The Best iPhone X Case Protectors


With the current market saturation of iPhone X case protectors, it is almost impossible for consumers to make a buying decision. Everyone has a unique need for adding beauty to the phone to protecting from scratch and dust, there are phone cases for everyone. This list breaks down the best iPhone X case protectors to help you choose the right one for your phone.

Best iPhone X Case Protector

1. iPhone X Case, Sophili Transparent

1. iPhone 8 Case, Sophili Transparent

This case is designed to be almost invisible while still providing adequate protection to your iPhone x. Its transparent design allows you to protect the phone and still show it off. The durable, invisible layer is made from a soft TPU that is of a high quality. It protects the camera from touching the surface and the raised edges protect the camera from scratch. It safeguards the screen from scratch and from drop damage.Buy Now on Amazon

2. iPhone X Case, KuGi Super Ultra-Thin Soft

2. iPhone X Case, KuGi Super Ultra-Thin Soft

The X case is designed exclusively for the iPhone 5.8 and provides easy access to all the ports, cameras, speakers and other features. They are available in various colors and designs. The ultra-slim and clear phone protector are also lightweight and soft to accentuate your phone’s beauty. It is made from a premium scratch resistant material that will protect your iPhone X for long. You won’t even feel like there is a case due to its ultra-thin design. It protects the phone screen from scratches when laid on flat surfaces.Buy Now on Amazon

3. iPhone X Case, (Gardien S – White Silver)

3. iPhone X Case, (Gardien S - White Silver)

The military grade phone protector fits the phone precisely to provide impact resistance. This defends the phone against bumps and accidental drops. It has a dual layer to provide maximum shock absorption, protecting the phone against the risks of impact. It protects exposed areas like the screen and the camera lens. You get a weather-resistant coating that protects the phone against the damaging UV rays. This will keep your phone from yellowing due to weather effects. The case comes with a return guarantee if you are not satisfied with its performance or design.Buy Now on Amazon

4. iPhone X Case, (Diamont – Rose Pink)

4. iPhone X Case, (Diamont - Rose Pink)

The diamond iPhone X phone case is designed to fit snugly over the phone providing a perfect compatibility. It provides your phone with military grade protection from bumps and drops and creates a raised frame around your screen to protect it from scratches of any kind. The clear case keeps your phone modern and does not add any extra bulk.Buy Now on Amazon

5. iPhone X Case, Arae iPhone x case

5. iPhone 8 Case, Arae iPhone 8 case

Arae iPhone x case is designed especially for the 2018 design. It provides easy access to the connectors, speaker, cameras, and all buttons. It is a clear material that cushions the phone for long since it is durable. The raised lip around the screen efficiently protects it from damage when the phone is placed facing down. The soft TPU corners absorb shock when the phone bumps onto edges and also keeps the phone from scratching. It has perfect cutouts to allow for easy access to all the phone features.Buy Now on Amazon

6. TENDLIN iPhone X Case

6. TENDLIN iPhone 8 Case

The TENDLIN iPhone case consists of a PU leather and flexible TPU. The premium leather is on the back while the shock absorbent TPU is on the inside providing concerted protection to the phone. The slim profile provides an exact fit, leaving your phone with no bulking. The outer leather provides adequate grip and a stylish finish to your phone. It allows for easy access to all your phone features and is easy to install and remove. Buy Now on Amazon

7. TENDLIN iPhone X Case Cork Material

7. TENDLIN iPhone 8 Case Cork Material

This iPhone X case is made of cork wood and TPU rubber combined into one for maximum protection. The cork wood on the back provides a comfortable grip while the inner TPU provides shock absorption. The cork finish material gives your phone a unique appeal. The case is designed to protect your phone from bumps and scratches, protect the camera and screen from scratches and any other damage.Buy Now on Amazon

8. iPhone X Case, K-Moze Shockproof

8. iPhone 8 Case, K-Moze Shockproof

Get full degree protection for your iPhone X with the K-Moze shockproof cover. The raised edges and TPU lip keeps your phone’s screen from scratches when it is placed on a surface. It is made of a dual layer, a hard polycarbonate panel protecting the phone’s body and a shock-absorbent TPU at the back. It protects the camera against scratches and allows easy access to all the camera functions.Buy Now on Amazon

9. iPhone X case, YockTec Luxury Ultra-thin

9. iPhone 8 case, YockTec Luxury Ultra-thin

Made from the high-quality soft material, the iPhone X case ensures a steady and secure fit. It has a soft microfiber interior that keeps your screen protected and dust-free. As much as it provides maximum protection, the case allows easy access to the buttons, ports and other features of the phone.Buy Now on Amazon

10. iPhone X Case, K-Moze Shockproof Hybrid

10. iPhone 8 Case, K-Moze Shockproof Hybrid

The K-Moze Shockproof hybrid is compatible with iPhone X and provides maximum protection for the screen, camera, and edges of the phone. Its dual layer system of a shock-absorbent TPU and a hard polycarbonate panel provides the best protection for your iPhone. Access to the ports, controls, and buttons is not blocked at all.Buy Now on Amazon

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