Cheap Best Air Conditioner Covers 2021 Reviews

Many homeowners dread the heating bills that come during the fall and winter almost as much as they dread the electricity bills of the summer. Interestingly enough, did you know that your air conditioner plays a part in the higher heating bills of these colder months? While it’s a yearly ritual for many homeowners to winterize their homes, many don’t consider covering their air conditioner as a winterizing tradition. These covers provide protection from falling ice and debris and it also can close up small holes so that you lose less heat in the winter.

Top Best Sellers in Air Conditioner Covers

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10. Classic Accessories 52-132-011101-11 Atrium Square Air Conditioner Cover

Classic Accessories 52-132-011101-11 Atrium Square Air Conditioner Cover

Our first AC cover is designed for outdoor air conditioning units. It is a great all-weather option that can protect against accumulated frost, wind, rain, and even sun. It uses a thick and durable polyester fabric that is strong and colored green to match gardens.


  • The polyester fabric can resist the damage caused by freezing.
  • The material has laminated backing so that water can’t get in.
  • It’s designed to give the unit some air flow as well.
  • This product also is UV resistant.


  • Its green design stands out a bit in the colder months.
  • You may have to tie it down using zip ties.

9. AmazonBasics Square Air Conditioner Cover

AmazonBasics Square Air Conditioner Cover

Another woven polyester product, this air conditioner cover from AmazonBasics provides a good all-season level of protection for your unit. Securing and removing this product is fairly easy; lift from the handles when you need to remove it and use the click-close straps when you need to set it in place.


  • The seams are interlocked for a good amount of protection.
  • This will fit most air conditioner models.
  • The click-close straps are very secure.
  • Rain and snow won’t be able to get through.


  • It doesn’t fit as well on smaller units.

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8. Evelots Indoor Air Conditioner Cover

Evelots Indoor Air Conditioner Cover

If you have an indoor unit, then you should definitely consider a cover like this product from Evelots. It is made of a cloth material that blocks drafts and is durable enough to last for years.


  • This product is very easy to secure around your AC unit.
  • You won’t need tools.
  • This will block cold and hot drafts for the entire season.


  • If you have a smaller model, this may be too loose.

7. Thermwell Window Air Conditioner Cover, Small

Thermwell Window Air Conditioner Cover

Saving energy during the winter is important and this Thermwell product does a great job of preventing drafts and breezes from entering your home and wasting heat. Towards this goal, this product is made of plastic, which means that there are no holes for air to travel through.


  • This fits on the outside of a window AC unit, which really helps prevent drafts.
  • The plastic is strong.
  • It secures via straps so that it won’t blow away.


  • •his product doesn’t have any insulation.
  • It’s very thin.

6. BNYD Air Conditioner Heavy Duty AC Outdoor Window Unit Cover

If you want a more reinforced air conditioner cover for the colder months, you may want to consider this product from BNYD. It has a thick polyethylene construction, can manage air conditioners with outputs up to 10,000 BTUs.


  • When it comes to fit, this is a versatile product.
  • It’s thick and has a degree of insulation.
  • This is a water-resistant air conditioner cover.


  • The strap has a tendency to break over time.
  • It isn’t protected from UV.

5. Twin Draft Guard Air Conditioner Cover

Twin Draft Guard Air Conditioner Cover

This next air conditioner cover is designed for the inside of your home. It is made of a durable cloth material and it easily attaches to your AC unit without the need of tools.


  • This really blocks the majority of drafts from coming in.
  • The cloth is soft and durable.
  • It secures neatly via straps.


  • It can fall off from time to time.
  • The cover can be too big for some air conditioners.

4. Classic Accessories 55-189-015101-EC Ravenna Air Conditioner Cover

Classic Accessories 55-189-015101-EC Ravenna Air Conditioner Cover

One of the best features of this Classic Accessories cover is its easy-to-reach handles. With these, you can quickly remove this product from your outdoor AC when the weather permits. Additionally, this is a durable product; it fits snugly and will protect your AC during the winter months.


  • It’s protected by a limited lifetime warranty.
  • This is a fully water-resistant product.
  • There are structured vents that actively prevent wind lofting and also form a way to prevent mildew.


  • It can be somewhat hard to put on for a single person.
  • This product doesn’t cover to the ground on some units.

3. Air Conditioner Covers Air Conditioner Cover Square

Air Conditioner Covers Air Conditioner Cover Square

This product from Air Conditioner Covers is a relatively simple cover that does a good job for milder cold seasons. It’s made of plastic and goes on easily, which is great, especially considering that this is a good budgetary product.


  • The plastic doesn’t have seams to let in moisture.
  • It’s strong enough to resist debris and frost.
  • This product will let the AC breathe.


  • It’s not as strong as some covers.
  • It doesn’t have any grips for removal.

2. CoverMates – Air Conditioner Cover

CoverMates – Air Conditioner Cover

For a more stable winter experience, this CoverMates product does a good job at protecting your expensive AC unit from damage during the winter. It packs in a tougher polyester material and it has vents that prevent lofting and discourage mildew from forming.


  • There are many different sizes to choose from.
  • This is a durable product.
  • The vents really help out during the winter.
  • It includes a three-year warranty.


  • If you don’t order one to two inches larger, you’re likely to have a bad fit.

1. Classic Accessories Veranda Air Conditioner Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda Air Conditioner Cover

This product from Classic Accessories looks great in just about any outdoor setting. It even has a nice system of securing it; simply use the buckles and you’ll be protected from wind and weather.


  • The seams on this are positioned on the interior for waterproofing.
  • There are several options when it comes to overall fit.
  • It uses a thicker material that makes the whole product almost solid-feeling.
  • The handles are padded.


  • There is no UV-protection for this cover
  • Despite its vents, moisture can be trapped.

What to Look For When Buying Air Conditioner Cover

It’s important to understand that air conditioner covers come in several materials and types. While some are made of cloth-like materials, some others are made of materials like standard plastic or polyethylene. Additionally, some are made to fit indoor units and others outdoor. In any situation, these can definitely help you save some cash and prevent damage to your appliance.


A good air conditioner cover is a smart investment for any homeowner; no matter which type of AC unit you use. You’ll find your heating bill diminished and your home will be less drafty. Each of the products that we’ve covered in this guide will do a great job in your home, so we hope you pick the product that works best for you.

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