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From a beginner to a professional golfer, the perfect choice of golf balls is as important as the game itself. In the last ten years, golf manufacturing technology has significantly improved. A particular golf ball can befit one golfer but be entirely unfitting for another. As such, if you find out that a ball from a particular manufacturer suits your golfing style, then it is important that you keep using it. This helps you to get grips with the ball’s features and improve your game. Like any other commodity, when it comes to purchasing a golf ball, there are factors to consider.

Here are Some of the Factors to Consider When Buying a Golf Ball:

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The Cost of the Ball: Losing a golf ball is not only a daunting experience for golfers but can also be quite costly. For beginners, it is advisable to use budget priced balls. However, proficient players can advance to mid-priced golf balls since their tendency to lose balls is minimal. It is also important to consider discount golf balls to minimize the costs.

The Durability of the Ball: Hitting trees lined along the golf course causes irreversible damage to the casing of a golf ball. Thus, choosing a hard shelled ball over a soft one will reduce the damage and enhance its life. The soft balls are better left to experienced golfers who are less likely to veer off the course.

Spin: When shopping for a golf ball, it is important to consider the spinning ability of the ball. It is imperative to know that the softer a ball is, the higher the chances of imparting a backspin or a sidespin on it. There are options like low-spin balls, mid-spin balls, and high-spin balls all of which should be left to expert golfers who know how to control the ball off the tee.

Type of the Golf Ball: There is a wide range of golf balls on the market to choose from. For instance, you could choose between a one piece, two pieces, three pieces, and four pieces. The quality of these types increases respectively.

10. Bridgestone2017 E6 Speed Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Bridgestone2017 E6 Speed Golf Balls

Bridgestone e6 Speed golf ball is designed with a high initial velocity that allows the player to bomb the ball sliding the fairway with minimum spin. This golf ball features a low drive spin for a straighter distance and a high initial velocity to facilitate a faster ball swiftness and distance. It is multi layered for optimizing its performance from the tee to green. The delta dimple design smoothens air resistance and resists pop ups for straight shots.


  • Plays great
  • Straight and long


  • Low spin ball, thus suitable for beginners

9. Titleist DT Trust Golf Balls (One Dozen)

Titleist DT Trust Golf Balls

Titleist DT golf ball features a dimple pattern that maximizes distance for players on each shot and offers consistent ball flight. It has the softest pure ionomer cover that delivers an exceptional soft feel and is reliable on short game playability. Its low compression core provides a low spin on long game shots for striking distance.


  • The ball offers precision
  • Offer good controls on the greens


  • Exceptionally soft, thus less durable

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8. Callaway Super-Hot Golf Balls

Callaway Super Hot Golf Balls

Callaway Super-Hot Golf balls feature low drag HEX aerodynamics that provide an optimal lift to keep the ball in the air longer. Its soft mantle and cover system minimize spin to reduce hooks and slices. High-Velocity Core integrates with trionomer cover to faster ball speed.


  • Great ball that goes straight every time
  • Faster and long distance


  • High but fluctuating prices

7. Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls

Srixon Q Star Golf Balls

Srixon Q-Star maximizes performance with each swing. It is designed for average players with a low swing of 75mph. It features a 344 Speed Dimple™ cover with a Spin Skin™ coating for accuracy and control.


  • Great ball on the greens
  • Excellent design


  • Makes a lot of pars and birdies

6. Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1x Prior Generation Golf Balls

The Titleist Pro V1 Prior generation Golf balls are new models that feature a ZG process dual core technology. They are of high performance and are pro line balls.


  • The ball works well on the green
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Recommendable for low handicap players

5. Callaway 2015 Warbird Golf Balls

Callaway 2015 Warbird Golf Balls

Callaway 2015 Warbird Golf ball is designed particularly for distance seekers who want a maximum flight. It features a larger, softer, and high-energy core that yields amazing ball speed. It also features HEX aerodynamics that is redesigned to offer a low-speed lift for longer distance.


  • Features a large, soft core that enhances ball speed
  • HEX aerodynamics provides long, penetrating distance


  • Not easy to control especially by beginners

4. Bridgestone Golf 2015 e6 Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf 2015 e6 Golf Balls

This golf ball features a 328 seamless dimple design that offers the zoom with a new dimple technology for extra speed. The Surlyn cover and flat compression core make Bridgestone Golf 2015 e6 golf balls the softest of the e6 generation. It also features a soft gradational technology and an anti-side spin inner layer.


  • A great ball that has a seamless design
  • Designed with great technology
  • Reasonable price


  • Designed for 10 and above handicaps golfers

3. Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Balls – 1 DZ

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Chrome provides the softest feel and great Short Game control on the green. Off the tee, it gives the lowest spin to maximize distance. It features a dura spine cover that is key to its durability and an amazing feel on the green.


  • Durable
  • Low compression for an incredibly soft feel


  • Relatively soft, thus commendable for expert golfers

2. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls are a composite that has enhanced rubber chemistry yielding a lively core that is 22 percent softer than that of its competitors. The ball’s performance is well balanced. The aggressive core is neutralized by a response cover creating equilibrium between the explosive distance and a soft touch. It also features a new 302 PhD aerodynamics that characterizes flat bottomed, shallow dimples that rip through the air to form a more stable and penetrating ball flight. Moreover, the new plastic slide-pack is an implementation for durability.


  • Best value golf ball
  • Great ball with minimum loose tendency
  • Best for straight and long flights


  • Slightly expensive
  • Perfect for professional golfers

1. Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

Callaway Supersoft Golf ball is one of the smoothest golf ball. Featuring 35 compressions, it becomes the softest golf ball on the market. The ultra-low compression reduces spin for a super long distance. The low spin, in turn, results into a straight ball flight. Moreover, it characterizes a soft cover and HEX aerodynamics.


  • Goes straight
  • Super-soft
  • Affordable price


  • Recommendable for high handicap golfers
  • Exceptionally soft, thus not durable


A golfer has to play frequently to determine the ball that befits him or her. For a beginner, it is important to limit yourself to low-spin and budget balls to keep the costs down. As you advance in skill, you can use better quality balls. Finding the right golf ball is most likely to speed up your playing prowess. Your style and golfing ability will ultimately play a significant role in the golf ball that you finally settle for.

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