The Best GoPro Replacement Housing Review 2020

Another common accessory many Gopro lovers will need is the replacement housing. When looking for this, you might need to be a bit careful with the one you bring it. Different versions of Gopro cameras require perfect fit from only the ones that are designed for it. As we have reviewed many of the housing, we have found some which are very interesting. They are all listed below for your consideration too.

1.Sametop Aluminum Waterproof Housing Latch Replacement Rear Snap Buckle Lock

Very first of all, the housing replacement that deserves your consideration is the Sametop. This is a housing latch replacement which is made well waterproof. Its material is aluminum. It should ensure good durability for you. For its compatibility, Gopro Here4 and 3+ are the perfect version to use with this replacement housing.

1.The Best GoPro Replacement Housing Review 2018


2.GoPro Replacement Housing

For the second housing to recommend, it is this awesome choice and popularly rated by the users. It works great for Gopro Hero3 and is made waterproof deep down to 60 m in the water. If you are going to use in underwater within the limit depth, this is a very nice one to own. At the same time, the skeleton backdoor has also been included in the package.

2.The Best GoPro Replacement Housing Review 2018


3.GoPro Camera AHSRH-401 Standard Housing

For this third option, it is a standard design housing for Gopro. And, it will still work well underwater up to 40 m. While it comes along with the touch backdoors, the housing has been rated quite good from its customers with 4.5 stars as the rate. This should reflect how much customers like it. You too will like this so good.

3.The Best GoPro Replacement Housing Review 2018



4.Konsait Aluminum Replacement Rear Snap Latch Standard Waterproof Housing Buckle Lock

For next, this is the replacement house from Konsait, and it is designed to work smart with Gopro Hero4 and Gopro Hero3. This waterproof housing is made from aluminum and is said to be quite easy for the installation. Lightweight is also another feature of the item. Even more than that, 1 year warranty is included for your confident buy.

4.The Best GoPro Replacement Housing Review 2018


5.Replacement Waterproof Protective Skeleton Housing Case with Bracket

Brand new with high quality, this is another housing replacement with good protection for your Gopro. Like many others, it is waterproof and works great underwater. However, what that is special is the fact that it is made from ABS, Acrylic and Glass which will ensure good durability for your use.

5.The Best GoPro Replacement Housing Review 2018


6.Aluminum Replacement Rear Snap Latch Standard Waterproof Housing Buckle Lock

At such a good price, many Gopro lovers have also marked this waterproof housing as a top choice. Even more, this housing replacement option has a wide compatibility. It fits best with Gopro Hero 3+, Hero 3 Plus and Hero 4. Additionally, its fixing latch has enabled good and easy installation of this waterproof housing on your Gopro camera.

6.The Best GoPro Replacement Housing Review 2018


7.Replacement Waterproof HD Housing Case for GoPro HD HERO and HD HERO2 Camera

Working smart deep down to 30 m under the water, this is also a recommended housing case for GoPro. Particularly it is made for only Gopro Hero2. If your one is not the version, you might need to consider a different option. One of the uniquenesses of this is the fact that it has a sharp clear len which allows best and sharp picture and video taking underwater.

7.The Best GoPro Replacement Housing Review 2018


8.1 X Underwater Waterproof Protective Housing Case For GoPro Hero 3 Camera

As the best selling housing case, you can tell how satisfied customers have had on this. However, it worth checking also that it works only with Gopro Hero 3. This is indeed an awesome underwater and waterproof housing case with good protection. The materials used are highly transparent, enabling you to take good photo and record smart videos.

8.The Best GoPro Replacement Housing Review 2018


9.GoPro HERO3 Skeleton Housing

Best known for best port design, this Gopro Hero3 Skeleton Housing replacement has a lot of quality to make your one. Because it has nicely designed ports. You could have easy assessment to those. Nonetheless, this skeleton housing is for dry use. It is not waterproof. Never at all install this and get into the water. For the compatibility, Gopro Hero3, 3+ and Hero 4 are good to go.

9.The Best GoPro Replacement Housing Review 2018


10.StarSide Waterproof Underwater Replacement Housing Case for Gopro HD Camera Hero 2

This last one is the StarSide housing case, and it is made for only the Gopro Hero2. It is waterproof and works perfect 30 m under the water. This brand new housing case has a good quality you can rely on. Even better, it is available at such a good price you can order without having to think twice.

10.The Best GoPro Replacement Housing Review 2018


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