The 10 Best Wilson Custom Gloves


It is obvious enough that as you are, you are looking for the Wilson Custom Gloves. Many people who like the sport need the gloves, and it might not be easy to find the best gloves because the new design and model come out one after another. Nonetheless, our team has also done the research about the products, and we have come up with this list of the best Wilson Custom Gloves reviews which are great in quality and design for you to check out.

10. Wilson Dual Hinge Web Saddle Glove

10. Wilson Dual Hinge Web Saddle GloveBuy Now on Amazon
This pair of gloves to firstly review is the Wilson Dual Hinge Web Saddle Glove. This item comes in 12.5 inch with a nice design as you could witness in the picture. At the same time, many customers have proven the product great and comfortable to use through their actual experience. As a result, it gets rated quite high. For the material, it is the pro stock leather.

9. Wilson A600 33″ FP Catchers Mitt

9. Wilson A600 33Buy Now on Amazon
Designed with EZ and Ez snap, this another Wilson model is the catchers Mitt. This is really a professionally designed glove with many outstanding features such as customized logo and the league look. Also, it will best fit your palm and could perform your control great during the match. The durability of the Wilson Catchers Mitt is additionally amazing according to the review of many customers.

8. Worth Storm Series 11 Inch STM1100 Fastpitch Softball Glove

8. Worth Storm Series 11 Inch STM1100 Fastpitch Softball GloveBuy Now on Amazon
Beautifully designed in pink and black, this is the Worth Storm Series coming in 11 inch in size. Though it is lovely, you need to be careful about the size too. If it does not fit, it will be useless. However, in terms of the quality, you can highly trust this particular softball glove. It has already been proven great to many of the prior users.

7. Wilson Elite 14″ Softball Glove – WTA2444

7. Wilson Elite 14Buy Now on Amazon
Next to review for your recommendation is the Wilson Elite, and the size of the item is 14 inch. This softball glove is indeed considered as one of the best on the market since its popularity is great by its quality and design. For the material, the main component of the gloves is the good quality leather which provides great comfort as well as durability.

6. BRV1951 11.5 Inch Junior/Youth Glove

6. BRV1951 11.5 Inch Junior/Youth GloveBuy Now on Amazon
Costing at a standard price, this is the BRV1951 Junior and Youth Glove. This Combo web comes in 11.5 inch with open back. With its stylish design, it is extremely eye-catching to many people while the quality can be trusted to the max. Many previous users have praised this specific product to the max simply because they have had amazing experience with the product.

5. Wilson Elite SoftBall 14″ Youth/Adult Glove WTA2444 RH

5. Wilson Elite SoftBall 14Buy Now on Amazon
Particularly, this Wilson Elite Softball is designed for the left-handed throw. If that is your requirement, this one is the perfect choice for you. Both the quality and design of the Wilson Elite is just amazing. The gloves cover full palm with its extremely good leather material. The design of this WIlson Elite is also made to allow catching ability, in the meantime.

4. Wilson A2K Fastpitch Model A-WEB Glove

4. Wilson A2K Fastpitch Model A-WEB GloveBuy Now on Amazon
Made from Pro Stock Leather, this is an incredible model of the Wilson Fastpitch Glove. The material has been gone through a tough process to come out with this fine quality groves and its comfort. Moreover, great effort on the craftsmanship has been spent to soften the pair of gloves to make it uniquely different from the rest. The design also makes the gloves very much breathable.

3. Wilson A2000 Dp15 Custom Infield Pro A2000 Baseball Glove

3. Wilson A2000 Dp15 Custom Infield Pro A2000 Baseball GloveBuy Now on Amazon
This is the right hand thrower Wilson baseball glove with amazing quality to consider. Similarly, this pair of gloves comes from the Pro Stock Leather, and it features great comfort and longevity, accordingly. Another interesting feature of the product is the Dri-Lex breathable lining design which allows your fingers and palm to stay try and cool.

2. Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove

2. Wilson A2000 Baseball GloveBuy Now on Amazon
Second to last, the highly recommended baseball glove is the Wilson A2000. Differently from many of the gloves in the list, this Wilson A2000 has had many customization features, which makes it special and unique. Also, as the picture shows, this baseball glove has an amazing design many people will love while the previous users have also marked the product as a great one.

1. Wilson Elite SoftBall 14″ Youth/Adult Glove WTA2444 RH

1. Wilson Elite SoftBall 14Buy Now on Amazon
The last very best quality of the softball glove for young adult to suggest is the Wilson Elite 14 inch. This one comes in a very lovely and attractive design and 14 inch in size. For one smart reason this is best, it is the fact that it can be used in any position. For slow-pitch softball, this is also great. Importantly, it is available in both for the right and left hand thrower. These features indeed make it one of the best options you should not miss to consider.

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