Best Fireproof Safes Reviews in 2020

Do you possess some useful documents? Are you in possession of firearms and other valuables? It is a fact that academic documents and other valuable documents need to be safeguarded. They should be safeguarded against theft and more so against fire. With fire, you are never sure when your house will burn up. It is, therefore, necessary to keep your important documents in a fireproof safe. This ensures the safety of the documents and one can still access the docs in a very good condition. If you use the best safe, you will be sure of the safety of the valuables. So how does a quality fireproof safe look like? Below are the best fireproof safes reviews that can guide you in knowing more about the products and making an informed decision to purchase.

7. Steelwater AMSWEL-500

Steelwater AMSWEL-500 is made of non-plastic layers of steel that prevent entry of fire or excess heat in an event of fire. The safe can withstand up to 2 hours of fire rated at 1010°C. For more safety, the gadget has an installed electronic keypad with 4 reprogrammable digits combination for locking and unlocking. It also has an external battery compartment and non-volatile memory. Its safety is further enhanced by the rectangular locking bolts situated on the side of the hinges and the rectangular locking bolt. It is sizeable enough with external dimension 19.25” x 13.75” x 16.34”. The keypad operates on four AA Alkaline Batteries.

Best Fireproof Safes Reviews

6. SnapSafe Large Combination Lockbox

SnapSafe Large Combination Lockbox is suitable for someone who has larger documents. It is in the category of extra-large safes and measures 9.5” x 6.5” x 1.8” hence, suitable for big sized documents. It has a super-thick steel construction rated 16ga that ensures no heat pass into the safe however much hot the fire is. The whole housing is made of Steel and has passed CADOJ certification. Your valuables will always remain safe and secure by storing them in this safe. Concerning installation and use, this safe is the easiest one to use and has a simple-to-understand procedure.

Best Fireproof Safes Reviews

5. American Security EZ Handgun Safe PS1210EZ

This safe provides an extra pry resistance due to the construction of its doors that are made of 14 gauge solid steel that overlaps. The hinges are welded to 2 steel hooks and a continuous steel dead bar. The lock itself is made with the simplex mechanical lock technology that offers over 1,080 various combinations and chrome carrying handle. What about the size? It is also sizeable enough to hold many valuable; it weighs 10.09″ depth x 12.26″ Width x 4.13″ Height and weighs 14 pounds. This sturdy box is what you need to safeguard your valuables.

Best Fireproof Safes Reviews

4. Verifi S6000 Smart.Safe

Verifi S6000 Smart.Safe is compliant to the current trend in technology with its finger touch access. This safe box is finger-touch enabled so you do not need to memorize the access code. The finger-touch technology is an added security since no one can access the safe in your absence. You are assured of the safety of your valuables with Verifi S600 Smart Safe; you can add users and delete users hence, you can limit the access. Its solid steel construction is fireproof and internally heatproof. This safe box operates on 4 AA batteries and works on them for longer.

Best Fireproof Safes Reviews

3. Stack-On 24 Gun Fire Safe

This safe is commonly known for safe storage of firearms and related products. However, it can also offer safe custody for your valuables and important documents. For guns, it can hold 24 shotguns or rifles or 12 firearms. Besides, it has other 4 adjustable shelves that you can adjust to suit your storage needs. Removable zippered bag with large document pocket is also included for extra-safe storage. The interior is fully carpeted and the exterior is air tight steel. The exterior has presentable finish of black epoxy paint blended with chrome accents; no need to hide it, just leave it in an open space. One of the happy customers asserted that he got something valuable and worth his money. You can also be part of the positive reviewers owing to the quality of these products.

Best Fireproof Safes Reviews

2. Ivation Electronic Gun Safe

Ivation Electronic Gun Safe is built with 16-gauge steel construction and precise fittings that prevent any possibility of pry open with any hand tool. Do you know why you need this safe for your weapons or documents? Storing your weapons will make you keep them away from wrong hands and as for documents, it will help you keep them away from wrong eyes. To further enhance the security of the contents, the interior of Ivation Electronic Gun Safe is lined with a soft protective foam. You can also fix the safe on the ground or mount on the wall using the pre-drilled holes beneath the safe. You need to set lock code using the 4-buttin code or key; set up procedure is simple and direct. Accessibility of the content has been made easier by the spring-loaded door that makes the door jump easily immediately upon entering unlock code.

Best Fireproof Safes Reviews

1. SentrySafe 500 FIRE-SAFE Box

As the name suggest, Sentrysafe is an ideal safe box that keeps your documents safer when there is fire break out. Whether in the office or at home, you need this safe to secure your vital documents and useful belongings. The tough steel material that forms the most part of the exterior and the fine interior linings keeps the documents safe. The pack is inclusive of a privacy key lock and a manual that makes it easy for you to do the setup. You are guaranteed of optimum safety for anything that can fit inside the box safe in case of a fire break out. You only need to follow the correct storing procedure and you will be safe. Its size is also efficient with the exterior measuring 6 1/8″ Height x 12 3/16 Length x 10 1/4″ Width and the interior measuring 3 3/4″ Height  x 9 23/32″ Length  x 7 9/32″ Width.


Having known some of the best safe boxes, you don’t have any reason to regret if your valuable documents get burnt up. Just select any of the products reviewed above and make your documents stay safe at all times.

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