Cheap Best Belgian Waffle Maker 2021

Cheap Best Best Belgian Waffle Maker 2018

Belgian waffles are traditionally made with a yeast batter. This heavier batter gives these waffles their thick, irresistibly yummy texture – crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, very different to traditional American-style waffles. And they have deeper wells or pockets – all the better to hold those pools of maple syrup! If that description already has you licking your lips for a thick waffle drenched in maple syrup with lashings of vanilla ice-cream, you definitely need your own Best Belgian Waffle Maker 2018.

Waffle Makers are small electrical appliances (as distinct from waffle irons, which you sit on a stovetop or fire). Belgian waffle makers produce the distinctive extra thick, deep-pocketed waffle texture their name suggests. With the range of non-stick, easy-clean units available, you can have a perfect waffle with all its gorgeous sticky indulgence – and none of the messy clean-up – any time you like. And if savory is your preference, think waffle falafel or cheeseburger or ham, avocado and tomato or … you name it!

Several models come with a flip or rotate option like you see in the restaurant models, designed to spread the batter and the heating evenly (although many users report they can’t really tell much difference at home).

Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker, 7-inch

The Presto 03510 is a sturdy stainless steel appliance with clean lines. Even though it’s a flip model and produces a 7-inch diameter, round Belgian-style waffle its silhouette in storage mode is rectangular. Cool-touch handles mean you can flip the griddle comfortably. The big waffle is designed to be cut into 4 quarters. Waffle makers are designed to be easy to use. On this one, an indicator light glows while the unit is heating. When the light goes out, it’s time to add the batter. After that, close the lid, flip the pan over and set the countdown timer for your desired degree of browning. Sit back with your coffee and about four minutes later your waffle is ready to lift out and load up with your choice of topping. The unit is wipe clean, both the non-stick cooking surface and the brushed steel exterior. It locks easily into a vertical, space-saving position for storage.

Weight: 6 lb

Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 3 inches.

Power consumption: 1100 Watts

Warranty: one year (materials and workmanship)

Price Range: Low

Proctor Silex Belgian Waffle Maker

One of the cheapest and lightest units in our top 10, the Proctor Silex has a white plastic finish. It’s neat and compact, and stores vertically when you’re not using it. This model is manufactured by Hamilton Beach, which also makes more expensive waffle makers in its own name. This model produces typical large (about 7-inch diameter) round Belgian waffles that can cut into 4 wedges, with the classic deep wells. It has ‘power on’ and ‘ready to cook’ indicator lights, and the non-stick grids and plastic exterior mean clean-up is a simple wipe down.

Weight 3.3lb

Dimensions: 5.5 x 9 x 12 inches

Power consumption: 650 watts

Warranty: on request from customer service

Price Range: Low

Oster Belgian Waffle Maker

This Oster is a neat, round, stainless steel Belgian waffle maker. Its 8-inch diameter baking plate makes a slightly smaller but satisfyingly thick waffle designed to be cut into quarters. This unit has red/green lights to indicate when it is on (red) and hot enough to add the batter (green) and a temperature control knob that allows you to dial up light and fluffy or crispy waffles. It comes with cool-to-the-touch handles and the griddle section has non-stick, easy-clean cooking grids. It’s one of the lightest waffle makers in our top 10, and the cheapest. More than 900 Amazon users love it.

Weight: 3.3 lb

Dimensions: 5.2 x 10.8 x 8.5 inches

Power consumption: 1500 watts

Warranty: on request from customer service

Price Range: Low

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Plates

This Hamilton Beach model is a round, chunky and compact waffle maker with stainless steel griddle section and black housing. It produces a classic Belgian-style waffle about 6.5 inches in diameter and just under an inch deep on grids that are non-stick, removable, and dishwasher-safe. You turn it on, pre-heat (a light comes on when its ready for you to start cooking), add your batter, close and flip. It’s a different flip mechanism to the Presto 03510 but is also intended to spread the batter evenly. Depending on your recipe and the browning setting you choose, your waffle is ready in around 5 to 8 minutes. Using the cool-touch handle, flip it back, open, and your waffle is waiting for your attention. The handle folds for more compact storage.

Weight: 6.6 lb

Dimensions: 4.9 x 9.9 x 9.1 inches

Power consumption: 800 watts

Warranty: on request from customer service

Price Range: Low

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

A stylish stainless steel model that produces a satisfyingly thick, 7-inch round waffle. A cool-touch handle allows a simple twist-of-the-wrist flip action. Indicator lights tell you when the unit is turned on (yes, we all forget to do it), and when it’s hot enough to add the batter. A browning control allows you to select your preferred degree of doneness. Depending on your preference, your waffle may take as little as 2 minutes to be ready but a few minutes longer is normal. The lid locks tight and the removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray will catch any overflow. Non-stick grids ensure easy release of the waffle and simple clean up.

Weight: 5.8 lb

Dimensions: 9.5 x 15.3 x 8.5 inches

Power consumption: 800 watts

Warranty: one year (materials and workmanship)

Price Range: Low

KRUPS Adjustable Temperature Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Plates

This stainless steel Belgian waffle maker is the one you need to feed a crowd, although that feature comes at a cost in price, weight and size. It produces 4 x 4.5 inch square waffles at a time (but you can also cook only one or two). Why not cook four and freeze any leftovers for reheating in the toaster later! Getting evenly browned waffles from your waffle maker can take a bit of practice but it’s easier with the Krups. A well-cooked batch takes about 7 minutes. It has 5 browning settings, and red and green lights indicate on, ready to start cooking, and done. There’s a beep for done, too, to save checking the indicator light constantly. The non-stick grids are removable and can go in the dishwasher. A very neat, compact shape that stores vertically, with a cord wrap. The unit can be slightly awkward to pick up and move but its only significant drawback it that delivery takes much longer than for other units: 1–2 months.

Weight: 9.1lb

Dimensions: 12.6 x 6.7 x 16.5 inches

Power consumption: 1200 watts

Warranty: on request from customer service

Price Range: Medium

All-Clad Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker with 7 Browning Settings

This highly polished stainless steel model cooks 2 x 4.5 inch square Belgian-style waffles at a time (there is also a bigger model that does 4 at a time), making each waffle bigger than the 3.5-inch wedges you get from round waffle makers. If you lots of topping on your waffle, the extra-deep pockets will work for you. A red light lets you know the unit is heating, a beep signals it’s ready to start cooking. Pour the batter in, close the lid, set the browning (temperature) knob to one of 7 settings. Then wait. A beep and a green light let you know your waffle is ready. The cooking surface is non-stick for easy release of the waffles and easy cleaning. There is also a removable drip dray for simple clean-up of any overflow. Additionally, this more expensive unit claims advanced heating technology to ensure even browning and has a steam-release system designed to achieve delicately crispy outsides and fluffy, tender centers in your waffle. Sturdy, durable and compact, it also has built–in cord storage and can be stored in a space-saving upright mode,

Weight: 11lbs

Dimensions: 12 x 11.5 x 6 inches

Power consumption: 1600 watts

Warranty: 2 years, materials and workmanship

Price Range: High

Presto Belgian Bowl Waffle Maker

This inexpensive, lightweight Belgian waffle bowl maker is a new twist on waffle making. It creates a 4-inch wide, deep, bowl-shaped waffle with the thick, fluffy and tender texture you would expect. Think of the possibilities! Load it with your favorite fillings: butter and syrup or fresh fruit and yogurt. Go savory with scrambled eggs, ham, sausage, hash browns and more. Or whip up a sweeter waffle bowl for dessert. Wait for the heating indicator to go out, pour in the batter, close the lid and bake. You can also use bread doughs and cake mixes in it. The cooking surface is non-stick and the bowl can be removed for fast, easy clean-up.

Weight: 3.1 lb

Dimensions: 9.3 x 8.2 x 5.2 inches

Power consumption: 750 watts

Warranty: on request from customer service

Price Range: Low

Cuisinart Double Belgian Waffle Maker

This round stainless steel model doubles everything. It makes two waffles at a time, is about twice as heavy as the average waffle maker and is twice the average price. It produces deep, thick, round waffles about 7 inches in diameter that cut easily into quarters. The griddle flips easily to ensure even cooking in both waffles – and gives your breakfast preparations a restaurateur’s flourish. An LED and a beep tone indicate when the unit is ready for cooking and when each waffle is done. A 6-setting browning control knob lets you cook each waffle to order – golden, light and fluffy or crispy and brown. You can cook one at a time, but really, why not just do two and put the other one in the freezer to heat up in the toaster when you need a quick snack later. A non-stick cooking surface ensures the waffle lifts off easily and the grids wipe clean easily.

Weight: 13 lb

Dimensions: 10.6 x 16.5 x 10.2 inches

Power consumption: 1400 watts

Warranty: on request from customer service

Price Range: Medium

BLACK+DECKER Double Flip Waffle Maker

With this sturdy double flip model, you can make two round waffles at a time in 6 to 8 minutes. This is the most economical multiple waffle maker in our top 10 and it also only weighs about as much as an average single waffle maker. A temperature indicator light lets you know when the unit is hot enough to start cooking but it relies on you watching for when steam stops escaping to know when your waffles are cooked. It’s easy to do but you must watch it constantly (or perhaps set a timer. Once you get an idea of how long it takes). The unit rotates to spread the mixture evenly in each plate. The grid trays are non-stick and a removable drip tray catches any spills. The cool-touch handle locks securely for rotating.

Weight: 6.8 lb

Dimensions: 6.1 x 14.1 x 10.1 inches

Power consumption: 1200 watts

Warranty: 2 years, materials and workmanship

Price Range: Low

Things to consider when buying a Belgian Waffle Maker

There really isn’t much to getting an endless daily supply of warm, luscious waffles. All our top 10 Best Belgium waffle makers turn out good waffles but there are some differences, including price:

  • Waffle shape – do you prefer round, square or even a bowl?
  • Appliance shape – round or rectangular, chunky or slimline?
  • Appliance quality – is price more important than durability?
  • Would making multiple waffles at a time be a great advantage?
  • Do some automated controls appeal to you more than others? Can you do without them for a better price?
  • Cleaning – they are all non-stick, but do you prefer to wipe clean or remove the cooking plate and pop it in the dishwasher?
  • What color and finish do you prefer – black, white or silver, plastic or stainless steel?
  • Is weight a factor for you (they range from 1lb to 13lb)?
  • Do you have limited space? They are all pretty compact and don’t have much of a footprint on the countertop, but some (mostly the non-flip models) are designed to store vertically, saving space.

Because batters vary in the amount of moisture they contain and people vary in the amount of ‘doneness’ they like, the time-honored way of knowing if your waffle is done is to watch the steam rising from the waffle maker. When it’s down to a thin wisp, your waffle is done to a golden hue, delicately crisp on the outside and fluffy and spongy on the inside. A bit longer and it’s a bit crisper and browner. You can peek and if your waffle’s not ready or not how you want it you can just keep cooking.

There they are. Our Cheap Best Best Belgian Waffle Maker 2018. All of these choices will let you start your day with a great Belgian waffle breakfast or make a mouth watering dessert after dinner. Bon Appetit.