Best Panini Press Sandwich Maker That Cooks Anything (in 2021): Top 10 List

If you’re serious about your sandwiches and you are tired of buying them when you’re out , or if perhaps you’d like to save some money,  then you’ll need to invest in one of the options below.

A Panini press is one of the most popular kitchen appliances because of its ability to prepare a wide range of dishes in a matter of minutes. it is one of the best tools used in the kitchen these days. It is lightweight, portable, and can be easily carried from one place to another.

Many people like this tool as it helps to cook perfect and good quality of sandwiches If you own the best indoor electric grill, then you must be able to prepare many grilled delicacies on it, but what do you when you have to reheat pizzas or roast burgers? An electric grill can’t be used for these tasks, right?

So, you need a product like the Panini press, which besides doing all the tasks of an electric grill does several other things as well, such as grilling chicken, roasting burgers and reheating pizzas, etc.

There are multiple panini presses out there in the market today. You need the best panini press to whip up some sandwiches, bacon, chicken breast, crispy hash browns, etc. There are tons of panini recipes out there for you to get creative.

If you want to buy the best Panini press consumer report, then you must take a look at the reviews of 10 best products to make an informed decision.

List of Top 10 Best Panini Press in the Market

10 Best Panini Presses Consumer Report

1. Breville Duo Nonstick Panini Press BSG520XL

best Panini press consumer reports

The Panini press has an innovative design to easily prepare your food. It applies the right weight without crushing the sandwich inside. Your breakfast will be enjoyable upon buying the press. You can apply it to prepare toasts, sandwich and quesadillas. This grill comes with some really great features, such as a locking mechanism that allows you to store it upright without it falling open.

It also comes with 4 different height settings, so you can adjust it to the size and thickness of your bread.  The top plate of this option is a grill, so you get those traditional sandwich marks, and the bottom is a griddle. Although the plates are not removable, they are nonstick and can easily be cleaned with a wet paper towel.

This Panini press has a 1500-watt heating element, which heats up quickly to deliver you the food you love within minutes. The device has a bottom plate, which ensures quick heat along with even heat distribution. The upper plate of the unit leaves amazing grill marks on the sandwiches and burgers you grill in this appliance. You can prepare any kind of bread in this Panini press and deliver excellent toasted sandwich creation. The unit features a scratch-proof grill surface, which is made from non-stick quantanium coating. The stainless steel construction of the Panini Duo offers excellent performance with elegance.

You can also use this griddle for preparing fried eggs, pizza, and pancakes. Other features of the unit include 4 height settings for preparing toasty sandwiches and grilled steaks. The inclusion of non-slip feet allows the unit to remain stable on countertops. Once you are done using this Panini Press, you can easily clean it. Coming to drawbacks, then the absence of on/off switch, temperature adjustment knob and non-removable cooking plates

2. Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press (Best Waffle Panini Maker)

best Panini press consumer reports

This is our second top choice in terms of desired features such as functionality, temperature control, and cleanup. This model also happens to be an Amazon bestseller, with over 5,000 positive reviews (at the time of this writing)!

Cuisinart GR-1 Griddler Panini and Sandwich Press can get you restaurant-like Paninis along with various other food items such as pork chops, vegetables, and more. Cuisinart states that it’s the best at making restaurant-style sandwiches at home, and home cooks seem to agree. That being said, it’s not a multiple feature grill like some of the others we’ve listed.

The Cuisinart Griddler not only makes panini but can also make some of the gourmet meals that require a grill set like steaks, grilled cheese, burgers, you name it. Just like a gift that keeps on giving. The Griddler, like its name, has five cooking modes, based on what you need to cook. Meaning you could cook with it closed, for waffles, or full-on grill for steaks. You could also cook eggs with the griddle mode, then one griddle, one full grill mode, and the last mode are what we love! The Panini press! Suffice it say, this is nearly all in one machine!

The appliance features an 11×7-inch non-stick grill plate, which delivers excellent grilled foods and toasty sandwiches. Moreover, a drip spout is included in the Panini press that helps drain the grease easily to give you healthier meals.  The product features a floating hinge that adjusts to accommodate any thickness to get a perfectly grilled thick or thin sandwich and Panini.

This unit features a ‘power on’ and ‘ready to cook’ indicator light to eliminate your guesswork. The Panini press also has preset temperatures that let you enjoy crispy, golden-brown bread. The Panini press has enough room to accommodate two sandwiches simultaneously. The small footprint of the unit makes it easier for you to place it on the countertop. This is a highly versatile product, which can prepare a light dinner for two people or cook multiple meals for a large gathering. It doesn’t need too much butter or oil for cooking, thus letting you eat healthy yet delicious food. It comes with a scraping tool that can easily eliminate debris from the grill, and for other parts, you can use a moist cloth for quick cleanup. A highly durable product, it still comes with a 3-year warranty against all manufacturing defects.

3. Hamilton Beach Panini Press, Sandwich Maker & Electric Indoor Grill 25410

best Panini press consumer reports

The Hamilton Beach comes in two different sizes – Large and medium. This beast comes with a chrome finish on the exterior and possesses a beautiful appearance. You will be quickly grilling paninis of any size. Its adjustable floating lid helps consistently press all of your sandwiches.

Hamilton Beach Panini Press is another world-class product, which can give you delicious Panini at home without spending an extravagant amount of money. This Panini press can easily prepare from basic grilled cheese to thick Reuben sandwiches. The inclusion of a floating lid allows you to prepare sandwiches of all sizes. The unit features indicator lights for power and preheat functions that informs you when the unit is ready to use. The Panini press has a 10×8-inch cooking surface, which can easily accommodate 2-3 sandwiches at a time.

The non-stick grid of the appliance makes removing sandwich after it is fully grilled a lot easier. The Panini Press can easily get you the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of your choice, thanks to its versatility and the large cooking surface. This product can get you a deli sandwich at half the price than what you will pay in a deli. The Panini press supports the thinnest of bread to thickest. When you are done using the product, you can easily clean it and fold it upright for easy storage. The unit has some cons as well, such as non-removable top and bottom panels and the unit being overheated.

4. George Foreman GR2121P Classic Plate Grill and Panini Press 

best Panini press consumer reports

If you want to spend less time on cooking, yet prepare delicious meals, then you need to buy this Panini Press. Featuring an indicator light, this model can let you know as to when the food is fully cooked. Sporting a cooking surface of 120 square inches, you can serve 8 people at once. It also features a drip tray where all the fats and grease will be collected. This panini press will eliminate 50% of the fat from the food, thus letting you enjoy grilled and toasty sandwiches but with lesser oil.

The grilling plates are coated with a non-stick material, which can be easily cleaned by a moist cloth. Then, there is a dual cooking system incorporated into this unit, which you can enable by attaching a kickstand on the back along with elevating the plates. You can easily adjust the heat range of this Panini press from low to high, thanks to its temperature control feature. The only drawback of this product is that it features non-removable plates, which make cleaning a bit difficult.

5.  Dash Omelette Maker, Panini Press with Dual Non-Stick Plates DOM001YL

best Panini press consumer reports

Now, this is an omelet maker, which can be used as a Panini press and sandwich maker. You can also prepare any type of frittata using this product. Despite being a compact unit, it is highly efficient and easier to use. You will be able to prepare a wide range of dishes such as sandwiches, pocket-pizzas, meat, cookies, salmon, and more. In a matter of minutes, you will be able to prepare properly cooked meals with amazing texture and composition.

An indicator light is provided on the unit to let you know when the device is ready to cook your favorite meals. An oval-shaped cooking pan accompanies the model, which comes with a non-stick coating so that you can prepare scrumptious meals with less oil. Once you are done using the Panini Press, you can easily store it anywhere, thanks to its compact and flat design.

6. IMUSA USA GAU-80102 Large Electric Panini Press (Best Commercial Panini Press)

best Panini press consumer reports

Check out this heavy-duty Panini Press, which sports a 1400-watt heating element that delivers fast and intense heat to cook your meals quickly. The unit has a stainless steel surface, which along with non-stick plates ensures that you get delicious and healthy food always. In this appliance, you will get a power and heat indicator light, that’s it, no other complicated settings and controls.

Featuring an adjustable hinge as well, which allows you to use this appliance in several positions. You will get restaurant-like results with this unit, thanks to its quality materials and incredible performance. You can prepare any type of sandwich with ease, courtesy of its non-stick plates. The drawbacks of the product include the absence of a converter plug and an easily breakable floating hinge.

7. Deik KJ-210 Panini Press Sandwich Maker with Temperature Control

best Panini press consumer reports

If you crave for burgers, steaks and other grilled delights, then you should get Deik Panini Press, which can easily get you all that in around 5 minutes. A 1500-watt motor is integrated into the unit, which allows it to reach high temperatures to cook different meals quickly and efficiently. There are indicator lights given for each of the functions that the unit performs to make things easier for you.

The highlighting points of this product include 30% less cooking time compared to other low-power grills, adjustable temperature control button, ability to hold 4 slices of sandwiches or 6 medium Panini bread at once and a floating lid that not just help cook the meals faster but it also leaves beautiful marks on the food as well. As you finish preparing your meals, you can easily clean the appliance with a moist cloth and store it in an upright position. The company offers a 2-year warranty on the product against all manufacturing defects.

8. De’Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill And Panini Press

best Panini press consumer reports

De’Longhi CGH800 is a Panini Press and Contact Grill combo, which allows you to prepare a huge variety of dishes. The height and thickness of the food don’t matter, as this appliance will easily take care of it. Featuring an adjustable thermostat, you can easily customize the temperature of the food you are cooking.

The Panini Press also features an easy-view window through which you can view the temperature range to decide when to place items on the grill. The tilted bottom surface of the unit paves an easy way for the oil and grease to drain into a separate cup. The non-stick surface of this appliance ensures that the food doesn’t get stuck or burned while cooking, and it also makes cleaning a breeze.

9. Yabano GT43 Panini Press Grill 

best Panini press consumer reports

Yabano Panini Press is another unit that features a non-stick surface, thus preventing your food from being stuck or burnt during cooking. With a cooking area of 11×10 inches, you can easily keep up to 4 sandwiches on this Panini Press. A powerful 1200-watt motor is installed in the unit for quick and efficient heating.

Since the cooking process results in the release of oil and grease, the company has added a detachable drip tray where those messes will be collected to make the cleaning process easy for you. When you are done grilling burgers or sandwiches, you can enjoy them with chilled beer right straight from the top kegerator. The compact and lightweight design of the product makes it easier for you to carry when traveling.

10.  Oster Titanium-Infused DuraCeramic 2-in-1 Panini Maker CKSTPM20W-TECO (Best Non-Toxic Panini Press)

best Panini press consumer reports

This one is a great option for those who want the most affordable product. If that’s you, the Oster is wonderful.

It’s nonstick, and made from ceramic rather than Teflon, which can emit toxic fumes when heated at a high temperature (most low-priced models don’t take toxicity into account, so Oster gets extra points for that).

The notable feature of this Panini Maker is the inclusion of a titanium-infused DuraCeramic non-stick coating, which keeps the unit from peeling and flaking. Just as how easy it is to use the product, the cleaning part is also quite easy. Moreover, the sandwich maker will cook up to 30% faster than other units. The inclusion of two plastic drip cups collects excess oil and grease to make the cleaning up process easy for you.

The company has also provided a griddle-cleaning tool to ease up the cleaning part. The appliance has a scratch-resistant surface, which keeps it in a top-notch condition. Other useful features of the product include a floating hinge system, PTFE and PFOA-free ceramic coating for extra safety. The unit is easy to store and doesn’t take much storage space too.


Panini Presses come with tons of qualities that are like the must-haves when you step out to look for one.

Although it could be a little tough to get all of the features in one single Panini and even if you get them, there might be some little doubt roving around your mind about its durability and performance.

However, it is still essential to list up the key factors because this is how you can get yourself a machine that will serve you and impress you.

And for this, here are some of them that I have listed.

Floating Hinge:

The term may sound quite rich and technical to you yet all it does is: to close the Panini grill inflexible height. Through this, you will be able to grill the sandwich no matter what the size is: be it fat or thin, it will be easy to adjust it to the machine.

However, if you wish to grill an open-faced sandwich, set the upper plate to float above the food. And you will know what exactly the Floating Hinge does for cooking.

Adjustable thermostat:

Not all the panini sandwich makers own this feature but if you wish to have an extra trait then I guess it should be an Adjustable thermostat.

This is more like a multi-functional option that provides extra convenience.

To state more about it, an adjustable thermostat basically appears to grill scores of several types of food, not just only Paninis. With this attribute, you can grill chicken, burgers or make whatever you wish to, the thermostat will adjust its temperature from higher to lower.

And it’s pretty obvious how essential this feature can be for cooking. However, 120 degrees to 570 degrees Fahrenheit is the most usual range that you’ll get if you wish to grill your foods easily.

Grill Surface Area:

Albeit some of you might be okay with the Panini Press having smaller grilling surface since it requires lesser room for storage. But, Presses with the bigger grilling surface area are predominantly the finest for people who desire to grill a couple of Paninis at once to serve a family.

Thus, getting a larger or smaller Panini Press entirely banks on the need of the people. To be precise possibly relies on the size of the family as well.


Time is one of the most vital factors whenever you get yourself busy in the kitchen. Nobody wishes to waste any time whenever it comes to cooking something that can appease your stomach.

Hence, this timer trait lets you set the time that you will be needing so you can have more time to do other chores while it homes in on grilling your Panini.


Now is the time when you do not even need to pity yourself for being so petite to reach the handles. Because the manufacturers have started to design the machines in such a way where you can find the handle that will be easier to reach.

So, it is advisable to look for low profile design if you want to make yourself free of all the qualms.

Summing Up

Cooking with your own best Panini press consumer report gives you the freedom and control over the food, it’s stuffing, and the amount of oil you want to add. You can’t have this much control over the food that you eat in restaurants, so there is definitely an advantage of buying a Panini Press. Now, with the reviews of 10 top-rated Panini Presses, I leave it to you as to which product you should buy. But, you should add this appliance to your kitchen gadgets because it will prepare lip-smacking delicacies for you at your will.

Best Panini press consumer report