The Best Plant Growing Lamps


Plant growing lambs are instruments that are used to provide light for growing plants. This article gives you an insight of the most rated products because of their power saving traits, great features that give you significant results that you have been looking for always. This list contains products that are affordable and of important aspects to your growing plants.

Key features that you need to know about growing seedlings under light
n Unlike tall plants, seedlings always need a lot of light that is bright. This means that if you don’t give them that light, then it they are going to be tall and even leggy.
n Most of the vegetables that will be grown on the gardens require a lot of light. That means that you will get using the same product for at least 14 – 18 hours.
n Your young seedlings need a lot of light, so go for the right color

How to choose the best grow lamp

– Keep in mind the area that you need to cover
– What phases does your plant growth go through? This is very important as it will get you to have knowledge which item you want to buy
– Get to know the angle of dispersion of the light. Greater angles will always mean that you will have a larger coverage area.
Grow lamps have been always te best as they will never let you down at whatever instance that you are using them.

1. UNIFUN 45 LED grow light.

1. UNIFUN 45 LED grow light.Buy Now on Amazon
This brand includes UV and IR light which is ideal for all kinds of indoor plants seedling growing and flowering at all growth stages. Comes with different several peek wavelengths that provide plants in all stages of growth with everything present in natural sunlight, lower power consumption but of high luminous efficiency. It is suitable for flowers, green peppers, bitter guard, grapes tomatoes and many other items.


  • Low power consumption.


  • Can explode when the bulbs overheats.

2. Aotson dual lamp LED grow light.

2. Aotson dual lamp LED grow light.Buy Now on Amazon
It delivers more intense light output with less energy and heat production. Have much longer life as compared to high-pressure sodium, incandescent or high intensity discharge or fluorescent lamps. This brand helps accelerate the growth of indoor plants and also rapidly improve their health. Comes with a flexible adjustable that lets you position the light in any direction.


  • Energy saving,
  • Long lasting service life.


  • Overheats when light for long.

3. KIngLED plus 100w Double chips LED grow light.

3. KIngLED plus 100w Double chips LED grow light.Buy Now on Amazon
This product features the newest technology which makes it much brighter and efficient to save energy consuming up to 185w. Comes with efficient cooling system. Its color ratio similar to that of sunlight promoting stem elongation and seed germination. Ideal for all phases of plant growth can be used in house garden, farm, pot culture, sowing, breeding greenhouse cultivation pipeline cultivation and many others.


  • Efficient cooling system.
  • Natural sunlight similarity.


  • Not water proof.

4. Erligpowht 45W LEDF red blue hanging light.

4. Erligpowht 45W LEDF red blue hanging light.Buy Now on Amazon
The back of the shell of this item is made of 2.5mm thick pad of paper, the outer surface temperature of black spray paint waterproof. Save power energy up to 80% hence saving ion your power bill. Comes with thick aluminum plate substrate compared to conventional glass filler panels for your easy maintenance and better thermal conductivity


  • High light efficiency.
  • Saves on power bill.


  • It is not waterproof and can explode on water

5. KINGBO reflector 45w grow light panel.

5. KINGBO reflector 45w grow light panel.Buy Now on Amazon
It has an ultra-thin aluminum casing design which is ideal for all kinds of indoor plants seedling growing and flowering at all growth stages. Has full spectrum that is naturally sunlight like that it provides you with great effects .comes with 12 months warranty. More convenient and safer than any other products.


  • Uses less power.
  • Gives sunlight features.


  • Not waterproof.

6. Durolux T5 grow light.

6. Durolux T5 grow light.Buy Now on Amazon
0It is a lamp fluorescent grow light that is perfect for indoor gardens, greenhouse and almost anywhere. Many of them can be connected together using daisy chaining. Uniquely does not overheat enough to damage the plants. Comes with 8-foot power cable also useful for daisy chain, mounting chain, hooks and UL approved ballast already installed. This brand is lightweight making it easy for installation.


  • Lightweight product.
  • Flexible light output.


  • Can increase on power bill.

7. Marshydro.

7. Marshydro.Buy Now on Amazon
it is absolutely full spectrum and gives off indoor plants favorite tint and also emits wavelength of light which can be fully absorbed by the plants from seedling to harvest, vegetable sand flowers. The product is simple to and easy to assemble since you just plug in to turn on and unplug to turn off and finally control as you want. The device is compatible to auto time to enhance you program lighting. The entire LED light system is built with isolated material without chemical or any electronic smell while light is working making it eco-friendly and safe.


  • Very safe and ecofriendly.


  • Can increase on energy power bill.

8. Hgrope LED grow lights.

8. Hgrope LED grow lights.Buy Now on Amazon
This product features a blue light which is good for photosynthesis that it induces chlorophyll and carotenoid which are healthy for healthy leaves. Red light also present is the best for blooming and fruits, white light used to ensure plant retains its original color. It very ideal for plant growths and works well with water solution culture and sol culture.


  • Natural sunlight features.


  • Plants may be burned if correct watering is not done.

9. Deckey LED grow light plant.t

9. Deckey LED grow light plant.tBuy Now on Amazon
The product is designed to produce the most efficient wavelengths of light to produce peak photosynthesis. White, red and blue light are featured in this item important for maximizing growth in plants, good for budding, flowering, fruiting and promoting leaf color. Almost 90% of light produced is absorbed by plants.


  • High light efficient.


  • Do not immerse the product in water.

10. ACKE LED grow light.

10. ACKE LED grow light.Buy Now on Amazon
This is a full spectrum LED light gives white, red and blue light making it suitable for all stages of growth with inclusion of seedlings growth. It produces low heat output making it suitable to your flowers hence not burning them down. Waterproof device that gives you an opportunity to water when it’s on too. Firmly and rotatable bracket for easy adjusting the projection angle.


  • Waterproof.
  • Low heat output.


  • Can burn young plants if does not get them watered.

The above brands are great for your young growing plants because it provides them with great natural sunlight like features. Consider having either of these light and they will never fail because they are worthy the function you need them for.