The Best Bike Helmets for Kids


When the time comes for picking out that all important head gear your child will wear while biking, you want to feel that you have chosen the best available. There are many decisions to make concerning safety and fit. Of course, you also want to choose something you know your child will wear. It’s not worth the arguments to buy something that he or she hates.

Though the safety issues far outweigh the fashion ones, most children want to wear styles that are popular or with characters they recognize. But parents must find the products that offer the most safety features, and it is customary to tend to want those regardless of price.

The following helmets will give you an idea of what products are well suited to your needs and which ones offer the comfort, safety and design elements you would like to have for your child.

10. Bell Toddler Zoomer Bike Helmet

10. Bell Toddler Zoomer Bike HelmetBuy Now on Amazon
Suited for toddler heads ranging from 48 to 52 centimeters, this Bell product features an eye catching assortment of patterns and colors just for the very youngest bicyclists. Red Jump House Flowers, Purple Kink, Black Kink, and and Dino GP are vivid and easy to spot when keeping track of the little ones. There are seven air vents for cooling tiny heads, and an extra length of coverage in the rear for more protection.
Most parents of toddlers feel this product is perfect for their child, because it is lightweight, strong, yet easy to put on.

9. Schwinn Girl’s Thrasher Microshell Helmet

9. Schwinn Girl's Thrasher Microshell HelmetBuy Now on Amazon
Bright yellow, turquoise and pink are the attractive colors on this helmet. Covered with graphic hearts, this is a product that should appeal to most little girls. Parents have posted that it fits heads approximately sixteen to twenty four inches. It has the major features offered in the Schwinn line, including the rear dial for adjusting the head fit, air vents for cooling, adjustable side straps, and a visor for keeping out the sun. Some common problems include its tendency to sit too high up on certain heads, or not fitting properly regardless of the fit features.

8. Schwinn Thrasher Youth

8. Schwinn Thrasher YouthBuy Now on Amazon
The dial on the back of this helmet allows for easy adjustments to fix each head. There are multiple air vents to help reduce heat and improve air flow. The front visor is removable. Helping to achieve the right fit for each child are the adjustable side straps. Parents appreciated the ease in adjusting the straps and particularly liked the dial feature.

7. Bell Frozen Child Bike Helmet – Family Forever

7. Bell Frozen Child Bike Helmet - Family ForeverBuy Now on Amazon
Featuring the snow graphics and characters from the movie “Frozen”, this helmet is certain to please the little bicyclists in your family. It is designed for children who are five to eight years old, with heads that range in size from 50 to 52 centimeters. There are rear reflectors added for visibility and safety while riding. Buckling is easy, with the company’s proprietary no pinching feature. It is also easy to adjust to the right head size as the fitting system adjusts to the correct size. Based on comments from parents and grandparents, the children who own these helmets adore them.

6. Bell Child Rex Bike Helmet

6. Bell Child Rex Bike HelmetBuy Now on Amazon
This helmet is sized for heads that are 52 to 56 centimeters in circumference. It also includes the adjustable sizing feature for getting a good fit around the head. One extra feature that is very nice is the visor incorporated into the design which works to protect eyes and face from the sun. The manufacturer recommends that this product is for children who are five to eight years old. The advertisement includes videos that show how to properly fit a child for the helmet. It also includes reflectors for improved visibility.This helmet comes in two combination colors, which are Black/Blue and Silver/Mint. There are vents incorporated into the design for air flow, in sixteen places. The buckle features a unique guard to prevent pinching. It is designed to fit heads that range in size from 54 to 58 centimeters. This item is Amazon Prime eligible.

4. Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet

4. Bell Fraction Multi-Sport HelmetBuy Now on Amazon
The hard plastic of this helmet is ABS. The foal is EPS and dual density. There are twelve vents to allow for cool air flow. There is an adjustable chin strap in standard size. It is good for a casual bicycle ride, as per the customer recommendations.

There are four sizes available, ranging in size from extra small through large, encompassing the range from approximately 19 to 24.8 overall. There are 11 designs available, including Matte Black, Matte Gray, Matte White, Matte Teal/Sugar Skull, Black/Charcoal, White/Multi, Charcoal/Black Jumbo Phillips, Glow Green Tentaskull, Jimbo Punker, PF Julius Knockout and Purple.

3. Schwinn Child Thrasher Microshell Helmet

3. Schwinn Child Thrasher Microshell HelmetBuy Now on Amazon
The unique feature on this helmet is the one that parents seem to like the most. It has a dial that you can turn to adjust the tightness of the head strap. This allows for accurate fits for most any child within the strap range. Kids seem to feel more secure and parents like that they can change the adjustment as their child grows. The strap adjusts from approximately sixteen to twenty-four inches. Most parents feel that it should be worn by children ages three to five, but there are some whose children are in the seven to ten year old range that it also fits.

2. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

2. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport HelmetBuy Now on Amazon
This helmet is designed for youth who are ages eight to fourteen years of age. Their heads must be within twenty-one and a half to twenty three inches in circumference for this product to fit them properly. The padding inside helps to keep youth participating in a wide variety of sports activities safer because of its focus on good ergonomics. There are several vents cut into the design to improve cooling and airflow.

There are four colors available for sale. These include Lucid Red, Satin Pink, Black Gloss and Satin Blue, which is the only color of the four not listed as Amazon Prime eligible. Customers rated this product very highly. Some parents felt it saved their child’s life during serious accidents. Others indicated that they added extra foam to help the product fit their child’s head. The parents whose children wear this product have mentioned that their children find it very comfortable to wear.

1. Razor V-17 Child Multi-sport Helmet

1. Razor V-17 Child Multi-sport HelmetBuy Now on Amazon
This item is designed from children who are five to eight years old, with heads that are twenty-one and one half to twenty-two and one have inches in circumference. The advertisement offers a useful link for properly measuring heads for bike helmets. It features interior padding that is ergonomically designed for secure and safe riding, and it has multiple vents to help keep your child’s head comfortably cool.

The helmet is offered in several colors including, Satin Blue, Gloss Black, Pink, Gloss Green, Matte Black and Gloss Purple. Except for Matte Black, all the rest are Amazon Prime eligible. Designed for sports requiring headgear that is safe and protective, the manufacturer recommends this helmet for skating or biking and other sports activities that are on the street or off. The product also has a wider range of sizes for the Toddler and Adult versions.

Customers whose children had heads that fit well inside the helmet feel it is of excellent quality. There are many who find that their child’s heads do not fit and wish that it had an adjustable strap or interior padding that is adjustable. The current padding is hard and fixed, working perfectly for those who fit inside perfectly, but not well for those with small heads.