The 10 Best Scary Halloween Costumes for Kids


Choosing the right scary Halloween costumes for kids can be tricky. Many kids are going to have very particular tastes when it comes to their Halloween costumers. Parents are also going to be at the mercy of what is currently popular among kids, and they’re not always going to know that. While kids aren’t usually shy about advertising what they want, they are prone to being fickle and changing their minds at odd points. It helps if parents have long lists of the best scary Halloween costumes that they can find, and they will be sure to find many of them online.

One way or another, they should be able to find something that’s going to appeal to their children on this list and many others. While kids haven’t gotten any more cooperative when it comes to what they want, at least it’s easier for parents to find and order what their kids want.

10. California Costumes Toys Evil Jester

10. California Costumes Toys Evil JesterBuy Now on Amazon
This is definitely not the typical evil clown costume. The black and white costume design combined with the skeletal face makes this jester costume wonderfully creepy. People will instantly look like characters from a horror movie once they put this on. It’s a polyester costume that is machine washable, which is convenient. It comes with a mask, a headpiece, pants, and a waist sash, and every part of the ensemble is scary.

9. Scary Cool Ghoul Costume

9. Scary Cool Ghoul CostumeBuy Now on Amazon
Far too many ghoul costumes are lazy and only manage to include a black robe and a fake-looking mask. This one has a detailed mask and a dramatic hooded robe, making it much more effective than most of the ghoul costumes on the market, even if people are going to have to buy the skeleton staff separately.

8. Skeleton Zombie Costume

8. Skeleton Zombie CostumeBuy Now on Amazon
This skeletal zombie costume has just enough detail to be scary, and it manages to stand apart from many of the other zombie costumes on the market today. People will also be able to get it in a wide range of sizes, which is not always the case for these sorts of costumes. It has gloves, a shirt, a mask, and a set of pants, adding up to a scary costume.

7. Rubie’s Deluxe Goth Prom Queen Costume

7. Rubie's Deluxe Goth Prom Queen CostumeBuy Now on Amazon
Kids who want to look pretty on Halloween as opposed to spooky might want to choose this costume, although they will still manage to look at least partially spooky. People will have to buy the shoes separately, but they will get a tiara, sash, wrist corsage, dress, and finger-less gloves in the bargain all the same.

6. California Costumes Last Laugh The Clown

6. California Costumes Last Laugh The ClownBuy Now on Amazon
This may be the scariest clown costume this side of Pennywise the Dancing Clown or the Joker. The jumpsuit is a garish and frightening black and red, and the anti-motion mask manages to look scary whether someone is wearing it or not. People will need to hand-wash this costume, even though they might not want to handle it for that long.

5. California Costumes Killer Klown Child Costume

5. California Costumes Killer Klown Child CostumeBuy Now on Amazon
This murderous clown costume doubles as a serial killer costume, given the butcher knife and the collar that looks like a saw. The mask makes this particular clown look deranged as well as evil, adding a whole new layer of horror.

4. Skeleton Costume

4. Skeleton CostumeBuy Now on Amazon
Sometimes, the most effective costumes are the classic ones. This costume is going to look more familiar to parents, who may appreciate its more outlined, conventional look. Still, it looks like a walking x-ray, which is an unsettling look for anyone. It’s polyester and has fewer pieces than many Halloween costumes, making it easier to wear.

3. Zombie Complete Child Costume

3. Zombie Complete Child CostumeBuy Now on Amazon
This is a zombie costume featuring a zombie that really looks like it is in the process of decaying, which is exactly the look that people want when they’re portraying a zombie. It’s a polyester costume, and the fake body parts are all sewn into different parts of the costume, making them look that much more organic.

2. Fun World Funky Punk Bones Child’s Costume

2. Fun World Funky Punk Bones Child's CostumeBuy Now on Amazon
This costume is more stylish than scary, but it should still get the job done for plenty of kids. They will get the tights, the dress, and the arm warmers in the bargain. It’s polyester and available in three different child’s sizes.

1. California Costumes Toys Howling at The Moon

1. California Costumes Toys Howling at The MoonBuy Now on Amazon
This is a werewolf costume that seems to be portraying a werewolf that is halfway through the transformation, making it appear to be especially creepy. Customers will be half expecting the transformation to finish. The polyester shirt has the acrylic fur already attached, so people won’t have to put anything together themselves.

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