The Best Folding Bikes Under $500


Search no more for folding bike that give you great ride and small storage space? This article comes with tope rated products that are highly affordable coming under $500. They are well designed in designs that really suit your needs and give you all comfort you have been looking.

Why should you go for a folding bike?

If you need a bike that is going to fit into that space that is small, try folding bikes, they wil never disappoint at all. They take up less room or even parking space, hence able to be transported from one to another in an easier manner.

What is the main use of such bikes?

If we take things straight, these are machines that will be gladly used for commuting purposes, especially in places that look busy in the major parts of the time.

What are the benefits of using folding bikes?

They are able to ensure that you get to do your exercise anytime that you intend to do it.
It saves you money from paying parking fees each day, the expensive and even the insurance that you need to get from auto maintanance services.

It gives you more mobility to anyplace that you want to go to in the city, no traffic jam is going to keep you from moving.

These are stable bikes that are also fashionable in the modern world.

1. ORKAN shimano folding bike

1. ORKAN shimano folding bikeBuy Now on Amazon
This brand has a shimano 7 speed drivetrain giving you staple of reliability. High speed is aided by gears that adjust to the speed of your choice with control and balance being aided by the strong handle bar and the 26” HI-TYEN folding frame. Features a power steel V-brakes to evade high speed accidents. Comfort is increased by the suspension steel fork of 26”.


  • Height is adjustable to suit any height.


  • Available in only two colors; black and blue.

2. Stowabike 26” MTB V2 folding dual suspension 18 speed shimano gears mountain bike.

2. Stowabike 26” MTB V2 folding dual suspension 18 speed shimano gears mountain bike.Buy Now on Amazon
It features dual suspension which is tough and built to last, and look great too. This brand allows you to keep all fun of a mountain bike even in tight spaces. Its folding feature gives you a chance to store it at limited spaces of on public transport, at home, or space in the car. Has steel folding frame and suspension steel fork, possesses 3 and 6 speed grip shifters at left and right handle respectively to give you an opportunity to experience different speeds.


  • Increased comfort by the spring shock.
  • Durable design.


  • Cannot bear too much weight.

3. GTM 26” 7 speed folding mountain bike.

3. GTM 26” 7 speed folding mountain bike.Buy Now on Amazon
The lightweight product is easily foldable within 10 second and can also be ridden easily on a wide variety of terrain thanks to responsive handling. This product comes with large tires for stability and comfortable but good athletic riding position. The steel mountain frame provides easy control and the mountain crank offers a wide gear range.


  • Portable anywhere because of its lightweight feature.
  • Folds easily.


  • This product cannot bear too much weight.

4. Stowabike 20” folding city V2 compact foldable bike.

4. Stowabike 20” folding city V2 compact foldable bike.Buy Now on Amazon
This is an ideal good for you to commute in urban environments where it can be easily folded and stored when you have reached your destination. Comes with inbuilt guards to keep you clean, a built in rack for carrying your goods, and an easy and reliable folding mechanism. Has a micro shifter of 6 speed grip shifters to give you variety of speeds that are varied by you as the rider depending on the terrain.


  • Keeps you clean even on muddy areas.
  • Easily portable.
  • Easily and fast fold.


  • Features small sized tires.

5. Allen sports downtown aluminum 1 speed folding bicycle.

5. Allen sports downtown aluminum 1 speed folding bicycle.Buy Now on Amazon
it features a lightweight aluminum frame, 20” wheels and one speed for cruising those flats and getting over small ills. Its frame release lever allow you to fold it up in less than 8 seconds. Comes with a built in wheel lock system making it more secure


  • Folds very fast and easily.


  • Has no mud guard protectors.

6. Critical cycles Judd folding single speed bike.

6. Critical cycles Judd folding single speed bike.Buy Now on Amazon
This is a foldable single speed bike with coaster brake making it ideal for commuting and quick transportation because it is easy to carry and simple to store. Features 2o inch wheels with kenda kwest commuter tires with smooth rounded thread and large water dispersion grooves. Quick and easy folding time made possible by folding handlebar tube, top tube and pedals.


  • Lightweight makes it easily portable.
  • Folds fast.


  • Does not protect you from mud.

7. GTM 20” folding bike.

7. GTM 20” folding bike.Buy Now on Amazon
Comes in a fashionable design that offers comfort when riding any terrain. It gives you an opportunity to ride with style and convenience and also easily folded for storage or transportation. it is the wise choice for you to commute to work, or ride in parks as well as in camping ground where it can handlebar adjust the height for any riders height.


  • Provides you great stopping power.
  • Very portable.


  • Available in only white color.

8. Euromini campo folding bike.

8. Euromini campo folding bike.Buy Now on Amazon
it is a 20” 6160 aluminum alloy that gives you excellent long time use. Features iron V brake for sudden stopping two avoid high speed accidents. Its chain of KMC Z50 7 speed making it simple and also fast to pedal in any terrain. Comes with kickstand, reflectors and water bottle mounts.


  • Easy to store.
  • Folds very fast.
  • Gives variety of speed.


  • When stored no inbuilt lock system.

9. euromini Urbano folding bike.

9. euromini Urbano folding bike.Buy Now on Amazon
comes all in super lightweight aluminum alloy frame, fork, handlebar, stem, seat post, kick stand, head set, crank set V style brakes and many more good looking features . It has an adjustable stem that adapts to riders of all sizes from under five feet to over six feet.


  • Lightweight design.


  • Carries weight capacity of 240 LBS

10. Columba folding bike.

10. Columba folding bike.Buy Now on Amazon
Experience riding with style and convenience using this brand. It is light weight and can easily fold within ten seconds for easy transportation or storage. Worry no more because all small spaces that are available for you to store your bike. Comes with great breaking system to enhance stopping while on retaining your control.


  • Very easy and fast to fold
  • Portable.


  • Has got no mud guards.

Never get worried of storing your bike anymore because the above mentioned brands offer you an opportunity to fold and store in small spaces. Consider purchasing this relatively affordable brands and enjoy great services and durability.