Cheap Best Beautiful Persian Models of 2021

It is the nature of man to be attracted to beauty and always intrigued by the beautiful things and people. We are all attracted to what is appealing to our eyes, something which we can’t do without. As we all know, a woman is the second name of beauty and among women, the intelligent and stunning women become models. Modeling is an interesting art which involves beauty and mind and for someone to participate in modeling she has to meet all these characteristics. Therefore, the beautiful Persian models are, thus, beautiful and talented women who rule over the hearts of the people.

Beauty pageants must have a stunning look that captivates the hearts and eyes of people. Persian models are gorgeous and very attractive. They have incredibly amazing body height and fabulous attires which make them look adorable. They are also aware of all the kinds of fashions and they know how to carry a dress and walk on a ramp. In the modeling industry, everyone is beautiful but based on some factors there is always the best.

10. Nazanin Mandi

Beautiful Persian Models

Women like Nazanin Mandi are hell bent on breaking stereotypes. Generally dismissed by people as just another pretty face in the sea of beautiful people, this California native stands out by virtue of her talent, beauty, and determination. This famous model of Persia is not only a model but also has the skill to perform every type of dance. She is a well-known singer with a melodious voice origin coupled with her ability to sing in five different languages. Nazanin is equally a pretty model and an intelligent girl who has become very famous in the modeling industry with her outstanding performance.

She always has wonderful attires and her walk on the ramp always inspire the audience. Since the beginning of her modeling career, she has appeared in the pages of top rated publications including Vogue, Allure, GQ India, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Cosmo Girl Magazine and Seventeen Magazine. Nazanin has also modeled for several premium brands like Smashbox Cosmetics, Microsoft, Cosmo Girl and Ecko Unlimited in their print advertisements.

She has also featured in ad campaigns for brands like Nume Hair Campaign, Stilla Cosmetics, Under LA, Swimergie, Two in the Shirt, KUPA Nails and Lovenci Clothing. This is indeed beauty with brains.

9. Sarah Shahi

Beautiful Persian Models

Sarah Shahi was born on 10 Jan, 1980 in Texas. She is a tall stunning model of Persian. Sarah is a former cheerleader and a descendant of a 19- century Persian Shah. As a teenager, she won several beauty contests, and took first place in the Miss Fort Worth USA pageant in 1997. In addition to modeling, she is works on a television screen. She has featured in various movies and series. She is best-known for her role as the Mexican-American DJ “Carmen de la Pica Morales” in the Showtime series, The L Word (2004), which she joined in season 2.

Equally, she also did appear in HBO’s The Sopranos (1999), in the episode Kennedy and Heidi (#6.18) as “Sonya Aragon”, a stripper and college student who spends a weekend with Tony after a death in his family. Although not credited by most sources, Sarah also appeared in the Jackie Chan film, Rush Hour 3 (2007), as one of the girls being handcuffed along with Mia Tyler for traffic offense by Chris Tucker early in the film. She also starred with Damian Lewis in the NBC show, Life (2007). Sarah speaks English, Farsi and some Spanish, and has a brown belt in karate.

Lastly, she has a mind blowing sense of fashion and she is loved by her viewers so much. She has a nice physic as she knows how to make over for good looks. Sarah has started ruling the hearts of the people.

8. Maryam Zakaria

Beautiful Persian Models

On September 27 1984, this beautiful soul came into this world. Maryam is a Persian model with not only stunningly amazing looks but also has that height that most women only achieve when they balance on 6 inch heels. Not only is she a model, but also a dance teacher and a choreographer. She moved to Mumbai, India by 2009 to work in Bollywood and began working as a model, appearing in various television adverts, the most notable being the adverts of Set Wet, Layz and Coke.

Maryam also appeared in Coca-Cola Advertisement with Imran Khan. She has made a name is the modeling industry by her hard work, dazzling looks and also her adorable personality. She has the guts to conquer the modeling industry. Layz is the envy of many women.

7. Necar Zadegan

Beautiful Persian Models

Necar Zadegan is a thirty year old famous Persian model. She is tall in height which makes her look even more attractive and charming. She is a well-known celebrity who works on the television and also on the big screen. Her television credit such as The Unit intrigued the viewers to watch the movie. In 2011, she played a lead role in the FilmMcQueen production of “Meth Head.” She followed that with a role on the NBC series The Event as resident villainess Isabelle. The year also saw her making her Broadway debut in the

Tony Award-winning and Pulitzer Prize-nominated play “The Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo,” opposite Robin Williams. Additionally, she is ruling in the modeling industry. She has a good reputation in the industry for doing remarkable work. She is the portrait of Dalia Hassan who is the president in the Mega hit Fox series season 8. Due to her stunning looks and magnificent figure, she is adored on the runway. She gets heads turning when she does her catwalk and her fans love her so much.

6. Afsaneh Pakroo

Beautiful Persian Models

Afsaneh Pakroo was born on May 1st 1983 in Iran’s capital city, Tehran. She is tall and this increases her beauty along with her charming looks. She is a stunning model who is loved by her fans very much. Besides, she has not only been a model but she has also appeared in many movies such as The Trial. This skilled and savvy model is indeed loved by her fans. Afsaneh has such a dazzling personality that everyone is attracted to and she is an epitome of women of Persia who are scattered all over the world. This is because she has charming looks and does wonderful work which is famous in most parts of the world.

5. Shermine Shahrivar

Beautiful Persian Models

Shermine Shahrivar is a model of Persia born in Iran .She is 32 years of age. Among the models of Persia, she is popular and has a stunning figure with stellar looks. She has a tall height which makes her look even beautiful and smashing. She is such an intelligent and gorgeous woman. Shermine became Miss Germany in 2004 and Miss Europe in 2005 which took place in France. She was raised speaking Persian and Germany but she is also fluent in French and English.

Shermine Shahrivar was selected to be the host of the Oberhausen, Germany Nowruz celebration, said to be the largest in the World on March 19, 2005. She hosted the Traumpartner TV in Germany from December 2004 to August 2005.She is also currently the face of US Clothier American Apparel and has featured in several ad campaigns since 2008.  Besides modelling, she is a versatile actress of theatre and movies. Shermine currently lives in New York City where is studying Acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

4. Nadia Bjorlin

Beautiful Persian Models

Nadia Bjorlin is an artistic mind and a multi-talented woman. She is 35 years old and she has got several different awards in her career life. She is really admired by her viewers and when she walks on the ramp, it is always a heart throbbing scene for her audience. Nadia is a tall girl with a height of 172 centimeters. Apart from modeling, she is a famous singer and actress. She has featured in various shows and movies such as Days of our lives where she acted as Chloe Lane.

Bjorlin has such a melodious voice and this has made her a lovable singer and very famous for her songs. She has a nice shaped body though she is more aged than other models of Persia but still rules the hearts of the people because of her gorgeous looks and her hard work. She loves to keep pets and can speak different languages such as French, Persian, English and Swedish.

3. Sahar Biniaz

Beautiful Persian Models

Sahar Biniaz is a famous model of only 31 years of age. She is a stunning and beautiful model who won Miss Canada in 2012. Sahar also took part in contests such as the Global Beauty Queen which took place in the Philippines in 2003 and she was the first runners-up. In 2008, she was the second runners up in the Miss Tourism International Queen contest. She also won the Revlon Professional Best Hair award.

Sahar is a fashion portrait too, who has a mind-blowing sense of fashion and everyone loves her when she walks on the ramp. She is a wonderful actress who gets involved in her character. She has starred in a various drama series such as the Iranian film Ambrosia where she has played a lead role.

2. Mahlagh Jaberi

Beautiful Persian Models

Mahlaga Jaberi is a Persian model born in Isfahan Iran. She is only 29 years old and she is very beautiful and she has a stunning figure. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall. Mahlaga is a fashion icon whose residence is in Diego California. He skin is smooth and fresh. In other words she looks like a Barbie doll. The beauty queen is known to be a little socially awkward and prefers to stay at home. She has done modeling for Posh Designs, Miss Holly Clothing, and Walter Mendes.

Mahlagh She  earns her salary from her modeling career and her net worth is estimated to be about U.S $ 2 million. She is an ardent Yoga lover. Again, she is also a good actress who is performing mind- blowing roles in many television dramas and she is a role model for other models of Persia. She is popular among the viewers and knows how to speak different languages like English and Farsi.

1. Shaghayegh Claudia Lynx

Beautiful Persian Models

Shaghayegh Claudia Lynx is a model of Persia who is 35 years of age as she came into this materialistic world on 8 June, 1982. She is blessed with a beautiful voice so was a well-known singer of pop music formally. Now she is the most beautiful model of Persia which is ruling the hearts of the people worldwide. She has a sensational beauty which leaves everyone amazed. Shaghayegh has worked in different advertisements of products and these products are sold by just her name.

Claudia Lynx has done modeling for different brands like Pepsi and Levi Strauss. She remains in the lime lite for her fantastic work and performances. Her picture is always on the cover pages of different magazines. In short, this model has a remarkable sense of fashion and knows how to become popular. Alongside modeling she has also performed in several different drama series as an actress and appears in famous television shows as well.

Why Claudia Lynx

She is adored and followed by millions of fans. She is very well known for her stunningly beautiful looks, talent and the kind charity work she continues to follow including the very recent 2008 charity event that took place in Devon, England on Claudia Lynx’s birthday (June 8th) where the star was a special guest alongside her close friends, The Jackson family. Claudia Lynx, who is also known as Shaghayegh, is the most famous and popular fashion model in the Iranian community (approximately sixty million) and she is also the biggest beauty Icon in four decades, which earned her the nickname “The Goddess Of Persia”/ “Persian Goddess”, and she is now referred to as “The Most Beautiful Woman Alive” internationally

This fact arose after winning the number one spot for three executive years (2009-2011) by major international celebrity polls.


Beauty and our personal life are two inseparable entities. We live in a world where we have to recognize and appreciate all the beautiful things around us. This includes the women, who are generally meant to be beautiful. Looking at the Cheap Best Beautiful Persian Models has been an interesting topic and one thing we all learn is that beauty and brains go hand in hand. Every woman is beautiful in their own unique ways but when it comes to the Persian models, there is no denying that these models are indeed beautiful. These models are clearly slaying with their impeccable looks.