The Best Electric Hand Dryers


After washing up in the bathroom, an electric hand dryer serves to dry your hands. Among the many alternatives in the bathroom, the electric hand dryer is the one that ensures hygiene. You do not have to touch any equipment due to the automated features. Boost your bathroom décor while providing a fast and reliable way to dry hands. Shopping for the best electric hand dryer for bathrooms can be a daunting task given the various brands and models in the market. However, with this guide, you will have a quick pass before landing on the right one for your bathroom.

1. Tek Motion Premium Quality Commercial Hand Dryer

1. Tek Motion Premium Quality Commercial Hand Dryer

This motion-activated hand dryer is an elegant addition to any bathroom. You will love it for its energy efficiency and eco-friendly nature. It will save you energy by up to 50 % of the regular hand dryers. In about 10 seconds, the machine will have dried your hands. It is time-saving and very sanitary since you do not have to touch anything for it to start.Buy Now on Amazon

2. PENSON & CO. Instant Heat & Dry

2. PENSON & CO. Instant Heat & Dry

The impressive speeds this hand dryer offer will make you love it. The 95m/s wind will dry your hands in 10 seconds flat. This ensures you get many users through very quickly in a busy bathroom. Its energy-efficiency is incomparable, and everyone will feel comfortable with its hygienic automatic ON/OFF feature. It reduces the transmission of bacteria and other microbes from one user to the other. The absorber filter removes 99.9% bacteria from the air blown out. This ensures your hands are dried using clean air. Its noise-muffling system ensures it operates at 10 decibels below other products making it ideal for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and shopping malls. The hand dryer is designed for heavy use and will last longer, therefore, reducing your operating costs.Buy Now on Amazon

3. Excel Dryer XLERATOReco XL-BW-ECO Hand Dryer

3. Excel Dryer XLERATOReco XL-BW-ECO Hand Dryer

You can mount this hand dryer on the surface or recess using the recess kit. It uses no heat and can dry your hands in 15 seconds. Since it does not have a heating element, the dryer uses only 500 watts hence its environmentally friendly nature. A single 20-amp circuit can serve up to three of this hand dryer perfectly. This saves on installation costs. It has a slightly larger air opening and compounded with the 1.1 noise reduction; this hand dryer operates quietly.Buy Now on Amazon

4. XLERATOR XL-BWX Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer

4. XLERATOR XL-BWX Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer

The 227V automatic hand dryer from Xleator features a high-velocity air stream passing through a contoured nozzle. This design dries hands in a maximum 15 seconds. The infrared optical sensor will keep it running for 35 seconds or until you remove your hands. It operates at a low noise and is energy efficient. It comes with a five-year warranty for repair and parts replacement. It works by pushing high-velocity air stream over the hands. This is the best alternative to paper towels that are not as hygienic.Buy Now on Amazon

5. Superland Hand Dryer

5. Superland Hand Dryer

With this high-speed automatic hand dryer, even the busiest facility will have no waiting time. Its unique design offers users blue light for drying efficiency. The 25000-rpm motor will make the dryer dry your hands in 10 seconds, one of the fastest in the market. This makes the hand dryer perfect for high traffic areas. It saves a lot in electricity and paper towels and has a plug-in option making it easy to install.Buy Now on Amazon

6. Palmer Fixture HD0901-11 Commercial Hand Dryer

6. Palmer Fixture HD0901-11 Commercial Hand Dryer

Enjoy using the fully touch-free hand dryer for any bathroom. It automatically turns on/off and has vandal-resistant screws. It dries hands in 20-25 seconds and comes with a one-year warranty.Buy Now on Amazon

7. World Dryer L-974 SLIMdri Automatic Hand Dryer

7. World Dryer L-974 SLIMdri Automatic Hand Dryer

If you are looking for a corrosion-resistant hand dryer, then you have found it. This surface-mounted hand dryer has a beautiful epoxy finish on a cast aluminum cover. It achieves ADA compliance and features an infrared sensor that turns it on when needed. This helps reduce the risk of germ transmission and saves energy. It features tamper-resistant screws to reduce vandalism. The internal plastic has an infused silver-based antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of mold and biofilm. In hot weather, you can turn off the heating element if desired.Buy Now on Amazon

8. Airforce™ Hand Dryer 120v – White

8. Airforce™ Hand Dryer 120v - White

The Airforce hand dryer is a fast dryer that will dry your hands in 12 seconds. It is very energy efficient and consumes only 1100 watts. The sleek design makes it a great addition to the bathroom décor. It is designed to work at a low sound emission and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.Buy Now on Amazon

9. Alpine Hemlock Automatic Hand Dryer

9. Alpine Hemlock Automatic Hand Dryer

For a reliable and durable hand dryer, this is what you need. Made of stainless steel, you are sure to use it longer. It is corrosion-proof and will dry hands for years. Its high-speed motor ensures your hands are dried in 10 seconds. This makes the dryer suitable for high traffic area. It turns on/off automatically so reducing the risk of microbes transmission. You will love the elegant design that makes your bathroom stylish. The available colors offer options for various decoration styles.Buy Now on Amazon

10. Palmer Fixture HD0940-17 High Speed Hand Dryer

10. Palmer Fixture HD0940-17 High Speed Hand Dryer

When you install this hand dryer, you will dry hands in 10-15 seconds. Its heating element has an automatic thermal protector so you will not have to replace parts so often. In addition to the energy efficiency, quiet operation, and speed, this dryer comes with a three-year warranty.Buy Now on Amazon

Buying Guide of The Best Electric Hand Dryers

Types of Hand Dryers

Over the years, hand dryers have become more popular. This has necessitated the manufacturers to design various types to answer the various customer needs.

Traditional Hand Dryer

These types come with a button for starting the dryer. It then blows hot air to dry the hands. These types take between 30 to 45 seconds to dry hands and are more affordable. You should, however, keep in mind its slow speed. It is also not sanitary since one has to push a button and consumes a lot more power.

High-Speed Hand Dryer

Since the traditional dryers are comparatively slower than using paper towels, users have been given the high-speed hand dryer. These types can dry hands in 10 to 15 seconds making them more convenient. They are energy efficient hence saves you electricity bill. They, however, cost more to acquire and are loud. You will, however, enjoy the speed and energy efficiency.

Automatic Hand Dryer

These types have removed the need to push a button to start the dryer. The infrared sensor senses when there is a hand under it then automatically turns on the dryer then off when you remove the hand. This makes the dryer sanitary and more energy efficient than the rest. Its downside is its initial cost.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Hand Dryer

Before buying your hand dryer, there are many factors to consider. If you have never bought one before, you may be surprised just how many factors there are. Here are the major ones to help you choose the best electric hand dryer for bathrooms.


The budget is a crucial element to any purchase. Depending on the model, the hand dryer cost can vary. Those with the most basic features will cost a little, but if you want something with extra features like an infrared sensor, higher power, great looks, and energy efficiency, then you must part with more dollars. It is better to pay extra upfront for an efficient and durable model than keep replacing parts, paying more in electric bills and bearing the brunt of users for a slow dryer.


The drying speed is a crucial component of a hand dryer. No one will want to spend more time in the bathroom. People will not wait for 45 seconds to dry their hands. This means you should invest in a high-speed dryer that will take 10-15 seconds to dry a set of hands. This difference in drying time can mean a lot to the users.


The power is directly related to the speed of drying. The machine with a higher power will work faster. Its downside is the loud noise. The good thing is that people prefer a loud noise that dries in 10 seconds than a low noise one that takes 45 seconds. The high power does not necessarily mean high-energy consumption.


All machines that blow out air will make noise, and this can get loud. Those that work at a lower power level tend to be quieter. If you are placing it in a place where noise is a concern, consider a quieter one. There are those with adjustable motors making them easy to control the noise if you want to trade off noise with drying time. When the technology is ready, there will be high-powered and quieter dryers.

Energy Use

High-speed hand dryers offer better energy-efficiency compared to the traditional ones. The automatic ones are designed to work only when needed therefore saving a lot of energy. This means high-speed automatic hand dryers are among the best options if you can afford them. Many commercial hand dryers are marketed as eco-friendly machines since they use very little energy. Those that do not have a heating element and only blows out air are the best regarding energy saving. Whatever hand dryers you purchase will go into saving the environment and energy compared to using paper towels. You can buy models that go further in saving both energy and the environment. However, just buying a hand dryer will make a significant difference.


When buying a hand dryer, durability is crucial since it will be used by many people and should serve you for a long time. It will encounter many rough users and should be able to withstand all of them. Look for the one with a longer warranty. This indicates how strongly it is built and will most likely last longer.


Any shared restroom has germs as a major issue. This requires a hand dryer that will not contribute to the spread of pathogens. Automatic electric hand dryers are the best for this since you do not need to touch anything to turn it on and off. This minimizes the spread of the germs from one surface to another. Some high-end dryers come fitted with HEPA filters so that the air it blows is clean and sanitary. Establishments that sell food will have this as an extra value since it minimizes the spread of germs between customers and employees who handle food. This one aspect will make your establishment lovable and trusted or avoided. When users are comfortable with your hygiene, they will come back with friends.

ADA Compliance

It is crucial for a business to comply with the ADA guidelines in the hand dryer they choose, and how they are installed. They should be installed in easy to reach places low to the ground. When placed high on the wall, they should not be in positions where blind customers will bump into them unexpectedly. The best is a hand dryer that is less than 4 inches in depth or buying an adapter kit that will allow you to install it to ensure it protrudes less than 4 inches.


You need to say goodbye to the paper towels used in bathrooms. They are not environmentally friendly and are not as convenient as electric hand dryer. The eco-friendly and economical option is the electric hand dryer. Before you make the purchase, you need a good guide as this to help you choose the right one. There are so many products on the market it can confuse you. The most important features to remember when shopping are speed, energy efficiency, and noise reduction. Price and durability are crucial too. Aesthetics and size may matter to some people. This list of dryers can help you narrow down to the right product for your bathroom.