The top 10 Best High Blood Pressure Fighter Diets

pressureNo one would like to be associated with so-called hypertension, leave alone mentioning it. Most research attests that sodium is the high blood pressure bogeyman and must be avoided in excess at all cost. Most people similarly ask themselves if really there is a possibility of fighting hypertension naturally. Such people have all the reasons to smile since this piece is the real answer to the question. Yes, of course, there are natural and powerful foods that would create a no-go zone of high blood pressure. Essentially, any food that is rich in any or all of the following minerals is medicinal; magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Those are the HBP fighters. Therefore, the following are the tested and proven top 10 best high blood pressure fighter diets. Enjoy learning, exploring, and getting the informative knowledge.

Call them the healing foods and you will not be wrong.

10. White beans

A cup of beans provides 24% potassium, 13% of calcium, and 30% of magnesium which is essential for your health. You can decide to eat white beans either in soups, side dishes, and entrees. White beans is one of the best non-meat protein provider hence the best choice for the vegetarians. It is advisable to go for a no-salt-added or possibly well-rinsed sodium canned beans. Having the dried beans slowly cooked overnight is another useful method of preparing nutritious white beans.

Best High Blood Pressure Fighter Diets

9. Pork tenderloin

Even the non-vegetarians also have something to smile about; pork tenderloin provides you with safety from hypertension attack. Just three ounces of pork tenderloin will provide about 6% of magnesium and 15% potassium which are the HBP fighters. The lean cut is delicious and also medicinal at the same time; this must be one of the few enjoyable medicines around the world. What about those who do not feed on pork? If you don’t eat pork then just continue reading down, you will ultimately find where you fit perfectly.

Best High Blood Pressure Fighter Diets

8. Fat-free plain yogurt

This must be the readers’ best. Of course, this is a sweet delicacy loved by many. Did you know that just a cup per day would make you resistant to hypertension? A cup of fat-free plain yogurt contains 18% of potassium, 12% of magnesium, and 49% of calcium. That is just enough to offer the defensive zone against high blood pressure. Whether in entrees, salad dressings, sauces, or a mineral-rich breakfast, the cool and creamy yogurt makes your breakfast a perfect and medicinal one.

Best High Blood Pressure Fighter Diets

7. Tilapia

Whether it is summer or winter, you will never miss seeing the white fish, tilapia, stocked in the fish stores and supermarkets. This fish has no season and is always available all through the year either fresh or as frozen fillets. Whichever the form, this delicacy contains the hypertension fighter minerals in the rates of 8% magnesium and 8% potassium in each four ounces. Whether you decide to eat it plain or add a variety of flavors, it will not lose its medicinal value. If you don’t have tilapia in your weekly menu then very soon HBP might knock on your door.

Best High Blood Pressure Fighter Diets

6. Sweet potato

Is it advisable for hypertension patients to take a lot of sugar? No, it is not. Why then should one eat sweet potatoes which are so sugary to prevent high blood pressure? That has been the common question whenever sweet potatoes is mentioned in line with prevention of HBP. First of all, it is important to know that the sweetness of potatoes is just a natural taste without chemical content unlike for sugar. A medium potato contains 8% magnesium, 4% calcium, and 15% potassium to help you fight HBP. Just bake the sweet potatoes and include in your breakfast if possible daily and you will be safe from the silent killer, hypertension.

Best High Blood Pressure Fighter Diets

5. Quinoa

Back in the year 2013, a declaration was made by the United Nations that 2013 was the year of Quinoa. The main reason for that was because of the medicine in it and the ability to fight high blood pressure. The grain is known to be a source of high-protein and phytonutrients. Just a half a cup of Quinoa provides 15% of magnesium, 1.5 % calcium, and 4.5% potassium. The ratio of the essential minerals is good to offer the protection against the diseases under discussion. Furthermore, this is an easy-to-cook dish and would take half the time that Brown rice takes to cook. The most popular type of Quinoa is the golden beige. However, other varieties such as black and red are also good.

Best High Blood Pressure Fighter Diets

4. Kales

Kales are essential in the provision of potassium, calcium, and magnesium in a diet. Never miss kales in your lunch and dinner diet. Kale is a super food owing to the nutrition content that it provides. Cell-protecting antioxidants and alpha-linolenic acid which is a plant-based inflammation cooler are all found in kales. Furthermore, one cup of green cooked kales provides 6% of magnesium, 9% of calcium, and 9% of potassium. That ratio is medicinal when it comes to prevention of high blood pressure.

Best High Blood Pressure Fighter Diets

3. Red bell pepper

Most ladies fear them alleging that they are slimming agents. However, red bell pepper is a life saver when in fear of attack by high blood pressure. You just need to apply the raw paper in any dish to get 4% of magnesium, 1% of calcium, and 9% of potassium. One Pepper per day keeps you safe from  HBP. Do you fear it? Fear it no more, it is just the natural way of becoming healthy.

Best High Blood Pressure Fighter Diets

2. Avocado

Most people disregard avocados without knowing its value especially in the field of health. the health of your heart is enhanced by the monounsaturated fats that are readily available in avocados. Besides, the health-promoting carotenoids are also contained in avocados. The mineral content of one avocado of any size id 10% potassium, 5% of magnesium, and 1% potassium. Next time yo pass by a fruit vendor beside the street, just make a stop and buy one to scare away high blood pressure.

Best High Blood Pressure Fighter Diets

1. Banana

Bananas are the most common fruits that exist in the markets throughout the year. While other fruits like avocado, mangoes, and pears have seasons, banana does not. Eating a ripe banana, especially with black-dotted skin is a healthy practice. As sweet as it is, it has medicinal value and will protect you against hypertension. Just one banana provides 8% of magnesium, 1% calcium, and 12% of potassium. Therefore, a banana or two daily would keep you healthy and distant you with some disease one being high blood pressure.

Best High Blood Pressure Fighter Diets


As you have seen, there is always no need of leaving for the ailment to grow so that you spend lots of money in getting treatment. There are some diseases that only requires one to have some basic knowledge on the prevention mechanism. Anyway, it is embarrassing to suffer from a preventable disease that has natural and easily available remedies. Just select one or more of the natural foods from our review and stay healthy.

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