also been fitted with a shoe mount which is removable and is meant to be used for videos,microphones or flashes. The maximum camera height of this particular handle is 4.75 inches therefore allowing pictures to be taken in almost any angle provided the camera is held properly. Furthermore,it has non slip rubber rails which are paramount to ensure the camera being used remain in positions without moving unnecessary. This stabilizing handle also comes with a one year warranty which is meant to assure the buyers that they are buying a quality product. These features make it qualify for the top 3 best DSLR steadicam in 2018 reviews.

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