Probiotics for Women

Probiotics for Women

For those still yet uncertain of what probiotics are, they are live bacteria as well as live yeasts that are beneficial for our health. More precisely, your gut health. This goes for everybody, but especially for women. Why? Since women have by nature a more fragile abdomen/digestive tract, and probiotics are just the thing this tract needs. They keep your gut healthy and working well.

Who would benefit the most? Well women primarily, but also anyone who follows the modern lifestyle of working more and sleeping less, consuming fast foods, gulping antibiotics and being under stress. When women skimp on health products, they are more prone to thrush, yeast infections, rashes and cold sores, gut sensitivity and constipation, migraines, headaches, IBS, bloating and issues with digestion. As it is not enough that once a month your abdomen is quite fragile and aching – let’s treat your gut with some healthy probiotics for better health. Immunity will benefit majorly with probiotics and it all starts with the gut area.

Basically, probiotics are guards of the vaginal as well as urinary health. Good bacteria (like some strains of Lactobacillus) keep the vaginal pH in perfect ranges against harmful bacteria. Probiotics keep such health overall in good control.

If a woman misses out on her daily doses of vitamins, it is nothing serious. Instead, more attention should be to be paid to probiotics, since they are a must here. The gut already has some good bacteria and that bacteria makes three B-vitamins crucial for metabolism, nerve functioning and energy. With probiotic supplementing, the digestibility and processing will be better for all items such as: calcium, copper, magnesium, proteins, fats, iron, carbs, sugars, dairy and even cholesterol.

When women have been taking antibiotics for a longer time, let’s say for years now, their good bacteria all over the body is damaged and fragile, thus immunity gets weaker. This affects the vaginal health too. If the vaginal bacteria are not in order (with the help of probiotics) there is more risk of irritations, discharge, odors, bacterial infections and such.

Probiotics also aid in weight loss and metabolism boosting in women. When compared, overweight women lacked some strains that fit women had, all regarding proper probiotic supplementing. If you are a woman and are struggling to shed those pounds off, ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut could play a big role. This is proven repaired with taking probiotics on daily basis.

Maybe women never thought their mental clarity and energy or mood depends on what they consume in the form of a supplement. Wrong. Probiotics significantly affect these factors. The brain and the gut are connected in an intricate way, thus meaning, if the gut is unwell, the brain will also be unwell. With a healthy microbiome and good bacteria in your gut, you will have more energy and you will FEEL good.

The run-down of choosing probiotics is quite simple, even though all brands are different.

First, no need to refrigerate (most of) them. Some require a fridge-keeping, but the best of the brands do not. Also, look at the shelf-life; some are even usable up to 2 years, when kept on room temperature and in the packaging.

Second, see the expiration date not so much the manufacturing date. The expiration date will give you a little bit more information on the product quality (in terms of more or less chemical preservative items in them).

Third, opt for trusted brands. When you are a newbie, it is hard to pick one brand that will suit you. You need to see a certificate on the packaging, manual for users with instructions, verifiable and scientific information for the product and so on.

Fourth, look for probiotics that have at least a few bacteria strains. If you buy an item with more strains, you will reap more health benefits. As a guide, look for AT LEAST 2 bacteria strains in your product.

Fifth, pay attention to the scientifically proven results regarding this product.

To sum things up, what do probiotics do for women? What are their benefits?

Promotion of yeast balance and health, supported weight loss, less bloating and less gas, normal and balanced yeast growth, improved regularity and digestion, improved immune and urinary health.

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