The Cheap Christmas Trees


As Christmas time approaches, the traditional decorative lights, cards and figurines begin to show up on store shelves for enthusiasts to purchase. A variety of Christmas trees, whether artificial or actual pine trees, also come up on display. Artificial Christmas trees have evolved from the days of feather trees to the realistic options we have in the market today.

The fiber-optic illuminated ones are the most common, as the bright lights really fit into the prevalent festive mood. The antique feather artificial Christmas trees are still available; there are the aluminum and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) trees as well. Getting the right tree for your festive decoration effort does not have to distress your pocket; there are great cheap Christmas trees with the proper finishing giving you just the right touch you desire.

Here are ten beautiful and high quality Christmas trees you can try for your next Christmas decoration effort:

10. Dunhill Fir Hanged Tree

10. Dunhill Fir Hanged TreeBuy Now on Amazon
This is a big Christmas tree that boasts a diameter of 59 inches and is a full 7.5ft high. It comes with 2514 branch endings and 750 bright clear lights. The branches are all attached to secure center pole partitions to ensure they do not start pulling off after a while. The tree gets to you in three sections so you can easily assemble and set up the tree. The lights are guaranteed to last long, and even if one bulb goes bad, it does not affect the others. The Bulb-Lock features ensure the lights are firmly attached and will not fall off. A foldable stand made from a strong and sturdy metal is also included. The customers who installed the tree at their home were pleased with the features and its moderate price. The relatively few complaints were on the top branch that may not hold heavier decorations.

9. Vermont Fir Artificial Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

9. Vermont Fir Artificial Pre-Lit Christmas TreeBuy Now on Amazon
If you love tall Christmas trees in your home or office, then you should try this. It measures a good 7.5ft tall and is pre-lit with 700 attractive multi-colored bulbs. At its widest point, it has a diameter of about 56 inches. The size makes it fit just perfectly in your family room or down your office hall. You can even place it on your porch to show your enthusiasm for the wonders of the festive season. The branches are securely fitted to the center metal pole, and the 1292 branch tips look very realistic. The branches are all firm so you can hang your decorative ornaments on them. This is the perfect tree for you to capture the joys of the Christmas season right within your home.

8. Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree

8. Kingswood Fir Pencil TreeBuy Now on Amazon
For those with a smaller space who still desire to have the presence of a big Christmas tree, this Pencil Tree will suit perfectly. It has a slimmer silhouette and the foliage is still beautifully dense. This 7.5 ft high tree with its 350 clear lights will add the right sparkles to your home or wherever you choose to use it. The bulbs are well fitted with the bulb-lock feature to prevent them from slipping out. The tree is non-allergenic and fire resistant for better safety. There’s a strong metal stand included as well for proper balance. All you need to do is just quickly set it up, decorate to your taste, and flow in the Christmas spirit. User feedback was predominantly positive and the minor complaints from a few customers were on the price of the tree.

7. Charlie Pine 6Ft Christmas Tree

7. Charlie Pine 6Ft Christmas TreeBuy Now on Amazon
This is a natural looking tree that has dual tone green color shades. At 6ft high, it will not take up too much space nor appear too imposing. It comes in two sections so that you will find it quite easy to assemble. A sturdy metal green colored stand is provided as well, for keeping the tree balanced. This tree had mixed reviews from persons who used it. Some users were pleased with their purchase and the tree worked right for them. On the other hand, there were significant complaints on the sparseness of the foliage, easily damaged stand, and the shedding pine needles.

6. Royal Copenhagen Annual Christmas Tree

6. Royal Copenhagen Annual Christmas TreeBuy Now on Amazon
This is a limited edition, specially crafted tree for your festive decorations. It gets to you packaged in a lovely customized Royal Copenhagen gift box. Once you unravel your gift box, you’ll find the tree easy to set up and you proceed with adding hanging decorative ornaments on it. The feedback on this tree is excellent and the features were considered adequate. If you’re looking for that special tree to light up your home for the Christmas festivities, then you should try this wonderful Christmas tree.

5. Green Madison Artificial Pine Christmas Tree

5. Green Madison Artificial Pine Christmas TreeBuy Now on Amazon
At a base diameter of 42 inches and height of 6.5ft, this artificial Christmas tree will fit well into your home or office. It comes with 400 lovely multi-colored light bulbs that are securely fitted with the bulb-lock feature. The tree is made from PVC and is fully fire resistant for added safety. The customer feedback and ratings were mixed, some persons were highly pleases with their purchase and others were not. The specified features appealed to a decent percentage of persons who purchased and used this Christmas tree. A significant number however, also expressed their displeasure. There were complaints on the sparse foliage that exposed the central pole, and the fact that the actual tree appears cheaply made for its selling price.

4. Urban Christmas Tree with Fiber Lights

4. Urban Christmas Tree with Fiber LightsBuy Now on Amazon
If you do not have much time to spend decorating, this tree with its color changing bulbs will work well for you. The lights function with AA batteries that you can easily buy at any convenience store. You can set up this tree on your desk, your child’s room, a small apartment, or by your entryway. It is quite compact and portable; and you can conveniently store it away after use. A lot of people who bought and installed this tree enjoyed doing so and gave it a favorable rating. Some persons however, did complain about the tree’s provided lights, foliage and balance.

3. Charlie Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

3. Charlie Pine Artificial Christmas TreeBuy Now on Amazon
This is a moderately priced artificial Christmas tree that will fit into smaller spaces. It has natural dual tone green shades and come with no lights so that you can explore your decorative imagination. The branches are hinged on the centralized metal pole, and feature 200 real-looking tips. A green colored metal stand is included for better balance. At 4ft high and a diameter of about 21 inches, this tree works for small indoor spaces that bigger trees won’t fit in. Majority of the customers gave it a high rating and positive feedback. However, there were a few customers who complained that their tree was not up to 4 ft as specified.

2. Battery operated table Top Christmas Tree

2. Battery operated table Top Christmas TreeBuy Now on Amazon
This is a nice, compact, table-top Christmas tree you can use at your office or at home. You could send it to your loved ones as a gift for the festive season. It comes with red and silver ornaments and 15 LED bulbs so you don’t have to bother about spending much time decorating. Most people like this tree especially for their office desks and for a minimalist festive home decoration. The feedback and ratings were predominantly positive, with the minor complaints being on the sparse foliage and fewer ornaments.

1. Darice DS-6359 Canadian Tree

1. Darice DS-6359 Canadian TreeBuy Now on Amazon
If you are a fan of lovely but cheap Christmas trees, you should try this Darice Canadian Tree. It is priced lower than most similar Christmas trees but will certainly light up whichever spot you choose to place it. It is 18 inches high and the branches have 124 tips. A wooden base is provided to keep your mini-tree properly balanced. A lot of customers liked the product especially its classy finish and low price. The negative comments were very few and were about minor inconveniences which include shaky tree balance and small size.

Before you go for any Christmas tree, you should first map out the suitable spot and space for it. The space you have for a decorative tree determines the size you’ll purchase. Also, for outdoor spots, bigger and more brightly decorated trees work better. When it’s within the home, you may want to choose lights that are not too bright, and add more decorative figurines, wreaths and ribbons instead. A well decorated Christmas tree should look balanced and classy, so ensure you do not haphazardly pile on the decorations.