Scooters for Kids Make Useful and Fun Gifts

Scooters for Kids Make Useful and Fun Gifts

Scooters are the trendy and perfect holiday (and any occasion) gift for kids who are at least 18 months and older. They are super fun and help develop motor and sports skills. Manual or electrical scooters are what every kid wants and needs. Scooters are useful and fun at the same time and here is why.

First, they directly contribute to direction and balance handling. They are at first powered with a kick and then they are moved/directed with balance. They greatly improve the coordination children have by simply using their weight to balance the scooter. That is the fun part of it! Another thing is confidence-building. Any activity of this kind that is energizing and of a social aspect too, boosts a kid’s confidence and teamwork socializing.

Second, fine motor skills and gross skills get much better overall. Both of these skills work the small muscles and how limbs engage in movement, so you know your youngster is going to have a good workout. It is important to work these skills at an early age for a proper development of the body later. Since the scooter is used for transport, it must be properly maneuvered, and this makes it such a perfect device for the motor skills.

Most of all, they are useful type of ‘fun’. Kids will spend time in the outdoors, surrounded by nature and other kids as well. When walking seems tedious or boring, the scooter would seem much more fun. Scooter riding has health benefits undoubtedly; strengthened lungs and bones, more energy, better emotional well-being and much more.

An important thing is that scooters can teach kids safety and safe moving from one spot to another. Like bikes or skates, there is the possibility of falling down while learning to ride a scooter, so riders should wear a helmet and other protection gear such as elbow pads, helmets, wrist guards and knee pads.  Goggles can come in handy too, for eye protection from dust and debris along the road, and are especially good for electric scooters, which travel at higher speeds. Ensure your child rides the scooter on a smooth and paved surface at first, with a safe distance from the motor vehicle lanes. It is not advisable to try the scooter out on grass, sandy roads, bumpy paths or after it has rained.

As you might have noticed somewhere, there are 3-wheelers and 2-wheeler scooters. Three wheel scooters are easier for toddlers and younger children and are safer as well, so the toddler can go a longer distance when outdoors with their parents and it will be much more fun than being on foot. The latter, the 2-wheelers are nice in the way that they have greater adjustable handlebars for the height, have more durability and a feeling of firm safety. Why is durability a good thing? Well, kids will not grow out of the scooter as is the case with a bicycle. Scooters have their traditional T-Bar style of handlebars, but also there are models with a Joystick handlebar that some kids prefer for more curving movements.

Travel Tip: Take the scooter along when you go on a vacation or any trip! That way you will not have to worry if your kids are going to be bored while you explore a new city or place. Scooters are lightweight, they are packed in a second and they will make a kid’s trip with their parents unforgettable – In a good way. Many scooters are made suitable for packing, so with just a click of a button it is ready to be packed into the back of the car, or even a suitcase. Being at Grandma’s house or stuck in a hotel all day long will no longer be a never-ending day for your kids. Simply pull out the scooters, put the safety equipment on and let the fun begin.

Scooters always make great holiday, birthday or and anytime gift for your kids, nephews, nieces and grandchildren.

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