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Rock is one of the most famous music genres in the world today. We have artist and music groups coming up almost on a daily basis, and many of them do not hesitate to express their passion for rock music. It is said that the rock music style has its origin in the American South and it emerged in the 1950s. it music style then later spread to other parts of America and other parts of the world and today, rock music has fans from all over the world. Today, I want to recognize some of the people who make the great music that is enjoyed in the various parts of the globe. The following is the list of the top ten best rock bands in the world today. I hope you enjoy the collection.

10. The Who

Best Rock Bands

The Who is one of the oldest rock bands that exist today. The group was formed back in the year 1964 are best known for amazing live performances. One thing that most people love them for is the hit songs. One of their fans testified that every time the band released a song it was a completely different group and all their songs have always been hit songs. One of the songs that they are best known for is titled “MY GENERATION.” The song made the band more popular during the period which it was released and managed to earn them more fame and even the fan base.

The band is still very active today, but sadly, one of the founder members passed away in the year 1978. The doctors said that we lost this great musician due to accidents overdose of prescriptions. Keith left us at the age of thirty-two. Other two member of the band has followed Keith. It is not clear how Keith’s best friend John died, but it is said that he also died of drug overdose. This time it was not prescribed as the drug was cocaine. This was in the year two thousand and two when the musician had just hit fifty-seven years of age.

The band also has their fair share of scandals as Townshend was accused of buying child pornography but was found innocent. All said and done, the who is one of the rock bands that have a remarkable history. Everybody admires the skill and the energy accompanied by the talent that the group has which has made the band iconic. The band was introduced to rock by Roll Hall of Fame in 1990, and since then they neither have nor stop giving the crowds maximum entertainment.

9. Guns N Roses

Best Rock Bands

I find it funny to call a music band “GUNS AND ROSES” at first I thought that it was a title to some action movie, but I later come to rely upon what it was and even loved the band. The group comes together in the year 1985, and by then it was just a Los Angeles affair. Little did they know that someday the band will be an international band. Today, the songs of Guns and Roses are played all over the world. One of the albums that they are best known for is the ‘appetite for destruction’ which was loved by many local and even internationally.

The popularity that came with their hit songs was not just popularity for the band but also for the rock music as well. I am tempted to say that this band made rock music more popular than any other band that has ever existed. During the 1980s and the early 1990s, the band comes up with ‘hedonistic rebelliousness, ’ and this is the move that made many people referring to the band as the most dangerous band on the planet.

The band was also admitted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the year two thousand and twelve in their first year of eligibility. The band has a massive following all over the world, and that is what promotes rock music. I can say that they have done a good job when it comes to promoting rock music all over the world.

8. Nirvana

Best Rock Bands

Nirvana is one of the rock bands that have hit the rock music industry and made an impact. The band was formed in the year 1987 in Washington DC. As opposed to other famous bands, it had to dissolve in the year 1994 when one of the band members, Kurt Cobain, who was a drummer, committed suicide. Another band was started as an alternative band for the remaining members of the Nirvana, and they called it the Foo Fighters. They are well recognized for their song “smell like teen spirit” which gave them more popularity. They are also famous for being the most adored grunge bands in history.

7. The Rolling Stones

Best Rock Bands

The English are also not short of rock bands to brag about as the Rolling Stones of London has made the Batons proud. The band was started in the year 1962 and hit the grown hard with hit song after hit song. Their best work includes songs like “sympathy for the devil” and “Satisfaction” among other songs. What the band has is not considered the best by this ranking alone as it was also ranked among the best three in the Rolling Stones Magazine’s top best songs.

Like many other bands that have made it to this list, the band was also inducted into the rock music by the Roll Hall of Fame, but it must be noted that they come earlier in the year 1986. That recognition had to be crowned back at home and that is why the UK Music Hall of Fame also had to admit the band in the year two thousand and four. It the year two thousand and twelve, the band celebrated their fiftieth anniversary.

6. AC/DC

Best Rock Bands

You should not be tempted to think that we have shifted from rock music to some electric currents. I know for the lovers of rock music AC/DC makes a lot of sense but for those of us who are still wondering, allow me to inform you that this is one of the best rock music bands that have ever existed. The band has its origin in Australia and was formed by brothers in the year 1973. The band remained together until the year two thousand and fourteen when one of the brothers departed due to illness.

However, it was not the first time that the band was losing an essential component of their band. Easier in the year 1980 , they had lost one of them to alcoholism but the band remained very strong and continued to release hit songs after hit songs. I have to applause the courage that the members of this band have. In some of the cases, the members of such bands always give up and go separate ways upon the death of one of them but this is not the case with the AC/DC band. They still command a massive fan base all over the world.

5. Metallica

Best Rock Bands

The Metallica is an American band that was formed in the year 1981. They did well with their first two albums that managed to put them in the limelight. After that, they managed to release the MASTER OF Puppets which become one of the most amazing heavy metal albums of all time. The track has brought them luck as it becomes one of the most played in the planet. The band has their share of bad moments as they have lost one other the band members to an accident. The musician was passed out of the window and crashed to death. However, the sad incident did not discourage the band from going on with the music as a matter of fact; they have done much more since then.

4. Queen

At position four is the Queen. The band is from England and of cause it has nothing to do with royalty so let us not get confused. The members of the group come together in the year 1970, even though some of the members of the band had worked together before the band comes together. They were then encouraged to do experiments with stage recordings and the results were just wow. The album that they released in the year 1975 which was titles “a night of opera” gave them more than what they expected from it. The album managed to give them the international attention that they enjoy today.

After the album, they have released several other hit songs that ensured that they remain relevant in the industry. The polls that were conducted in the year two thousand and five placed the band on the top position so you can be sure that they still produce wonderful songs. Of late, they have released sixteen hits and have been inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame in two thousand and one.

3. Pink Floyd

Best Rock Bands

The Pink Floyd was formed in London and their music did not take long to attract the international attention that most bands die to get. The band consisted of five vibrant and energetic members who do what they love most with is to produce good music. They were able to commercialize their albums to get financial success. This is another thing that most bands just dream to achieve but they don’t seem to get it right. One of their popular songs was “wish you were here”. One of the albums that received a lot of praises even from the fans far away was the “dark side of the moon”. The band commands a large fan base internationally even today.

2. The Beatles

Best Rock Bands

Even though it is said that the United States is the home of Rock music, British bands have managed to scoop both position one and position two. The Beatles was formed in the Liverpool part of the UK back in the year 1960. Since then, the band has managed to remain stable and very influential in the society. They produced and sang songs that gave them popularity that some bands did not get in their entire lifetime. Their style was rooted in the skiffle, the 1950s rock and roll and the beat as well. This is the only rock band that went beyond just rock music.

They also tried other genres of music but managed to retain their identity of a rock music band. When asked about the other genres of music they had a very simple response and they made it clear that they were just experimenting with the other genres but remain loyal to rock music. If you thought that a mix of classical music and rock music is a miss match, then you should listen to what this band comes up with, and I am sure that you will find the innovation interesting. The band has produced songs that are considered fine music by many people since the year 1965, and they have done a good job in retaining the quality of the music for a very long time without losing relevancy in the industry.

Just like other bands in this list, they were also inducted to the Roll Hall of Fame and this was in the year 1988. Not all the members of the original band are still alive as some of them have left us with the latest case being a case of cancer in the year two thousand and one.

1. Led Zeppelin

Best Rock Bands

At position one in this list is a band that has not only captures a wide fan base but also hearts. Many of their fans do not shy away from identifying themselves with the band. The band was formed in England in the year 1968 and since then they have managed to remain relevant in the rock music industry for that long. This is one of the most unique rock bands as they come with their own style and their music is more guitars driven than any other rock band that exists today. The band even had recognition of the progenitors who spearheaded the heavy metal.

This is the band that was able to achieve significant financial success with their albums so you can imagine how good their songs were. One of the songs the brought them a lot of fame was titled “stairway to heaven”. The song was also one of the most influential rock music of all time. The band still remains very active when it comes to music production and their latest song was produced in the year two thousand and fifteen. The band joined the Rock Hall of Fame in the year 1995.

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