The Most Popular Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Cases


Are you planning to buy a brand new Samsung S6 Edge or have you already bought one? Do you want people to notice you with the beauty of your phone? Do you want to safeguard your phone from damages caused due to falls and rough handling? Do you want to give some classic look to your smart phone? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then it is a must for you to purchase an edge cover for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Most of us keep talking about the latest Samsung Galaxy Edge. The smart phone is in a huge demand as it is considered to be the best of the Galaxy series.

People who buy Samsung Galaxy Edge also look for the best case as a major accessory to enhance the looks of the phone in addition keep it safe from wear and tear. Since a large number of cases are coming into the market, it is difficult for us to decide which one to buy. Here are the Cheap Best Most Popular Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Cases, know about them and take your pick.

10. Galaxy S6 Edge Case, Spigen® [Perfect-Fit]


This case is considered to be the most affordable case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. The case has a premium design coated with Urethane. This avoids the case from losing its color. Hence, the case is more durable and well presented. It offers clear cuts for camera and charging slots.

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9. Galaxy S6 Edge Case, Ringke FUSION Case


If you are in an urge to protect your phone completely with a transparent look, then choosing this case would be the right choice. This case is said to be the slimmest and most transparent case across the globe. The main highlight of the product is the touch technology. This features a natural and good responsive experience while using the phone.

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8. Galaxy S6 Case, Verus [Air Space Cushion]


This case is known for its trendy looks and has a double layer protection against dust, scratch and drops. Being the latest case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the accessory is in huge demand. It is available in a wide range of colors.

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7. Spigen Curved Bumper


Yet another case offered by Spigen, Curved Bumper is a complete protective case for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It is made out of TPU and Polycarbonate. It avoids the scratching of phone and formation of drops too. This case is proven to be the best method to save your phone from accidental drops. The case has air cushions provided in all the corners thus providing complete care to the phone.

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6. Spigen® Air Cushion


Spigen is a well known brand offering good cases for smart phones offered by Samsung. This case is not an exception. This phone is known for the amazing design, quality and the range of protection it offers to the phone from scratches and drops.

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5. Verus Clear Drop Protection


This case has light green frame and a transparent backside. It has a good look in addition to protecting the phone from scratches and drops.

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4. LK Premium Wallet Case


Made out of leather, the case provides a dignified look to your phone. It has an extra pocket for storing some cash and cards. It also provides complete protection to your phone.

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3. Spigen® [Resilient] Galaxy S6 Edge Case Impact Protection


This case is comparatively low in terms of cost and is known for the shock absorbing technology built in the case. It also acts as a scratch guard for the phone.

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2. Verus Card Slot Case


Being one among the most loved cases for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, this case has got a good review from its users. The uniqueness of the case is that it has a special slot for the purpose of storing cards. You can also use this case to keep your credit cards and ID cards.

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1. Verus Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Case


Cconsidered to be the trendiest case for the phone, this case has a slim and shiny look. The users of the accessory feel that it is highly durable and a good protection for their phone. It is made out of soft rubber to ensure that it gives a good grip.

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