The Best iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Screen Protectors


In spite of the fact that the saying “sapphire” did not show up in the PR for iphone 6 or iphone 6 Plus, Apple has undoubtedly attempted to deliver harder, harder and stronger showcase screens for its lead smartphone. The Apple Watch characteristics sapphire “glass” however the iphone, as per Apple, emphasizes a particle reinforced screen.

Whatever that is, regardless it bodes well for strengthen the presentation with iphone 6 screen protectors and screen guards. In any event, screen protectors can keep scrapes and scratches off your iphone 6 showcase. Furthermore taking care of business’, screen guards can end up being break verification. Below are the Cheap Best Best iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus screen protectors.

10. Spigen PET Screen Guard

Spigen PET Screen Guard

Awesome, Spigen’s got a really fair screen guard for your iphone 6. It’s a slim, hard-covered premium PET screen protector. Getting it done’s, it will ensure the screen from scratches. The pack contains 3 front-screen protectors with the applying unit. Yes, the screen guard is unique finger impression safe (oleophobic, on the off chance that you incline toward this term).

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9. Skinomi Techskin

Skinomi Techskin

Skinomi’s pack is among the Cheap Best Best iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus screen protector and accompanies PET film covers for both the front and the once again of your iphone 6. One of the highlights of Skinomi’s screen guard is establishment: its greatly simple. The screen itself, while meager and feeble looking, is near to military-evaluation, ensuring your iphone 6 from scratches, cut and so forth. It can retain affects and keep them from influencing the iphone 6.

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8. Xtremeguard


Xtremeguard means to be a brilliant shield with a reasonable sticker. With Xtremeguard, you’re taking a gander at things like smash assurance, some cool shield-mend engineering that recuperates scratches on the screen protector naturally and so forth.

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7. iSmooth


iSmooth’s iphone 6 screen protector, in the same way as Spigen, is a PET film that can divert scratches and minor scrapes from sharp questions. It’s not stun evidence however most minor “mishaps” on the screen won’t influence the iphone 6 showcase. Nothing favor here however. iSmooth is a basic, against glare, clear shield for your iphone 6’s screen. These features have made the iSmooth protector among the Cheap Best Best iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus screen protector.

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6. Belkin Trueclear

Belkin’s Trueclear straightforward screen protector is similar to most other slight film screen guards. It’s tried for optical accuracy providing for you an abnormal state of straightforwardness. The screen guard can ensure your iphone 6’s screen from scratches. It’s not constructed to withstand high-affects however its really great by and large. The pack accompanies 3 screen protectors for the front-glass.

5. Zagg Invisible Shield

 Zagg Invisible Shield

Zagg’s Invisible Shield arrangement needs no presentation. It’s one of the finest screen guards. There’s one for iphone 6 as well. Indeed, there are three variations of the Zagg Invisible Shield for iphone 6. The “first” is sufficient all alone’s with peculiarities like recover toward oneself, smash insurance and clarity.

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4. Glass Screen Protectors

Glass Screen Protectors

In spite of the fact that specialty, a few people work in situations where your iphone 6 needs much more than a slim plastic film for screen protector. Treated glass screen guards are not new. Keeping in mind they’re unreasonable, the level of assurance glass screen protectors can give can’t be matched by else other possibilities.

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3. Bodyguardz


Bodyguardz has a 3-layered glass screen protector for iphone 6. At pretty much 0.35mm thick, it practically consolidates with the iphone 6’s presentation yet its a crazy level of security from stuns. At the point when an article hits the screen of your iphone 6, the power on the screen guard is scattered in excess of three layers, minimizing the effect totally. It’s glass yet its oleophobic excessively so no unique finger impression buildups.

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2. Aerb Ballistic

Aerb Ballistic

Aerb’s iphone 6 screen guard is a safety glass screen protector. It’s 0.2mm meager (more slender than most glass screen protectors) however similarly extreme. The glass is oleophobic and accompanies the HD-clear tag – fundamentally, its hostile to glare and very straightforward.

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1. Obliq


Obliq is among in the Cheap Best Best iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus screen protector list and is a nonexclusive item yet its high-review safety glass at around 0.33mm thickness. Fits the iphone 6 screen astoundingly. Similarly as with most screen guards, you can apply this effortlessly (with a little understanding) and the screen guard will keep scratches and scrapes under control.

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