The Best iPad Cases and Covers


There are many varieties of iPad cases out there in the market but the qualities are skeptical because of many copycats and cheap materials that put your money down to waste. However, with the thorough selection of different third-party case brands of iPad, you can trust this list by looking at the features and then decide what you really need from these top 10 best iPad cases and covers reviews.

1. Fintie Apple iPad Air Folio Case


This case comes with many colors and pattern variations that look so beautiful and artistic that it brings you charm if you own one. The built-in magnetic strip can wake up or sleep your iPad 5th Generation by just opening and closing the lid. The exterior of the cover is made of synthetic leather for premium look and durability and the interior is made of soft microfiber for a dust and scratch-free experience. The case can also at as a stand with a lock to keep your iPad stand horizontally optimizing for video and chatting.

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2. iPad Air Case, JETech® Gold Serial iPad Air Slim-Fit Smart Case Cover


JETech cases looks just like the original Apple’s Smart iPad Cover but does much better that it also covers the front and the back. The design is colorful, eye-catching and sweet looking that makes anyone want to own one. The speakers, camera, charging port etc. are cut in holes to ensure any function isn’t missing. One of the best thing about this case is that with an extremely affordable price, it is better quality than the original Apple Smart Cover that is much more expensive and not as durable.

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3. Fintie iPad Air Case


Another high quality Fintie product, this case is an automatic sleep-wake trigger for your 5th gen iPad. It covers the front and the back with one piece sheet (does not separate from each other). The material on the outside is synthetic PU leather and the inside is microfiber for preventing scratch and dust. Fintie cases are really good in design and quality. You won’t be disappointed after purchasing.

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4. iPad Air Case, SUPCASE Heavy Duty Beetle Defense Series Full-body Rugged Hybrid Protective Case Cover


This case is like a hard protective shell for your iPad 5th gen (specifically). It is designed with sporty and tough look by dual layer polycarbonate and flexible TPU. It can protect your iPad from sudden drops, bumps and shock effectively. It has a front cover with built-in screen protector so that your screen is not compromised with scratches. Other features include easy front cover snap-on, port covers and more.

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5. iPad Air Case, JETech® Gold Serial iPad Air Slim-Fit Smart Case Cover


JETech cases are made to look slim and elegant with the feeling of the original Apple’s Smart Cover but better price and quality. The smooth and comfortable shell back is really thin and you can’t feel the thickness and added weight to your iPad. It is also sturdy but flexible that fits perfectly in typing position as well as horizontal screen viewing mode.

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6. iPad Air 2 Case, ESR Yippee Color Series Smart Cover


The bright color design will catch your eyes in the first sight. The sweet case offers in many different sweet colors that makes your styles variable and not boring. The back of the cover is translucent which can still show the Apple logo even when it is installed on your iPad making your device shine. The magnetic part of the cover can not only switch the device between sleep and wake mode but also keep the cover really close to the screen providing slim and light look.

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7. iPad Air 2 Case


The yippee colors ensures you have the brightest colors possible for the happy, fashionable, and electrifying look. The tri-fold has many strong magnet that evenly spaced along the edge of the front cover and they hold the fold very tightly and securely while the dual folding offers you a sturdy stand for typing or an upright position for movie or video viewing.

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8. DUAL Black Super Slim Cover with Rubberized back and Smart Feature


This stunning looking case comes in 15 different striking colors with beautiful design and it gives the perfect vibes for your iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini. It comes with accessible jacks and ports without the need to remove the case or any covers of the case. The viewing angle are at 25 and 65 degree optimizing for your choice. The fit is tight and is absolutely perfect due to its high-strength magnet and precise design.

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9. iPad mini case/iPad mini Retina/iPad mini 3 case,ESR Yippee Color Series Smart Cover


The case is really easy to install and remove, and it fits iPad mini 1, 2 and 3 perfectly. It is by far very better than the Apple branded smart covers because the original ones do not have hard shell and the colors are not as varied as this one. The colors that come out look just like the picture and they are very pretty. The translucent case is clear, well made and no scratches or cracks. My customers find this product very satisfying and does its job really well.

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10. iPad Mini Case, iPad mini 2/3 Case


It is designed for iPad mini 1,2 and 3 and the design is high in fashion that adds sophistication in it. It features various patters type into the one piece of the case making the case unique looking and pleasant to use. The special element of this product is that it can rotate 360 degrees without the need for you to rotate both the iPad and the cover. It can stand with both the horizontal and portrait mode as you wish that most of the covers can’t do this.

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