The Ten Best Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet


What do you look for when you head out in search of the best soccer shoes? Well, clearly if you are really serious about excelling in the sport that the rest of the world calls football or, more precisely, futbol your online search may narrow things down a bit with the addition of a term like “best soccer cleats.” (One even supposes that such a search could be narrowed down even further by specifically searching for something along the lines of “best Nike cleats soccer shoes” but, really, why limit yourself in that way when what may be standing between you and greatness are the best Puma soccer shoes with cleats?) The point being that a number of various features may contribute to what your view of what constitutes the best soccer shoes. With that in mind, here are ten definite possibilities all worthy of consideration for those truly serious about upping the their game

10. PUMA Men’s Universal II IT Indoor Soccer Shoe

10. PUMA Men's Universal II IT Indoor Soccer ShoeBuy Now on Amazon
If it is the indoor game that drives your love of soccer and you have absolutely no need at all to narrow your search for the best soccer shoes to include mention of cleats, then Puma’s Universal II is the one to beat. If you are familiar with all Puma, it is probably because you have tired of other manufacturers not making a shoe quite narrow enough. Soccer shoes by definition benefit from narrower than normal construction and that is doubly true when you are relying on a tight fit to make up for a lack of cleats.

9. PUMA Men’s Evopower 4.2 Graphic FG

9. PUMA Men's Evopower 4.2 Graphic FGBuy Now on Amazon
Not that Puma doesn’t get the job when it is time to strap on the cleats and hit the turf. Puma’s Evopower 4.2 Graphic FG ranks highbecause there aren’t many other cleated soccer shoes for men that look this good and also let you dig it with confidence. There’s just something about a sleekly designed, blood red shoe with slightly off-center laces that inspires great play from the person wearing them and enthusiastic support for the fans cheering them on.

8. Adidas Women’s Predito Instinct Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

8. Adidas Women's Predito Instinct Firm-Ground Soccer CleatBuy Now on Amazon
Ah, Adidas. Even in the face of Nike world domination and Puma’s unbeatable ability to fit feet like a glove, Adidas still manages to keep chugging along. The name may not have quite the same cache that it did in the 1970s, but when it comes to the best soccer cleats to be found on a woman’s shoe, it is almost impossible to imagine anyone having a problem withtheir Predito Instinct Firm-Ground model. Slip any one of the ultra-bright models onto your foot and the silky smooth fit, the tongue that feels like it’s made of marshmallows, the laces that pretty much define what should be the perfect length and almost suction-cup level of traction will quickly sell you on the consistent quality of Adidas.

7. PUMA Adreno Indoor Jr Soccer Shoe

7. PUMA Adreno Indoor Jr Soccer ShoeBuy Now on Amazon
Puma manages to stake a claim for the best soccer shoes when the name of the game is not just indoor soccer, but indoor soccer played by kids. Most kids can benefit from the narrower than normal manufacture that Puma provides anyway so it is almost as though these shoes were expressly built to go straight from an afternoon of indoor soccer to the pizza joint for celebrating victory and then be worn again in the morning for school. Nice thing about these indoor soccer shoes: boys will not shy away from wearing them as sneakers due to overly bright colors and their comfortable fit will allow such use.

6. Vizari Blaze FG Soccer Shoe

6. Vizari Blaze FG Soccer ShoeBuy Now on Amazon
Then there is the Vizari Blaze FG for the ultimate newbie. Not a lot of soccer cleats can be worn comfortably or allow toddlers to actually use them effectively and all while arguably being simply the coolest soccer shoe in the world. Seriously, how many soccer shoes look almost exactly like a Hot Wheels car while also equipped with the padded heel cushions and ankle collars that provide kids the support so necessary to keeping them safe on the field?

5. Nike Mercurial Victory IV FG Men’s Soccer Cleat

5. Nike Mercurial Victory IV FG Men's Soccer CleatBuy Now on Amazon
So if it was the best Nike cleats you were specifically shopping for when you started looking for the best soccer shoes, their Mercurial IV models would definitely be making a case. To begin with, the color selections are nearly as diverse as if you were buying very expensive custom-made soccer shoes. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, Nike has also ensured that these shoes have been constructed to mold very nicely to the contours and curves of the typical foot. And with tips that are more flattened than many other soccer shoes, if your specialty on the field involves chipping, they simply can’t be beat for the price.

4. Under Armour Women’s UA Flash FG Soccer Cleats

4. Under Armour Women's UA Flash FG Soccer CleatsBuy Now on Amazon
In the need for speed? Under Armour has included the name Flash in this shoe for a reason. These soccer cleats are very lightweight and specifically intended for those speed demons on the soccer field who need to get from where they are to where they want to be before anyone even knows they’ve left. The two-tone blue design gives them a cool kind of eerie effect under certain lighting conditions, too.

3. Adidas Men’s Nitrocharge 3.0 Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

3. Adidas Men's Nitrocharge 3.0 Firm-Ground Soccer CleatBuy Now on Amazon
The perfect soccer cleats for those who take the game a little too seriously sometimes. Serious play on turf can have a way of leading to serious damage to your Achilles tendon. If you already know you need a higher heel than most soccer shoes afford and a little added padding for that extra bit of protection, then the firm-ground cleat found in the name of the Adidas Nitrocharge shoe for men is just for you. And if you don’t already know you need such protection, try it on for size anyway if you ever get the chance.

2. Nike Kids Jr Mercurial Victory V Tf Turf Soccer Shoe

2. Nike Kids Jr Mercurial Victory V Tf Turf Soccer ShoeBuy Now on Amazon
The best Nike cleats for soccer by kids of any age for one reason and one reason only. Well, two reasons. The Mercurial Victory V for kids is one Nike’s most snugly fitting soccer shoes. But then again, they should be snug since the number one reason why they are the number one soccer shoe for kids is that their distinctive and immediately recognizable design almost seem capable of making a youth soccer league member of any skill level look just like Ronaldo.

1. PUMA evoSPEED SL LEATHER FG Football Boots, Best Soccer Shoes

1. PUMA evoSPEED SL LEATHER FG Football Boots, Best Soccer ShoesBuy Now on Amazon
And so our tour of the best soccer shoes ends where it began: with Puma showing off beyond all reasonable expectations. Buy Puma’s evoSPEED leathers and it comes with a warning not to wear them during practice sessions. Not that most of you will need to be told that when you see the price. Yes, this may seem like an awful lot of money to pay for what will probably be the lightest pair of shoes you will ever own in your life. But then again, the evoSPEED is less a pair of soccer shoes make that football boots than they are work of art. They look good. They feel good. Your game will improve. Sure, these leather boots are made for the super-serious player, but maybe that’s just what you have been all this time without quite realizing it.

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