Cheap Best Camping Coolers 2021 Reviews

When you decide to go enjoy the outdoors, food storage becomes an important factor to consider. A camping cooler will become your refrigerator while you are camping. A quality cooler is something everyone considers at some point.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when looking for camping coolers to purchase. The temperature of the cooler should be considered. What types of foods will you be taking with you and at what temperature do they need to be kept at? How big of a cooler do you need? For quick overnight trips, you don’t need something huge. If you have plans for a longer period of time, then a larger camping cooler would suit you well. You should also consider such things as design and portability. Are you going to leave the cooler in your vehicle for the entire trip or will you need the cooler to be moved frequently? These are important decisions that must be made before you make your purchase.

Here are the top 10 camping coolers of 2017.

10. Homitt 30 Cans Soft Pack Cooler Insulated Soft Sided Cooler

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The Homitt Tote Cooler bag is a function cooler. It is made with quality in mind. It has 3 layers of insulation that keeps food cold for up to 5 days. The bag has extra space for storage. It also provides a d-buckle that is convenient for using to hang keys or a strap. The cooler bag has front and back pockets which can hold small items. It is useful for day trips or short vacations.


  • 3 layers of insulation
  • Leak proof exterior
  • Easy to store


  • Too small for longer trips
  • Limited storage space for food
  • Only stays cool for 5 days

9. Coleman Xtreme Cooler

Coleman Xtreme Cooler

The Coleman Xtreme Cooler was created with the intention to serve the outdoor enthusiast. It was created with extra insulation to keep food cold longer. There is plenty of storage space. It also has handles with comfort-grip for easy pickup. There are also cup holders built in to the lid for convenience. It is ideal for a long weekend.

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  • Enough space for food storage
  • Big enough for longer trips
  • More than one size to choose from


  • Heavy – the cooler itself is 14 pounds
  • No heavy-duty insulation
  • Food/ice won’t last more than 1 week

8. Coleman 33-Quart Party Stacker Cooler

Coleman 33 Quart Party Stacker Cooler

The Coleman Party Stacker Cooler is a convenient camping cooler. It is tall enough to store 20 oz. bottles upright. It also has a large base that is helpful for storing food items that are larger than normal. The size allows for ample storage space. It has conveniently located handles for easy transportation. These stacker coolers also stack with other coolers of the same type. That way, you can buy more than one and make use of their convenient ability to stack nicely. You can also color code the coolers so that you know right where everything is located.


  • A light cooler for its size – 6 pounds
  • Variety of colors
  • Stacking capability


  • No drain plug
  • Not designed for longer trips
  • Not enough room to store large amounts of food

7. Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler

Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler

The Igloo Marine Breeze Roller Cooler is made of quality polypropylene. It has a bush button lid and a telescoping handle that allows for easy movement. It also has rally wheels that are created with soft-side. This way the wheels won’t markup boat surfaces. The cooler also has the Cool Riser Technology which improves the cooling performance. It has a capacity of 41 cans.


  • Handle and wheels for convenient transportation
  • Improved cooling technology
  • Specifically designed for boat trips


  • Wheels limit travel areas
  • Lack of food storage capacity
  • No drain hole

6. Coleman 120 Quart Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Cooler

Coleman 120 Quart Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Cooler

The Coleman Coast Xtreme Series Marine Cooler is a quality cooler that provides tremendous ice retention. There is an extra layer of insulation called ThermOZONE. This allows for ice to remain for 6 days in 90-degree weather. It has UV color additive that resists yellowing and weakening of the case. There is plenty of room for food, and has a capacity of 190 cans. It has a hinged lid and four cup holders.


  • It retains ice for up to 6 days in 90 degrees
  • It has large storage
  • Cup holders and two-way handles


  • Too large for small trips
  • Heavy – 25 pounds
  • No way to easily transport

5. Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

The Coleman Xtreme Wheeled Cooler is a durable camping cool. It is made from molded plastic that will withstand tougher camping trips. It is environmentally safe. This camping cool will keep ice for up to 5 days. It is deep enough to store 2-liter bottles upright. This cooler can hold 84 cans at once. It has handles that rise and fall and the two wheels allow for easy transportation.


  • Easy transportation
  • Long cooler for storing tall items
  • Keep ice for up to 5 days


  • Wheels limit accessibility of certain off-road areas
  • Cooler itself is 11 pounds
  • Storage capacity is limited

4. Coleman Performance Cooler, 48 Quart

Coleman Performance Cooler

The Coleman Performance Cooler is a durable cooler made with quality in mind. It will keep drinks cold for up to 3 days. It is large enough to store 20 oz. bottles upright and it has a capacity of 63 cans. The camping cooler has two-way handles for easy carrying. It also has a leak-resistant drain for emptying excess water.


  • Keeps food cold for up to 3 days
  • Leak-resistant drain
  • Light cooler weight – 7 pounds


  • Doesn’t keep food cool over 3 days
  • Tall but doesn’t have a lot of storage space for food
  • Too large for short day trips

3. Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

Coleman 100 Quart Xtreme 5 Wheeled Cooler

The Coleman Xtreme 5 Cooler was designed to be durable. It is a chest cooler that will keep food cold for up to 5 days. It was created with extra insulation that allows for superior cold retention. This cooler has two-way handles and a drain for excess water. It also has a hinged lid and drink holders.


  • Keeps food for 5 days at 90 degrees
  • Large storage for longer trips
  • Has wheels for easy transportation


  • Too large for overnight trips
  • Wheels can be a hindrance in the outdoors
  • Too heavy for easy carry

2. Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

Coleman 54 Quart Steel Belted Cooler

The Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler is a large cooler with durability in mind. It can hold 84 cans at once and it is large enough to store 20 oz. bottles upright. It is a convenient cooler for an overnight trip or a fun evening. It has comfort-grip handles and a stainless-steel lid latch. The lid was designed so that you can also use it as a seat.


  • Large for day trips
  • Leak-resistant drain
  • Handles and lid latch for easy carrying


  • Heavy – 19 pounds
  • Only suitable for day trips
  • Not a lot of storage for food, just drinks

1. Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler

Rubbermaid Ice Chest

The Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler is a convenient chest cooler with many perks. It has thermal retention to keep food and drinks cold. It is stain and odor-resistant. The liner is easy to clean. The wheels allow for easy transportation and a pull-up handle for convenience.


  • Comes in many sizes for convenience and variety
  • Lid pulls up in two areas
  • Easy to clean


  • Too small for longer trips
  • Wheels make it hard to travel to any off-road areas
  • Heavy for its size

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