Best Scuba Mask, Snorkeling, Diving Masks and Goggles


An underwater mask has different components that vary in design and a basic construction that creates an airspace in front of the eyes so that people can focus better. Technically there isn’t any difference between a snorkeling mask and a scuba mask, because they both can be used for the same purpose. Construction of a mask involves a very low internal or profile volume, which is greatly needed for equalization breath holding, so that air is not wasted. When a mask or scuba goggles are designed, they are purposely made with the lenses and frames angled differently as the face and raked in at the bottom. This helps divers look down easier and prevents the diver from taking in a mouthful of water.

Speaking of lenses, their configuration is a great part of their design functions. A dive mask has either a single, twin, or multiple lens, but their lens shape, glass designs, and special coatings are customized options. The difference in lens designs, includes the following:

  •  Single lens: these masks do not have any frames across the bridge of the nose.
  •  Twin lens: these are compatible with replacement prescription lenses made by the manufacturer and they can be fitted very easily.
  •  Multiple lens: these masks feature a window pane on either side of the mask to give divers a more open and clearer view point.

Due to water pressure, the lens of diving masks are made from high quality, tempered, safety glass material. The glass in the lens allows more light in and improves visibility by enhancing all the colors underwater. Special coating also improves lens visibility, which reduces reflective lighting or foggy visibility. They are made from high grade optical, crush proof glass.

The “skirt” of a mask is generally made from high grade silicon for better flexibility and comfort. Skirts provides a tight mask seal to keep air in and water out, as well as reduces the effects of UV rays. Many masks have a secondary skirt, which increases the surface that is able to seal against the skin and reduce any leakage.

Underwater masks are available in either framed or frameless models. Framed masks are slightly larger in dimension and are available in various ranges of color. Frameless masks the silicone skirt is molded with everything else to join them together. With this type of construct, frameless masks can be folded and stored in a pocket.

Strap and buckles on masks are adjustable because they are designed based on the manufacturer. The straps are also made from silicone for flexibility and stretchability. The buckles are affixed to the frame and are very rigid with no flexibility. Many models have buckles use push buttons to release the strap and the buckles are being designed in different forms off of the frame and the skirt. Many of the top underwater mask sellers are identified below, from the lesser best sellers to the top sellers:

10. U.S. Divers Lux Purge Grenada LX Snorkel Mask by U.S. Divers

10. U.S. Divers Lux Purge Grenada LX Snorkel Mask by U.S. DiversBuy Now on Amazon

  • High-tech, 4-window mask provides maximum visibility
  • Hypoallergenic silicone face skirt for ultimate comfort
  • Built in purge valve keeps mask clear of water
  • Submersible dry top snorkel with Flapper-Dry Technology
  • Hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece for ultimate comfort

U.S. Divers Lux Purge Grenada LX Snorkel Mask by U.S. Divers is designed by an award winning company which offers the best in water activity gear. The Lux Purge Grenada LX Snorkel Mask is a one size fits all mask, whose skirt can fit a varied range of faces of men and women. It is hypoallergenic and is very comfortable. The Lux Purge Grenada snorkeling mask has side windows for greater visibility; an adjustable, swivel buckle, and a submersible dry top snorkel with “flapper dry” technology which closes tightly to prevent water from entering the snorkel. Its unique contoured barrel shape is ergonomically designed for the right positioning and comfort mouthpiece.

9. Aqua Lung Sport Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask by Aqua Lung

9. Aqua Lung Sport Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask by Aqua LungBuy Now on Amazon

  • Tempered Glass Lenses
  • Dual or Single Lens Design
  • Side Adjust Clip Buckles• Extremely low volume design
  • Ideal for Scuba Divers, Snorkelers, Free Divers, and Underwater Photographers

The Aqua Lung Sport Scuba Snorkeling Dive Mask is a moderately priced frameless mask, that is very comfortable to wear for long time periods. Its frameless design has a swiveling buckle that can be folded flat and which adjust very quick and quite easily. The Aqua Lung Snorkeling Mask is very light and has a 100% silicone skirt and safety, tempered glass lens. It offers divers wide visibility underwater and it is tested to be resistant to leaks.

8. Subgear Steel Pro Frameless Dive Mask by SubGear

8. Subgear Steel Pro Frameless Dive Mask by SubGearBuy Now on Amazon

  • Ultra-soft silicone mask
  • Creates a watertight seal on nearly every face shape and size
  • Low profile design is great for free divers
  • Extremely easy to purge
  • Frameless mask design

Whether you are a scuba diver of a free-dive expert, the Subgear Steel Pro Frameless Dive Mask is exactly what you need. It is simply, but expertly built with thick silicone that fits comfortably on the face. This diving mask helps divers see clearly for long periods of time and it features a great watertight seal for all face shapes. The Subgear Steel Pro Frameless Dive Mask is a single lens mask with an easily, adjustable strap and buckle system.

7. Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask by Cressi

7. Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask by CressiBuy Now on Amazon

  • IDF frame technology reduces bulk for extremely low internal volume
  • Raked lenses further reduce internal volume for minimal clearing
  • Lenses inverted tear-drop shape improves downward visibility
  • Micrometric adjustable buckles allow precise headband adjustments
  • Anatomical lens strap fits securely

Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Mask is an innovative mask from a new silicone material that is water tight, soft and comfortable and it allows a great point of contact between the mask and the face, with a wide open angle. These unique scuba goggles rests perfectly on the face, without leaving any marks on the skin, even if you have worn it for an extended amount of time. The raked lenses with an inverted drop shape is a Cressi unique patented design, which is small, allowing the mask to be worn close to the eye pupils for an increased visibility of 25%. The Cressi “big eyes” evolution was created to fit over prescription lenses with great clarity. Its headband structure uses another Cressi invention of as double injection of an “elastomer,” which allows the buckles of the strap to be mounted on an indestructible elastic element that tilts on a vertical plane and which can be bent sideways at an 180° curve.

6. SEAC L70 Scuba Diving Mask by SEAC

6. SEAC L70 Scuba Diving Mask by SEACBuy Now on Amazon

  • Versatile folding scuba mask
  • Semi-frameless technology with small internal volume
  • Liquid silicone skirt over molded onto frame
  • Tempered glass lenses with guaranteed 3mm thickness
  • 3D pivoting buckle
  • Color: black/brown

A SEAC L70 Scuba Diving Mask can fold and fit into a pocket as a backup mask. It is a technologically advanced, semi-frameless mask with a small internal volume. The SEAC L70 has a top quality liquid silicone skirt with a 3D pivoting buckle, which is molded over, onto the frame, making it flexible for folding. Its lens are designed with tempered glass with a safe, sturdy, thickness of 3 millimeters, which is exactly what meets ANSI standards.

5. Sherwood Onyx ARL Dive Mask by Sherwood

5. Sherwood Onyx ARL Dive Mask by SherwoodBuy Now on Amazon

  • For Medium to Large Faces (110 lbs+)
  • Low Volume
  • Easily adjusted integrated, swivel buckles
  • Crystal silicone – The highest grade silicone available for a soft comfortable seal
  • Color: Black Frame with Black Silicone Skirt

The Sherwood Onyx ARL Dive Mask is a best selling masks by the Sherwood Company that is a leader in the underwater product industry. The Onyx mask is a low profile dual lens mask that comes in a strong black silicon color. This mask is perfect for spearfishing, free diving, or as scuba goggles in diving. They contain anti-reflective lenses and coating, especially designed by Sherwood. Coating the lenses reduces the amount of reflective light into the diver’s eyes. Instead, it does allow some light to pass through the lenses for improved optical clarity, allowing around 92% of light to pass through. Its adjustable buckles and straps make it easy to wear and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

4. ScubaPro Frameless Gorilla Mask by Scubapro

4. ScubaPro Frameless Gorilla Mask by ScubaproBuy Now on Amazon

  • Matte Skirt Finish
  • Facial Hair Friendly!
  • Larger wider field of vision
  • Available Colors: Black, Clear

These ScubaPro Gorilla masks are frameless, matte finish goggles. The Gorilla feature single lens that are a little larger and wider than most goggles. Single lens on the mask provides a wider, uninterrupted line of sight. ScubaPro designs their masks to fit many different facial types. The ScubaPro Gorilla diving mask features a unique skirt assembly without a frame, which forms a perfect, comfortable fit.

3. Mares i3 Liquidskin 3 Lens Quality Scuba Diving Mask by Mares

3. Mares i3 Liquidskin 3 Lens Quality Scuba Diving Mask by MaresBuy Now on Amazon

  • Liquidskin technology for maximum comfort
  • 3-window construction for an extraordinary field of view• Bi-silicone strap
  • Tri-Comfort
  • Colors: clear and black silicone

The i3 Liquidskin Scuba Diving Mask gives divers an extremely clear field of vision because of its double sided windows in addition to its wide front glass. The Mares Company has been providing leading water activity products with innovative designs and models. With their computer simulated research, Mares has combined comfort and great field of vision in their i3 Liquidskin Diving Mask. The mask is also designed with high tech buckles and a newly designed x-shaped split style mask strap, with a double feathered edge silicone rubber skirt. The Mares i3 dive mask is popularly used as a snorkeling mask, an open water dive mask, free diving, and much more. It is a snug fit mask with a medium volume light weight goggle with an easy to reach nose pocket that allows a one-handed ear equalization, tempered safety glass lenses and a mask skirt that is exceptionally comfortable.

2. GoPro Hero4 and Hero3+ Dive Mask for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling by OCTOMASK

2. GoPro Hero4 and Hero3+ Dive Mask for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling by OCTOMASKBuy Now on Amazon

  • Super-Soft Silicon Skirt & Dual Safety Tempered Glass Lenses
  • Large Easy to Reach One-Handed Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization

The Octomask is just a cool, innovative dive and snorkeling mask. It features a built-in Go-Pro Camera Mount that is hands free. Octomask seems to know exactly what divers need because their products are built to perfection. The Octomask/Go Pro Hero 4 and Hero 3+ Dive Mask is made with only the highest quality materials. It features dual safety tempered lens and a very low volume design that is designed especially for holding your breath for long periods of time. The low volume design helps to keep the mask close to the face for greater visibility. It also has super soft matte finish silicon, double feathered edged skirt for a greater seal. The Go Pro Octomask fits nearly everyone and it has an easy to reach, one-handed nose pocket for ear equalization, a swivel buckle and a nice, wide split strap that is easily adjustable.

1. Atomic Venom Ultra Clear Ultra Wide Panoramic View Scuba Diving Mask by Atomic Aquatics

1. Atomic Venom Ultra Clear Ultra Wide Panoramic View Scuba Diving Mask by Atomic AquaticsBuy Now on Amazon

  • German Schott Superwite glass allows even more light to penetrate than Ultraclear glass
  • Ultra-wide Panoramic-view tear drop design
  • Integrated Easy-Adjust Swivel Buckles
  • Reinforcing internal frame molded beneath the silicone rubber skirt
  • Single lens design
  • Low Volume
  • Colors: Blue Frame/Black Silicone Skirt, Red Frame/Black Silicone Skirt or Black Frame/Black Silicone Skirt

The Atomic Aquatics Venom Ultra Clear Dive Mask features a reinforcing internal frame that’s molded directly beneath the surface of the silicone rubber skirt. It also offers a low profile for its frameless faceplate, which is a large single window. There is a high bridge and it has a tear drop shape. The Atomic Aquatics Venom Ultra Clear Dive Mask is a very stylish, underwater goggle that is exceptionally comfortable to wear. Its adjustable buckles are easy to squeeze and they are so flexible that they can be folded flat. Its single lens design is a low volume model.