The Most Popular Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Protectors


We know how much you love your new Samsung Galaxy S6. In fact, the gadget is a marvel with a perfect blend of unmatched hardware power and premium design. Its crisp 1440p resolution display is something to instantly fall in love with. Although the screen is covered with Gorilla Glass 4, adding a screen protector keeps the scratches and smudges at bay.

In addition, you never know when you may drop the phone which may shatter its screen. So, it is always best to purchase a screen protector along with the S6. It retains your phone’s brand new look even after prolonged use and helps you get a good price if you feel like selling your Galaxy S6 after a year or so. The following sections feature a list of the top 10 most popular Samsung Galaxy S6 screen protector.

10. Trianium Galaxy S6 Glass Screen Protector


This is the thinnest ever (0.2mm) tempered glass protector for your S6. Offering up to 99% touch-screen accuracy, it’s surface is 9H scratch-resistant which protects your phone from high impact drops, bumps, scrapes and all kinds of scratches. The oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings on the screen protect it from sweat and oil residue from your fingerprints. The manufacturer offers a lifetime no-hassle warranty on this product.

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9. Galaxy S6 Screen Protector from CellBee


This one has a thin shock-resistant layer under the glass. Its touch feels smooth enough for a material with a toughness well above 9H. The oleophobic coating on the surface avoids the fingerprint smudges. There is a specially designed shock-damping layer that, as CellBee claims, can take up to 5 times more impact.

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8. JETech® Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector


The 9H scratch resistance of the JETech® screen protector means that it is harder than a knife. Although it is tough, the screen response and resolution remain pretty much the same. Its resistance to fingerprints and dust is good enough. You will appreciate how easily it can be installed with a push without any bubbles on the screen.

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7. Galaxy S6 Screen Protector from iCarez®


Made using Japanese nanotechnology, this product is made of HD matte material for great viewing experience through it. It is anti-glare and anti-UV. So, even the smaller fonts on screen appear clear under bright sun, plus there will be less strain on your eyes. The application becomes easy and bubble-free with unique hinge install method. This screen guard is eco-friendly and completely recyclable after use. You will get a pack of 3 for a low price. On the downside, you sacrifice screen toughness which is only 4H.

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6. amFilm Screen Protector


This screen protector is known for its tempered glass front and a PET(polyethylene terephthalate) backside for resilience and extra toughness. It is ultra-clear offering up to 99.9% transparency to give a natural viewing experience while you watch your favourite videos on your Galaxy S6. The surface hardness and thickness are 9H and 0.3mm respectively which are industry leading standards for toughness. You also get a microfiber cleaning cloth, a plastic squeeze card and an installation guide.

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5. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield


As the name indicates, it is made of the same tough material that is used in military aircrafts. It is equipped with UV protection, so there would be no yellow tinges on the screen. Its self-healing property works constantly eliminating the minor scratches on the screen. There is also a perfect mechanism to prevent moisture and corrosion from migrating through the film and reaching your Galaxy S6. The MilitaryShield also comes with a flexible squeegee, micro-fiber cloth, and a spray-bottle with cleaning agent.

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4. Anti-Scratch Screen Protector for Galaxy S6 by LK


This is another great screen protector for your Galaxy S6. However, the manufacturer, LK, clearly mentions that due to S6’s curved edges, this protector will cover just the flat surface to avoid peeling-off. It has all great features like the aforementioned products – 9H hardness, 0.33mm ultra thinness – and additionally, it has it has 2.5D rounded edges. Being dust resistant, shock resistant, anti-oil, bubble free and fingerprint-free, it is something you ought to have on your Galaxy S6.

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3. Tempered Glass Screen Protector by Poweradd™


Another great screen protector for your Galaxy S6 with 9H toughness, 2.5D Rounded Corners and 0.3mm thickness which makes it highly shatter-proof and scratch-resistant. It is made of industry-leading Japanese PET material that gives maximum protection while not interfering with touch-sensitivity. The bubble-free installation only makes it more lovable. Poweradd™ also provides a micro-fiber cloth, a dust absorber and a how-to manual along with this product.

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2. Spigen® Galaxy S6 Screen Protector


Spigen is known for producing some excellent screen guards and cases for smartphones, and here is another great product they made for the Galaxy S6. With it, you get two front and one back screen protectors. What more can you ask for around $10. Although the screen hardness is just 3H, it is still a good bargain. The product has very precise cut-outs for the sensors, earpiece and camera.

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1. The Skinomi® TechSkin


The TechSkin from Skinomi® is the most frequently bought screen protector on Amazon for Galaxy S6 smartphones. It’s laser-cut design covers even the curved edges of the S6. It is made from military-grade thermoplastic urethane which is flexible and can absorb all kinds of impacts. It is scratch-proof owing to its self-healing technology. The liquid solution facilitates hassle-free installation with easy adjustments and no bubbles. The TechSkin is thinner than most PET screen protectors. It is virtually invisible, totally transparent and offers superior touch experience.

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