The Cheap Best Celebrities with Dirtiest Homes

Being a celebrity has always been associated with a lot of luxury. The expectations of the society from a celebrity are always clear that you can not confuse them with anything else. We expect them to be leaving in pouch houses and driving in luxurious high maintenance automobiles. A visit to such celebrity’s places of residence should a visit to a small Heaven on earth. Most of them have kept the promise, and their places of residence are paradise. You will find well-maintained gardens with beautiful flowers. Other than that, there are always workers who are always ready to take commands from such a celebrity, and in standard cases, there are always not few. However, there is a bunch of celebrities who have broken the record by simply not bothering how their environs look, and they make the celebrities with dirtiest homes list.

10. Kristen Stewart

Celebrities with Dirtiest Homes

Some serious hygiene classes are needed here, but I cannot promise that even if the classes are offered to Kristen, she will take a keen interest in the lessons. Despite the fact that she is a celebrity, she might also just be on individual who is naturally untidy. Her hygiene has always been questioned, and apparently, this manifests even in her house keeping, that is, if she even does housekeeping. From the confessions of one of her former employees, the actress cannot even handle her smoking. She does it anywhere in the house leaving cigarette butts all over the house. She is a chimney when she puffs, and the sad part of the story is that she has no idea about cleaning up her own mess.

To make the matters even worse, she even leaves the butts in the showers and finding them in the fridge too is not news. I can imagine staying around such a person, and I even wonder how this employee coped with her or maybe she was just trying to keep the job.

9. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Celebrities with Dirtiest Homes

Allow me to introduce to you the celebrity family of Brad and Angelina Jolie. You may have heard about them but what is just about to tell you may give a shock. So, if you have heart problems kindly don’t read this alone. Did you know that this couple lives in a pigsty? While most people hire house helps to help them because they do not have enough time, this couple hire because they cannot do anything in the house for themselves. Their children even make matters worse. It should not surprise you to find Pizza boxes all over the house, and their children have become professionals in tooth pasting the walls.

Similarly, Pitt is not left behind in the contribution to this mess, and I am tempted to say that he is a major contributor. His love for architectural magazines has given him an opportunity of stalking the magazines all over the house. The next time you see them, please tell them something or you can offer to be their hygiene consultant though I don’t think that is going to work.

8. Jessica Simpson

Celebrities with Dirtiest Homes

This is just to inform those who may want to visit Jessica Simpson. Should you find animal shadings all over the house, kindly don’t be surprised because there are no animals in that house and if there is then it’s just one. Kindly be informed that those are not animal shadings but our celebrity’s hair extensions which she has been defeated to manage. She may be successful in her singing and fashion but ultimately knows nothing when it comes to hygiene.

We have succeeded in getting a confession from one of her former employees who confirmed that her closet is one of the worsted arranged. She cannot even handle her eye lashes, and that leaves me wondering if there is anything at all that she can actually handle. The closet can easily be confused with a fuzzy spider web, and that is not an exaggeration.

7. Megan Fox


Celebrities with Dirtiest Homes

Megan is a perfect example of the saying that the beautiful can also be messy. I mean who keeps a squeal for a pet? This does not make any sense to me, and I am sure you agree with me. Why not get a cat or a beautiful dog? I may never understand her reasons. Whichever her reasons are, they have made her one of the most untidy persons under the sun. The squirrel is always everywhere in the house leaving dirt all over the house, and that seems not to bother her. That is not all; it has been confirmed that our celebrity has a habit of not flushing the toilet after use and that is not limited to when she has visitors.

Furthermore, it should not surprise you to find clothing all over her house because she takes the off immediately she gets into the house and leave the anywhere in the house.

6. Britney Spears

Celebrities with Dirtiest Homes

Britney Spears is one of the pop stars that have significantly failed our hygiene test. The celebrity is known to be an enemy of personal hygiene. It is evident from one of the bodyguards who affirmed that she is one of the people with the worse personal hygiene. She does not even mind picking her nose in public. That is not the end of our story; it is also true that she occasionally fails to brush her teeth or even to the bath. Telling her to use deodorants is like bothering her. Her poor hygiene is not just limited to personal grooming, she is also fond of leaving unfinished food in the plates everywhere in the house including her bedroom.

Having interacted with a few of her former nannies, it has been confirmed that she eats on the bed and leaves leftovers on the plate which she does not mind removing from the bed even when the content is rotting. In one of the occasions, one of her maid pulled out a plate from under her bed and it was not empty. It had half eaten burgers and fries. She is also the kinds who will drop cloths all over the floor when changing and will never bother to pick them up.

5. Lindsay Lohan

Celebrities with Dirtiest Homes


This celebrity has been known to be a troubled one. Of late, she has been reported to have so many clothing items that she cannot even keep track of them by herself. She has employed an assistant to help her keep track of the clothing in her tiny apartment. If she cannot keep track of just clothing, you can imagine how the rest of her apartment looks. She has a room dedicated to her clothes. I mean an entire room to be used as the closet, but still, you will find clothes dropped haphazardly and some spilled. It should not be a surprise to find a new but unopened box of new clothes just lying around in one of the rooms, and in another room, you will find a large number of shoes than anybody can ever put on.

Some of her very close friends have shown concern about her with some of them becoming worried about her hooding habit. Logically speaking I do not see any reason as to why anybody would keep a lot of clothes and shoes that she does not even put on in the first place. Somebody should grant me access to her home so that I can donate all those shoes and clothes to those who don’t have all over the world. It is this habit that has made her one of the most unhygienic celebrities of our time.

4. Miley Cyrus

Celebrities with Dirtiest Homes

When you have a lot of animals in your home, it stops being a home and it deserves to be referred to as what it is which is a zoo. In Miley Cyrus’ case, I am tempted to call it a game pack. The lady has all sorts of animals living with her. I have never imagined that anybody can keep pigs in their place of residence until I discovered this zoo. Her dogs are always free to poop anywhere in the house and our celebrity does not see any need to house train the dogs.

You can imagine the odour that comes from that house. I even think that she is so used to the animals that she has also started to think like them. That is the only way of explaining her yelling at the maids to clean after the dog’s poop, and if anybody thinks that there is another explanation, then I am ready to listen.

Her place is always chaotic and it’s not just me who finds that wired, even her boyfriend, Patrick, refused to spend time there because of the highly unhygienic conditions. She is also a frequent user of recreational drugs and I can’t imagine the kind of smell that comes from the house. Imagine the odor from dogs’ poop mixes with smoke and then put pigs into the picture. I can only say this is a world record just about to be broken. I would propose that this lady is included in the awards of the most untidy celebrities, that is, if such distinctions exist. If it has not been introduced, then I will personally add it and then award her for living in a zoo.

3. Kirstie Alley

Celebrities with Dirtiest Homes

Now, I feel like gathering all the celebrities under the sun and advise them on what kind of pets to keep. I mean, how does one find a Frog beautiful? It does not make sense to me. To our beloved celebrities, should you feel like keeping a pet, kindly just get yourself a cat or a dog. Please don’t turn your house into a zoo! When it comes to Kirstie Alley, she thinks that it is fun to spend over forty thousand dollars per year on pets. Allow me to paraphrase. She thinks that it is fun to spend over forty thousand dollars in a year on frogs and lemurs. This is just beyond crazy.

In addition to that, she also has several dogs that she can hardly manage. This is precisely the case as Miley Cyrus. They both can’t just train the dogs to ensure that their homes remain tidy and they don’t seem to have any interest in that. When you allow animals to take over you house and you still live comfortably with them, it is very easy to say that you are becoming like them. I would advise that instead of bringing animals to take over your home, you can simply just go and live in the zoo so that we don’t find a hard time trying to figure out what is wrong with you.

2. Octomom

Celebrities with Dirtiest Homes


I don’t have to say much about Octomom. It was all over the media. It is good that the authorities found it noble to take way the kids. Who would even imagine living in such horrible conditions? Thanks to the hairdresser who reported the matter to the children department, they were saved from going to the washroom in a portable toilet that was in the yard. The house had serious plumbing issues and that is not all. Some of the rooms upstairs were filled with mattresses. Nobody knows what the mattresses where they were to be used. As if that is not enough, there were too much writing on the walls and you could tell that somebody had been very careless with stew. To make matters even worse, there were diapers all over the place. This is a scenario that I don’t even want to imagine anymore.

1. Robert Pattinson

Celebrities with Dirtiest Homes

The person named above is a perfect example of my newly invented saying,” becoming a celebrity is one thing and taking a shower is another.” Some of the members of his crew have confirmed that never bathed and smelled terrible. The funniest part of the story is that he does not deny it. He even says that he is comfortable and does not see any need to be met by bathing. He extends this philosophy to his home which he also publicly admits that is filthy. This is one individual who thinks that being untidy is cool.


I may not be a health worker, but I know that keeping tidy is healthy. It has also been said severally that cleanliness is next to godliness, you need to try it!

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