Cheap Best Accordions 2021 Reviews

Accordions are making a comeback into the world of music. Their rich sounds have found their way into jazz and popular American music as well as in traditional music. Plus, many schools are now teaching how to play this box instrument which is easily played by keys and buttons. The wide plethora of accordion brands may be confusing to a first-time buyer; this guide aims at helping first-time accordion buyers know what to look for.

Top Best Sellers in Accordions

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10. Hohner 1305-RED

Hohner 1305-RED

The Hohner piano accordion was created for beginner players; with a simple design and ergonomic keys. Hohner has done numerous improvements on their new accordion to


  • More responsive and sturdier keys
  • Resonant construction
  • Two reed sets
  • Tremolo tuned reeds
  • 34 keys
  • 72 bass
  • 5 treble registers
  • The accordion is offered stylish in its bright red color and with its vibrant keys produce great sounds.


  • Lightweight and compact for ease of use
  • Perfect for beginners thanks to its simple design
  • Versatile; can produce different pitches for different genres


  • Some tunes are missing and thus not suitable for professional use

9. Baronelli Beginner 17-Key Accordion

Baronelli Beginner

This beginner accordion from Directly Cheaply comes with all features to make it ideal for kids. It delivers great sounds, an easy feel and is light in weight for kids to play well. The pearlescent exterior, chrome grille and choice of three colors make this instrument attractive to kids. Its main


  • 17 treble
  • 8 bass
  • Adjustable straps
  • Key of C
  • 1 air valve


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Made of durable material
  • Variety of sounds for different genres
  • Great value for money


  • A number of bass keys stuck when pressed

8. Directly Cheaply Full Size 31 Button Diatonic Accordion

Directly Cheaply Full Size

This great piece of equipment was created easy enough for beginners and full size to accommodate professional players. It is offered with a hardshell case for durability and black straps that makes it easy. Better yet, it is designed light enough for comfort while playing. Its translucent blue finish makes it an attractive instrument. Main


  • Double reed
  • 31 treble buttons in 3 rows
  • 8 bass buttons in 2 rows
  • 2 handcrafted valves
  • SOL, GCF Keys with soft play bellows


  • Lightweight and easy carry
  • Sturdy and with a wide range of sounds
  • Perfect for beginners and great for professional play
  • Beautiful blue finish and great build for durability


  • Keys not ergonomic but one learns to use in a jiffy

7. Fever Piano Accordion

Fever Piano Accordion

Offered in a variety of colors and shades to choose from, the fever piano accordion is a perfect choice for first-time accordion players. The accordion, which is available in green, white or red finish, is lighter than most piano accordions.


  • 22 treble keys
  • 8 bass
  • Chromatic scale with pearl finish
  • Metal hooks for attaching shoulder straps
  • Acoustically designed grill cloth


  • Produces a variety of sounds for professional play but is designed for beginners and intermediates
  • Smaller than most accordions yet versatile
  • Stunning pearlescent finish


  • Straps are not adjustable
  • No instruction book accompanying the instrument
  • Simple for veteran players who need a challenge

6. Hohner Concertina 20 Key

Hohner Concertina 20 Key

Concertina accordions are a perfect choice for musicians who are always traveling thanks to their small size and their great sounds. This 20 key fits well on a padded strapped bag for easy carry. It is offered in an Anglo-German style and produces a variety of sounds making it versatile for genres around the world. Main


  • 20 keys
  • 40 reeds
  • Adjustable straps
  • Incredible brown finish
  • Accompanying gig bag
  • 90 days manufacturer warranty


  • Lightweight for traveling players
  • Variety of tunes for professionals
  • Good for beginners


  • Some buttons stick
  • Relatively short productive lifespan

5. Hohner Panther Diatonic Accordion

Hohner Panther Diatonic Accordion

The Hohner Panther is a diatonic accordion offered with features reflective of a high-end accordion only at a fraction of the price. It was designed to accommodate all players; beginners, intermediates, and veterans.


  • Double strap brackets
  • Matte black finish
  • Key of GCF
  • 31 treble keys
  • 12 bass buttons
  • 2 reeds


  • Weighs only 9 pounds and measures 12 inches high and 7.5 inches deep making it easy to carry
  • High quality and clear sounds
  • Easy assembly and easy to play; perfect for beginners
  • Relatively cheaper


  • Left-hand leather strap slightly bigger than standard straps making it uncomfortable
  • Weak bass buttons

4. D’Luca G104-BK Kids Accordion

D’Luca G104-BK Kids Accordion

The D’Luca is a piano accordion designed for young players as evident on its small sized hand support straps. This great instrument complements guitar, percussion, and banjo perfectly offering great sounds. With a decorated body, a sturdy build, adjustable straps for easy play and rubber feet, this accordion is just a perfect fit for budding players.


  • 17 treble keys
  • 8 chord buttons
  • 23 x 23 x 11 cm body


  • Designed simple for small kids
  • Good quality for marked retail price
  • Adjustable straps make it comfortable to play
  • Light in weight


  • Narrow variety of sounds with some notes sounding almost similar
  • Plastic build fragile
  • Reeds not permanently attached and can detach

3. Skip Hop Hedgehog Accordion Toy

Skip Hop Hedgehog Accordion Toy

This is a perfect accordion activity toy for babies and toddlers between 6 months and 5 years. It keeps them not only entertained and engaged but also instills some accordion playing skills in them. The accordion is offered in a rubber build, easy to hold small sized handles, vibrant colors and moveable beads. Seeing that this instrument is designed for babies, all parts are fixed to avoid dangers of suffocation from swallowing. With its hedgehog shape, the accordion produces a variety of sounds as the baby pulls and pushes; a good way to actualize their imaginations.


  • Rubberized details for teething
  • Spot clean for health
  • Easy to play out of the box
  • Vibrant finish makes it enticing to kids
  • Easy grasp for comfortable play


  • Earlier models have the paint coming out; not suitable for teething
  • Limited musical notes

2. Schylling Kids Accordion

Schylling Kids Accordion

Created for kids 7 years or older, the Schylling comes with a wooden body and a plastic coating. It is accompanied by a playing manual with songs making it easy for children to start learning in no time. The accordion is sturdy, fits perfectly in the hands of children, the number of keys have been reduced to ease playing and comes colorful enough to entice its target group. Though it is designed for kids, hands of adults can fit on the straps, and it produces enough sounds to play a favorite.


  • Comes with instruction manual
  • Sounds like a professional accordion
  • Ergonomically designed for children use
  • Spot clean


  • Can be a little confusing to play for kids below ten
  • Plastic coating fragile

1. Woodstock Kids Accordion

Woodstock Kids Accordion

The Woodstock is a popular kids’ accordion thanks to its simplicity and its wide range of sounds. Kids can play professionally with this accordion making it the best accordion. Unlike other children accordions, this model features authentic sounds and two-octave range. Featuring eight easy to play songs on an easy to read instruction manual on the key of C and 10 easy to use buttons, this accordion comes handy for children.


  • Vibrant colors and exquisite finish to entice target age group
  • Variety of sounds; sounds like professional accordion
  • Easy to play following given instructions
  • Suitable for children 7 year and up


  • Missing bass straps
  • Plastic build not durable
  • Some buttons stick

What to Look for When Purchasing Accordion:

When shopping for an accordion, consider its build material, air tightness, number of bass buttons, pitch produced and condition of reeds and valves and key width. Accordion material determines its durability while air tightness, bass buttons number and condition of reeds determine the pitch produced. For usability, consider key width and weight of the accordion.

There are four types of accordions; piano, diatonic, chromatic and concertina accordions. Piano accordion is the most popular and comes with piano keys on its right and bass keys on its left. Diatonic accordion comes with melody side keys and principle chords on the other side. A chromatic accordion features chromatically arranged keyboard on one side and a stradella system on the right. Concertina Accordion features bellows and buttons on both ends.


The best accordions should feel comfortable in the hands of players and produce the sounds needed for the music genre played. Shopping is a cinch for veteran players. Newbies need to know the style of music they intend to play, and they are good to go. Children accordions are easy to choose as you only need to ensure they are safe for teething children, feature a variety of sounds for the kid’s age and are easy to play.

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