Cheap Best Basketball Knee Pads Sleeve & Shin Pads

Knee guards – or pads as they are also often referred to – are essential gear for anyone playing a high tempo sport. While used within many sporting disciplines as a matter of course, when it comes to basketball for example they are essential as the action on the court can place great pressure on the player’s knees, as they twist and rotate their bodies so swiftly. They work by providing a total support across the knee ligaments – which are also one of the most common forms of athletic injury.

What Is A Knee Pad Sleeve?

Knee Pad sleeves are used by many athletes performing a very wide range of sporting disciples. They are used in high tempo, physical sports especially those that feature a very high scale of speed and sharp responsiveness. As we shall see further down this article they are available in a wide range of styles each, with their own specific merits. However in general a good knee pad sleeve with offer solid support without compromising flexibility or comfort.

The Different Types Of Knee Pad Sleeve

As the term ‘sleeve’ implies they are generally at first glass very similar in style. These sleeves are designed simply to be rolled up and unwrapped over the kneecap. It’s not unusual for many brands to focus upon a specific sport – returning to basket for example, it’s common to see pads that offer extra support designed very much with jumping and impact in mind. In other cases they might well feature extra reinforcement at the front over the kneecap – a style seen more commonly in full contact sports.

What Are The Advantages?

Essentially it all comes down to one word – protection. This can not just in the sense of offering over support across the knee when running, twisting or weaving – but also, and especially important in the sense of impact and landings. A good example would be a player slipping or falling while on court, and this is often were knee cap protection can make a real world of difference. Remember that even just standing still, the knee is what supports the entire body, so it can never hurt to give it a little extra protection.

Knee Pads Sleeves On The Market Today

As mentioned above knee cap sleeves are a huge market in the sporting goods industry, with almost all goods manufacturers incorporating a line. Often these are marketed as being specialized towards a particular disciple, and can feature a wide range of specialist sporting technologies that have been developed specifically for the precise needs and requirements of the sport. They can range between very low to rather high prices depending largely upon brand and reputation.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying

Any responsible coach will encourage the athletes under their wing to invest in some kind of knee pad sleeves. The sorry reality is that knee injuries can quite easily cause long term reduction in an athlete’s performance, as once sustained they can be very difficult to fully ‘get right’ again. Regardless of age or sporting discipline they should be thought of as an inexpensive piece of additional insurance that might help prevent such issues arising.

How To Choose The Right Knee Pad Sleeve

There’s no surefire ‘one size fits all’ when in comes to these products. While in most cases they will literally speaking fit any athlete, the fact is that personal comfort and preference will play a major part in making this decision. It’s wise to look for a specialist sleeve for anyone who only tends to play/perform in one sport, however multi-disciplined sportspeople may find more value in a less specialist, more generic all-round model.

The Cheap Best To Consider

10. Knee Support Bracoo Breathable Neoprene

10. Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Knee Support, One Size, Black

Manufactured by Brocco, and featuring a smart open paletta design, these are great all-round knee supports especially for anyone looking for a bargain. One of the stand out features that any sportsperson will appreciate is the breath-ability of this product, allowing a little extra air flow without compromising the stability offered by the the reinforced stabilizing paletta. A great choice for anyone who needs knee support over long workout/sporting sessions.

09. Knee Protector Winzone Neoprene Open

9. Winzone Neoprene Open Knee Protector

One of the most popular choices out there for anyone recovering from a knee injury or suffering from a related condition, these are athletic grade yet multi-purpose knee protectors deigned with a truly universal appeal. The Neoprene avoids the protector from becoming overheated, bulky or sweaty over long periods of time (making it very popular for all day, everyday use). No slip, totally secure – a great all rounder.

08. Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve, infused XL

8. Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve, infused XL

Featuring a market leading 88% of copper, these sleek sleeves are among the best on the market. The copper is essential, especially for regular use as not only does it provide appropriate insulation depending upon the temperature and also the heat of the athlete’s body, but helps provide total knee and ligament support too with additional lower thigh support. A very popular design for people prone to or recovering from a variety of injuries as this adds essential extra blood flow, reducing pain and inflammation.

07. CopperJoint Copper Knee Brace

7. CopperJoint Copper Knee Brace

Another high quality, high copper 100% latex free sleeve, this elastic sleeve is perfect for experienced and veteran athletes who may have picked up an injury or strain or two during their careers. Providing utterly smooth support while also assisting with recovery and support for general daily usage, the high grade fabric allows ligaments and joints to receive the perfect temperature all day every day.

06. Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve

6. Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve (Infused Fit, Medium)

No matter whether looking for a general usage knee sleeve to help gain that extra confidence on the court, or if recovering from a full out injury – this sleeve offers focuses, enhanced copper based protectyion with direct focus upon the central kneecap. Copper stimulates and regulates temperature and blood flow, aiding not just recovery but also performance and protection too. A great all rounder that will last anyone years.

05. CopperJoint Copper Knee Brace

5. CopperJoint Copper Knee Brace - Wear Anywhere, Single

Anyone who knows their game will tell you that the best way to maximize the performance of your support sleeve is to wear it all the time! Before, during and after this sleeve will have your back as not only does it include and deliver all the benefits of copper protection a support, but it’s incredibly natural to wear, odor free and provides a subtle way of receiving muscle and ligament healing all day long. Very popular with anyone who regularly plays/performs their sports, for many an essential part of their daily apparel.

04. McDavid 6446 Extended Compression Leg Sleeve

4. McDavid 6446 Extended Compression Leg Sleeve with Hexpad Protective Pad

This is one of the best options going for anyone needing an all in one, compression sleve/hex pad combo. It’s lightweight yet make no mistake when hitting the deck knee first the McDavid Hex closed cell foam padding will never let you down. For this reason it’s really popular with high tempo games such as basketball, where you never know from which direction the next knock down might come from! These guys developed this defensive armor – and it’s still one of the best in the game. Otherwise the rest of the sleeve is made from high-grade materials with extra length to help provide full leg support and confidence.

03. ASICS Unisex Slider V. Kneepad

3. ASICS Unisex Slider V. Kneepad

There’s value to be found anywhere and nowhere more is this true than with the Slider V. This great little knee sleeve will pretty much fit anyone, coming in pairs and comprising a Polyester 45%/ Nylon 16%/ Rubber 39% mix of materials. This product would be perfectly suitable for the general gym user who doesn’t want to break their budget – or snap their ligament! The comfortable materials offer genuine support, ideal for gym, court play or distance running.

02. Mizuno LR6 Volleyball Kneepad

2. Mizuno LR6 Volleyball Kneepad

Volleyball is a special case when it comes to finding a good protective sleeve, as it’s high intensity but speed is absolutely of the essence. In the heat of the moment trips and stumbles will happen, which is where these super-light yet surprisingly sturdy knee sleeves come really into their own right. Offering complete patella, lateral, and medial protection with a reinforced impact core, these are available in a wide range of sizes suitable for players of all ages.

01. pow Fully Adjustable Jumpers’s Knee Patellar Tendon Support Strap Band

1. pow Fully Adjustable Jumpers's Knee Patellar Tendon Support Strap Band

Knee sleeve pads are a very personal thing, and not everyone finds that larger models suit them. These very discreet – yet super secure – knee supports are extremely popular for sports where knee impact may occur, but isn’t necessarily par for the course. They’re super lightweight, strong and highly adjustable to personal preference. Those needing such a product for occasional or specialist/personal use will find these absolutely excellent value – machine washable too.


We’ve looked through quite a few products during this top ten article, and as we’ve seen there’s a wide range of protective knee sleeves out there to choose between. We outlined at the beginning that making such a purchase is a highly individual decision, and one that depends highly upon individual circumstances. For example you’re not likely to see too many netball protectors on a football field, but the matter of fact issue is that understanding what you need is the core factor in determining a suitable purchase.

In terms of value this is determined again – by usage. People just needing a general support for jogging, sprinting, gym or work and such will find there’s plenty of all-rounders listed above that offer great support without much in the way of expense. Likewise the long sleeve options are better suited for people who have existing issues or play sports where ligament, knee injuries can be common. The convenience of such protectors that can be comfortably worn through the day while offering copper-based encouragement to healing and tissue strengthening is also a factor well worth weighing into any purchasing decision.

This is especially true for high intensity and regular performing athletes, for while knee pad sleeves aren’t ever going to guarantee total protection from strains and muscle tears, they can most certainly help with recovery and protection in the long term.