Cheap Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners 2021 Reviews

There’s nothing as frustrating as a broken pencil in the office when you’re in the middle of drafting or working on something important. You are doomed if it was the only one you had and there’s nothing in sight that you can use to sharpen it. The thought itself gives one chilly run. One should always, therefore, have a pencil sharpener around. The evolution of pencil sharpeners has come a long way. We used to have manual sharpeners; apparently, they still exist, and in as much as they are convenient, they do not work fast and with precision like electric pencil sharpeners.

Electric pencil sharpeners are motor powered devices used to sharpen the writing end of a pencil by shaving off the worn-out part and revealing a new point for writing. They are precise, fast, smooth and easy to use compared to other manual sharpeners.

Buying an electric pencil sharpener isn’t someone’s cup of tea. There are considerations to make and one ought to prioritize the safety of the machine, its lifespan, the loudness of the motor and the sharpness.
Here is a review of ten best electric pencil sharpeners you could choose from.

10. Evergreen Art Supply

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Evergreen Art Supply

Evergreen Art Supply is powered either by a USB port, a wall charger or AA batteries. It is lightweight and highly portable making it ideal for office, school or anywhere work. It is packed with safety measures where it shuts itself off when it is opened. Impressively, it has sharpness modes of extreme sharpness, needle-like point and a blunt tip perfect for beautiful writing and sketching. It works fast, swiftly and with precision as it sharpens pencils with its adjustable stainless-steel blades.


  • Works quietly
  • Safe for children, blades won’t run when it is open
  • Leaves no mess


  • It would do better if it had an auto-stop sharpening feature once the pencil is sharp enough.

9. LINKYO Heavy Duty Electric

LINKYO Heavy Duty Electric

Say goodbye to dull and uneven lopsided pencils. With LINKYO, you get more than 3000 pencil sharpening before its steel sharpener starts to wear. It works through vertical mounting on a table and has an intelligent sensor which shuts it off once the pencil has attained excellent sharpness. Its other safety features include a jam release (ejects the pencil if it jams), a firm silicone base to hold it firmly during sharpening. One can also determine if the reservoir needs to be empty since it is transparent.


  • Auto-sensors for disengagement and power off when the pencil has achieved its sharpness
  • Blades have a long life
  • Fast sharpening


  • The shavings receptacle is fixed. It’s emptied by turning it upside down

8. Magno Sharpener

Magno Sharpener

This is another electric sharpener I’d recommend to you. Its powered by charging through its USB port or through AA batteries which allow for portability and convenience. Like the Evergreen Pencil sharpener, it has three levels of sharpening; which includes harp, medium, and blunt point sharpness. It doesn’t start if the system isn’t correctly set.


  • Fast and saves on time using manual sharpeners
  • Comes with a choice of several colors just for you


  • Doesn’t have a sensor to eject the pencil once it’s fully sharpened
  • Holding the pencil in it much longer could lead to the distortion of its sharpness

7. Bostitch Electric Sharpener

Bostitch Electric Sharpener

This sharpener boasts a 70% faster sharpening experience with an elongated ten times lifespan of its blades. It has been designed to operate stealthily and has safety measures for its motor. It has a built-in thermal overload system that ensures it takes good care of itself. Its technology doesn’t allow for over sharpening of the pencil. This way, your pencil lives a relatively longer life. When the receptacle is removed, the sharpener won’t work until it is back in.


  • Removable receptacle for easy disposal of shavings
  • Auto-stop when a pencil is fully sharpened


  • It is expensive as compared to other electric sharpeners

6. X-Acto TeacherPro

X-Acto TeacherPro

If you are looking for another quiet electric pencil sharpener, X-Acto is the choice. It operates in a stealth mode, is installed with safety features and has a sharp and durable cutter. It is designed for classrooms and can handle up to six pencils at a time. It is installed with a flyaway system that automatically stops the blades once the pencil is fully sharpened. A fully sharpened pencil comes out with rounded points achieved through the sharpener’s helical blades.


  • Minimal noise reduction since it works in a quiet mode
  • Multi-holes for the support of several pencils at once
  • It has a long lifespan


  • Only powered through a wall unit

5. Artist Choice Sharpener

Artist Choice Sharpener

Designed with portability features, this sharpener is capable of producing same level and soft textured pencils with a pointy tip. Traveling or not, in your office or a classroom, this sharpener fits everywhere due to its stability and lightness. It has a removable box containing shavings which make cleaning easier. It is powered by batteries and not the electricity.
It has a money back guarantee period.


  • Easy to remove box containing shavings
  • It is cheap
  • It is fast and saves a lot of time that could be wasted through manual sharpening


  • The batteries are proprietary and are purchased separately
  • It isn’t quiet

4. OfficeGoods Electric Sharpener

OfficeGoods Electric Sharpener

It has a three-way power mode, electricity, batteries and is charged through a USB cord. Consequently, it sharpens pencils to sharp, medium and blunt choices. Colored pencils pick the fastest. It is designed with ultimate compactness and comes with a safety feature which makes it suitable for kids to use. It shuts off automatically when the shaving cover is removed or opened. It is recommended for office work, artists and anyone looking for a good and sharpened pencil.


  • Can be powered in three ways
  • It is affordable
  • Safety features is a plus


  • Use with a laptop is not recommended

3. X-Acto XLR Electric

X-Acto XLR Electric

X-Acto utilizes the various technologies to bring you a compact design that is ideal for offices or home use. It packs a helical cutter that sharpens pencils in an instant and with accuracy producing smooth point graphite perfect for a particular task. It has a safety measure that ensures pencils are not over-sharpened as well as an automatic reboot and safe start which helps in protecting whoever uses the sharpener as well as the sharpener itself.


  • Safety measure to stop sharpening after the pencil has achieved sharpness
  • Has a powerful motor for reliable power


  • It has mixed reviews with other users reporting that it stopped working after a while.

2. School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener

School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener

This electric sharpener has been designed to operate for many users whether it is in the classroom or the office. Although it has only a hole for sharpening, it does work much faster than many sharpeners in the industry. It features a modern design which is appealing and easy to carry around. It has a transparent receptacle, a safety measure for end-of-pencil-sharpening, helical steel blades with rubber bands at the base for stability on top of tables.


  • It is fast
  • The big and removable receptacle makes cleaning easy
  • Auto-stop feature for correct pencil tips


  • The single hole might take time in case of sharpening some pencils

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1. X-Acto SchoolPro

X-Acto SchoolPro

Without sharpening pencils too much, this electric pencil sharpener delivers smooth surfaced and pointed pencils. It has an automatic fly-away cutter system that shuts it off when a pencil has been sharpened to a required mode. X-Acto has been specifically designed for classrooms, but it can also be used at home or in the office. Furthermore, it has a transparent receptacle for noting the nature of the shavings as well as a SafeStart system that prevents it from working when it is open.


  • Has been designed for durability
  • It is versatile and ideal for many
  • Its operation is quiet


  • The casing looks fragile and can break if it hits the floor

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