The Best Survival Knives


Survival knives are designed to fit the purpose of wilderness, adventure, hunting, military, and other emergency outdoor situations. They are a really good companion when you lose most of your equipment or you want to minimize bringing too many of them. Some survival knives have many functional parts and items such as glass breaker, can opener etc. that sometimes they come in a kit. Some other times, they come alone with a sheath. Whether you want it to be simple or multi-function, you can consider them by reading our list of reviews top 10 best survival knives below.

1. Survivor Outdoor Fixed Blade Knife with Fire Starter


Survivor Outdoor Fixed Blade Knife is 7 inches long from start to end giving the user a convenient sized knife to protect their life from dangers. It is designed to give the flawless black stainless steel look that everyone are envious to possess. It specially came with fire starter device for camp fires and outdoor survival. The blade itself has a cord-wrapped handle that can be unwrapped in survival situations. It is also made in good shape for a good and comfortable hand grip and ergonomic.

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2. MTECH USA MT-086 Fixed Blade Knife 12.25 Overall


The Mtech USA MT-086 is 12.25 inch tactical knife with fixed blade. At the bottom of the knife it features the glass breaker for emergency glass breaking. It has nice nylon sheath with the belt loop for safety storage. The blade itself is thick and strong that makes you feel secure in the wilderness. The handgrip area is made of a nice material that makes you hold the handle comfortably without losing the knife out of your hand. It is overall an excellent knife.

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3. Rothco Deluxe Adventurer Survival Kit Knife


Lose all your worries in your next outdoor and adventurous trip by choosing Rothco Deluxe Adventurer Survival Kit Knife as your companion. This product is not just a knife but a complete kit for outdoor survival. The knife is 10.5 inches long and the blade is 5.25 inches long with hollow handle and it also include fish line, hook, sinkers, bandages, small harpoon, signal mirror, fingertip saw, pencil and many other things.

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4. Amazon Jungle Survival Knife with Sheath


When traveling in the wild, most of you are concerned about losing sense of direction and need a compass to come along which can be a burden if you have to bring many kinds of things along with you, but with this knife, it has built-in compass at the bottom of the handle making you feel light, extra protected and informed. Talking about the blade, it is made of stainless steel and the back is designed in rugged sawback pattern looking very fierce. It includes leather sheath for a high quality storage.

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5. Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge


With more than 70 years of brand reputation and the design of some of the top designers in the world, Gerber 31-000751 is your true and strong companion. Though it is simple, but it is super strong, practical and easy to use. The special features include emergency whistle, molded rubber grip, saw ground back blade, fire starter and diamond sharpener and key ground-air communication patch. It’s everything you need in a good price range.

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6. Elite Forces Survival Bowie Knife


Whether it’s for hunting for survival or for military, this product has got what it takes to be qualified to be used in those areas. Made with black stainless steel, the blade is 7 inches long with sawback design. The overall length is 12 inches with a free hard molded sheath that is attached with a belt loop. The handle is made of textured rubber for enhanced grip.

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7.Smith & Wesson CKSUR1 Bullseye Search and Rescue Fixed Blade Knife


It is true that quality exceeds quantity. This Smith & Wesson CKSUR1 series is a simple, yet high end knife that is designed with care and precision. The blade is made out of tough metal with non-reflective black coating and the handle is aluminum but with rubber coating for comfort while maintaining strength. It comes with a sheath that is made of nylon with synthetic liner, metal reinforcements and lashing shots.

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8. Tac Force TF-705 Series Assisted Opening Folding Knife 4.5-Inch Closed


Tac Force FT-705 series of knives are designed to look fierce, sophisticated and advanced with multi-level functionality and compactness. It is only 4.5 inches when closed. You can just press and release the blade from the handle and also fold it back in. It is not only a knife but also a can opener, glass breaker and pocket clip. The blade is made of black half serrated stainless steel while the handle is made of gray aluminum, both look so premium at reasonable price.

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9. Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife with Fixed 1095 High Carbon Steel Blade and Black Kraton Handle and Sheath


This simple yet awesome knife is made of the special 1095 high carbon steel which means it is tough and easy to sharpen and is considered better than most stainless steels. The handle is not made of rubber but kraton which is a better replacement of rubber meaning better resistance to heat, weathering and chemicals. The length of the blade is 6.4 inches and overall length of 12 inches. Nylon sheath is included like most survival knife products.

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10. Gerber 22-41121 Prodigy Survival Knife


Gerber product comes again to close the list by its high-end hard carbon 420HC stainless steel blade with black oxide finish that stays sharp longer. The pack includes leg straps and other two attached straps. The textured soft grip provides the feeling of security and the hard sheath with nylon loop and straps.

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