Best Head Massagers Review in 2021

Did you know that the flow of blood to and fro your head is necessary for well-functioning of our brain? Have you ever felt severe exhaustion or a headache in your after engaging in some tedious work? These happen to people regularly when the nerves become exhausted. As a result, it becomes necessary to offer a soothing relief exercise to your head. That is when head massage becomes a necessity and not an option. Below is the head massagers benefit review and list of best head massagers in 2018 for you to consider.

Benefits of Head Massage

Even though some people does it simply as a routine, head massage has lots of benefits associated with it. Here are some of what you should expect when you expose your head to regular massage.

Helps in preventing headaches and back pain

Healthwise, it is a fact that tension in the upper back, head, and neck leads to migraines. Furthermore, back pains and headaches can result in depression. The massage therapist would always begin the head massage with the slight application of pressure on the upper back. Sequentially, the movement proceeds to the neck and finally to the head. As a result, the free circulation of cerebral fluid is enhanced hence, reduces headache-causing blockages.

Promotes hair growth

The growth of hair is dependent on the nourishment and circulation of oxygen. Head massage, therefore, increases nourishment of the hair follicle that in turn stimulates hair growth.

Relieves sleeplessness, insomnia, and restlessness

All these conditions are effects of stress that can be relieved by a head massage. This is achieved by the relaxation caused by massaging that also attacks the physical symptoms which result to the wellbeing of the body for a better rest.

Relieves anxiety and depression

Massaging the head facilitates the proper supply of oxygen to the brain. This is the best way of lifting one’s mood by reducing the anxiety. Good supply of oxygen to your brain facilitates creativity and clear thinking.

Boosts memory capabilities

Human beings often have short-term memory difficulties that comes as a result of overloaded brains with lots of disorganized thoughts. This makes it tough for one to ‘log’ efficiently and collect thoughts as well as occurrences. Therefore, head massage would slow down the thoughts and up the sensual awareness.

How to choose the Best head massager

There are various guides online on the best head massagers. However, from our findings, a good massager differs with different people. The goodness of a massager is dependent on the features perceived by the user as the best. Therefore, it is necessary to understand exactly what you are looking for. The following can form the basis of your preference.

Powering Mode

You can make a decision based on the power properties of the massager. In essence, the massager can either operate on electricity or battery power.


It is important to know your intended situation of use. For instance, if you intend to move with your massager to wherever you go to then you should go for the compact and portable model. However, in case you just want to use it in a fixed point then portability cannot be a great consideration.


The ease of use is also a reason to consider in determining the best head massagers. Some people would opt for the one with fewer settings whereas others would go for the one with many settings. Therefore, the number of settings is a significant consideration in determining the best massager.


The paramount determinant of the potential purchase is the affordability. Even if the product is very appealing, the decision to purchase depends on the affordability. Therefore, the price of the head massager is a factor to consider in categorizing the best head massagers.


Every other person would prefer to purchase something that lasts. Besides, most electrical devices have optimum operation time, and it is usually 12 hours. On the same note, most of the best massagers have 12 hours running time. Apart from operating time, the best massagers that we are yet to discuss here are sturdy and durable.

The Best Head Massagers of 2018

5. Preup Electric Head Massager

Best Head Massagers Review


Easy to use | Light-weight design |  Adjustable intensity | Adjustable sizes|  8 massage settings |  Fabulous  design |


Use limited to availability of electricity


Preup Electric Head Massager has a unique and gorgeous features for both relaxation and health treatment. Do not admit confusion from the many brands you know of when you can afford to buy Preup Electric Head Massager. The model has excellent characteristics that are in line with modern improvements. You can never regret since the device would give you back the value for your money in real time. A rating of 5 over 5 is ideal for this model.

The model targets the acupressure points on both the front and back of the head to deliver a soothing and deep massage that is result oriented. Unlike other massagers that closes the entire head, this model features an open head design that permits better adjustment that makes one feel less restricted and less claustrophobic while being massaged. Its eight intensity settings provide for much customizations that lead to the better experience that relieves stress, headaches, tiredness, and also improves one’s memory.

4. Panasonic Head-Spa Scalp Aesthetics Massager


Waterproof | Light-weight and handle-held design |  Fast charge
Soft massage |  Comfortable |  Durable 😐 Has 2 speed options : Easy to use


  • Lack of English manual

Best Head Massagers Review


This brand has so far attracted thousands of users owing to its great model that features an impressive and clean, modern appearance. Its portability is another feature that makes most users opt for it going by its handle-held design and the small size. Whether you are on travel adventure or within the homestead, this device is portable enough to carry to wherever you go. Most users like the simplicity in both design and the operation of Panasonic Head-Spa. However, the manual is in Japanese; hence, non-Japanese speakers might find it difficult to follow the manual.
Panasonic is known to be the producer of most outstanding quality products. Therefore, the Panasonic Head-Spa massager must be an effective appliance with great performance. In summary, this gadget, therefore, encompasses affordability, portability, and efficiency.

3. Pure Therapy Wireless Scalp Massager

Best Head Massagers Review


The first impression on Pure Therapy massager on the mind of the user is always a welcoming one. Its attractive appearance has a lot to do with the ratings given to it by most customers. Besides the good physical appearance, the compact design and the light weight provides more comfort to the users. Given the fact that it is cordless and waterproof makes it appear among the best and accident-free brands and the best for use while taking a shower.


This massager differs from the rest on the basis of three distinctive features that includes personalized speed, pressure adjustment, and the deep-tissue kneading. These features permit personalization of massaging experience to meet one’s specific preference. These among others are the main reasons why this brand is regarded as one of the best models in the market. It is also designed perfectly and fits the head properly unlike some other types which does not. Its ease of use and portability are additional features that impress most users. You can be among the few who are having the best experience with this device by just ordering yours.

2. Breo iDream3 Head Massager

Best Head Massagers Review


The second best of all head massagers is Breo iDream3 massager. The model has a great modern appearance that is very attractive to the eyes. It also has a compact design that offers both portability and comfort on wearing. Furthermore, this device is very simple in both operation and the design. It is also effective in operation owing to the presence of the various accessories that includes LCD display, power charger, earphones, wireless controller, and the manual.


With this product, you are sure to hit two birds with one stone; it performs dual functions, head massage, and eye massage. Besides, durability is among the best features, and you will never worry about the tear and wear sooner or later. Furthermore, this product is quality oriented and performs with the highest level of efficiency.
While functioning, the massager fits perfectly on the head as you get the soothing relief on your head. Breo iDream massager is a brand name and is recommended by medical experts.

Furthermore, as the user, you are capable of adjusting the settings to fit your taste and preference. This product is very popular in the market owing to its durability and the extreme comfort. To add, this massager is quiet and easy on the head due to its small size. It also charges and stores up power that ensures continuity even when there is a blackout.

1. Pure Therapy (42000) Head & Eye Massager

Pure Therapy is known to be one of the top corporations in health equipment industry. Therefore, Pure Therapy Head & Eye Massager being one of the best head massagers in 2018 is not a mistake. The device has various  gorgeous features, which are good for relaxing and improving health.

Do you want to convert your room to an international spar?  Pure Therapy provides and has all the good features that can make you achieve the best experience. Even though it is a head massager, when it operates, the impact is felt within. With this device, you will cut off the regular and the unnecessary visits to your health expert. This is the right massager for one who needs something special at a lower cost.

Best Head Massagers Review


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