Cheap Best Adjustable Stand Up Desks 2021 Reviews

What is a standing desk? Is it truly a modern marvel such as blogs portray it as? Today, I’m here to tell you that it truly is. These beautifully innovative work tools provide a way to help you work healthier. Contrary to common belief, sitting down all day at a desk while working isn’t beneficial to your health. As an alternative, standing desks provide a much taller table that you can work from on your feet.

Top Best Sellers in Adjustable Stand Up Desks

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Standing Desktop Converter with Monitor Shelf - Convert your Desk to a Standing Desk in Seconds! Sit to Stand Desk Converter

$89.00$99.00 (10% off)

Adjustable height standing desk. Convert your desk to a standing desk

$59.00$69.00 (14% off)

Standing Desk The House of Trade Height Adjustable Sit to Stand Up Desk Riser | 32 in Wide Fits 2 Monitors and Retractable Keyboard Tray

$188.99$259.99 (27% off)

Halter ED-258 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk Sit/Stand Desk Elevating Desktop


Rocelco ADR Standing Desk - Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter - Dual Monitor Capable - 32

$158.95$197.59 (20% off)

Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk/Stand/Table Vented w/CPU Fans Mouse Pad Side Mount-Notebook-Macbook-Light Weight Ergonomic TV Bed Lap Tray Stand Up/Sitting-Black

$39.99$99.99 (60% off)

Pwr+ Laptop Table Stand Adjustable Riser: Portable with Mouse Pad Fully Ergonomic Mount Ultrabook Macbook Notebook Light Weight Aluminum Black Bed Tray Desk Book Fans Up to 17


FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk - 35


Stand Steady UpTrak Standing Desk - Instantly Convert Any Surface to a Stand Up Workstation - Perfect Standing Desk for Cubicles! Easily adjust to Sit or Stand in Seconds! (Single Level - Black)

$99.99$189.99 (47% off)

Standing Desk - X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk Converter - Size 28in x 20in Instantly Convert any Desk to a Sit / Stand up Desk (Black)

$169.93$350.00 (51% off)

10. Stand Up Desk Store Standing Desk Converter with Monitor Shelf

Stand Up Desk Store Standing Desk Converter with Monitor Shelf

If you’re looking for a simpler, more compact version of a standing desk, you’re in luck! The Stand Up Desk Store offers a great standing desk converter with a handy monitor shelf for those looking for a taller desk option to place on their preexisting desk. That’s right, no need to buy yourself a whole new desk. Not to mention, it is more lightweight, flexible, and portable than most other stand up desks making it perfect for those in and out of the office, or students going to school. So, if you’re looking for a great desk alternative to help soothe your aching back from being hunched over a desk all day, this may be the perfect tool for you.


  • Easily portable
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Simply sits on top of your regular desk


  • Not a complete standing desk
  • Monitor shelf cannot fit displays exceeding 24 inches

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9. Stand Up Desk Store Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Stand Up Desk Store Adjustable Height Standing Desk

This standing desk, offered by the Stand Up Desk Store, is another great desk alternative that simply stands on your current desk. In addition, compared to the standing desk converter, comes in a variety of heights and sizes, ranging from 24-42 inches. With an increased desk space, there leaves plenty of room for your computer, mouse, keyboard, and anything other you may need to place in your workspace. In addition, this standing desk is ultra portable and can be set up within minutes with only 8 screws and height variations that just snap into place.


  • Easy assembly
  • Comes in a variety of heights and sizes
  • Allows for plenty of space for your computer, mouse, and resting palms


  • Shaky legs when setup
  • Not well suited for heavier computers

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8. The House of Trade Standing Desk

The House of Trade Standing Desk

The House of Trade’s standing desk is a powerfully built tool that just sits on top of the desk you currently use. Although it tends to feel a little heavier, that’s only because it can support up to 2 computer monitors with an overall weight capacity of up to 50 pounds. Besides being able to snap into 5 different heights for your personal height, it also comes with a keyboard tray if you’re a heavy PC user.


  • Fully supports up to 50 pounds
  • Comes with 5 different height options
  • Can fit up to 2 monitors


  • Heavier than other smaller standing desks
  • Flimsy keyboard tray

7. Halter ED-258 Pre-Assembled Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Halter ED-258 Pre-Assembled Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The Halter standing desk is a well-built desk, suitable for any commercial or home office. It comes pre-assembled which means no assembly required. With squeeze handles on either side of the desk, you can easily set the height at your desired length. Although it’s not as portable as other standing desks, it fits to be a perfect permanent standing desk in replacement of your sitting one. Not to mention, the company also offers a one-year warranty in case anything breaks down under use.


  • Unique squeeze handles for altered height
  • No need for assembly
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Heavy which can cause difficulty when raising/lowering the height
  • Not portable

6. Rocelo ADR Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Rocelo ADR Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This Rocelo height adjustable standing desk is extremely well built and made to last. With it’s larger workspace and taller height adjustments, it can easily fit 2 monitors and have room to spare. Not to mention, it can hold up to 50 pounds on top of your regular desk you use on a daily basis. In addition, there is no assembly required, which means you can use it right out of the box. If you’re looking for a standing desk that offers maximum space with no need for instructions or setup, this Rocelo standing desk is a great office tool to try.


  • Durable, compact design
  • Includes keyboard tray
  • Height adjustable up to 16.3 inches


  • Expensive
  • Tends to wobble under stress

5. Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Laptop Desk

Executive Office Solutions Portable

If you are looking for a highly flexible and simple standing desk, the Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Laptop Desk is the one for you. This desk has a very small surface area and can only hold a laptop and a mouse. It can be situated in a number of different shapes and angles that can hold your laptop on any type of surface.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible, multiple uses


  • Can’t support a lot of weight
  • Must adjust one side at a time

4. Pwr+ Portable Laptop Table

Pwr+ Portable Laptop Table

The Pwr+ Portable Laptop Table is a simple and inexpensive laptop holding stand. This desk can be adjusted at various angles, heights, and can be arranged in various positions. It is super lightweight and can be used on any surface from a desk to a bed. This is perfect for those who do not want a big, complicated system.


  • Flexible
  • Portable
  • Inexpensive


  • Can only hold a laptop
  • Must remove everything to adjust height

3. FlexiSpot 35″ Wide Platform Height Adjustable Standing Desk Riser

FlexiSpot 35 Wide Platform

For those who need an oversized workspace, this is the adjustable desk for you. This desk a large 35-inch surface area with plenty of room for all your equipment and even comes with a removable keyboard tray. You can adjust the desk to 12 different heights to provide a comfortable and ergonomic fit. It can hold up to 35 pounds and is very stable.


  • Large surface area
  • Keyboard tray
  • Ergonomic design


  • Uses cheaply made parts
  • Keyboard tray is not easily removable

2. Stand Steady UpTrak

Stand Steady UpTrak

One of the best standing desks out there is the Stand Steady UpTrak. This desk is small on the surface area but it features an ergonomic design. It can easily be adjusted for both sitting and standing with its manual adjustment levers. It is lightweight and super easy to use.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy


  • Only good for small desks
  • Weight can cause desk to lower faster than it should when transitioning

1. Stand Steady Standing Desk X-Elite Pro

Stand Steady Standing Desk X-Elite Pro

The best adjustable stand desk is the Stand Steady Standing Desk X-Elite Pro. With this desk, you can turn any flat surface into a standing desk. Easily sit or stand with this desktop converter. You can switch from sitting to standing quickly and easily thanks to the innovative air pump system. It has a large surface area of 28in x 20in and can add seven to 16 inches of height.


  • Large surface area
  • Can be used sitting or standing
  • Portable


  • Expensive
  • Not sturdy when supporting multiple monitors

What to Look for When Choosing an Adjustable Stand Up Desk

Desk Type: There are two main types of adjustable standing desks: hand-cranked and electric. Hand crank desks work well and generally cost less. Electric standing desks rise and lower with the push of a button. These desks are convenient and fully automatic.

Height Levels: This is an incredibly important factor to keep in mind when purchasing a standing desk. You want to ensure you can work comfortably, no matter what position you are in. To determine what height will be best for you, ask a friend to help you measure the distance of your elbows to the ground.

Dimensions: Take into account the amount of space you have in your room and how much desktop space you need. You will probably want to look for a desk that can fit more than just a laptop.

Weight: Adjustable standing desks range in weight from 20 pounds to more than 140. This is because of the material and the adjusting mechanism. Unless you plan on moving your desk around a lot, this should not be a large consideration.

Wheels: This is another feature that will contribute to its portability. Wheels offer the flexibility to work wherever you want to. However, desks without wheels are generally sturdier.

Material: Adjustable desks are available in a range of materials from wood to laminate. Just be sure you find on that is sturdy, durable, and resistant to scratches.

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