Cheap Best Electric Shavers for Women

Every person either men or women is facing grown hair every day. Some people would love to keep long hair, but some others see physical beauty with shaved hair. Long after traditional manual hair shaver was introduced, people have not realized that different shavers also vary according to its designs. These days, electric shavers replace the traditional ones.

It is produced with more complicated designs and purposes to provide the best satisfaction to users. Whatever you want your hair to be, you can have complete clean or decorate it with specialized electric shavers. As women more than men concern more about their growing hair, shavers for ladies are now created with the latest technology.

10. Panasonic ES2207P Ladies 3-Blade “Close Curves” Wet Dry Shaver

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies 3-Blade

This is the most useful device at home. Panasonic ES2207P is made to make everything clear for you. This shaver can operate everywhere over your body. Equipped with 3 blades, it has the high capacity of cutting hair in one-time move. At home, you can use this shaver either in tub or shower, and it is made for the pleasant and safe shave. Clear and quick, you would feel smooth surface within a move. In addition, the price is not that expensive.

09. Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper and Trimmer

Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper and Trimmer

Panasonic also introduced another product the ES246AC. It is a very safe tool to get clean and quick haircut. It is an ideal shaver, also equipped with stainless steel. The battery can stay up to 45 minutes during the operation. Its best function as mentioned in its name is the trimmer expert. So you don’t have to concern your unwanted messy hair anymore. Plus, its handle is definitely comfortable for holding so as to move around the narrow area where you wouldn’t find it hard to shave hair.

08. Remington WDF4840 Women’s Smooth and Silky Foil Shaver

Remington WDF4840 Women's Smooth and Silky Foil Shaver

New experience from Remington WDF4840 is brought with a progressive shaving capability. One of the most popular recharging devices, this hair shaver can operate in both wet and dry areas. It uses the latest high technology with four-blade systems that gratify you a complete and clean shave. It’s a beautiful and trusted tool that you should have one at home. Besides, it also functions as a clever trimmer. The machine is cordless and runs for 30 minutes.

07. Panasonic Ladies Shaver 3 Blade Rechargeable

Panasonic Ladies Shaver 3 Blade Rechargeable

It has been introduced by Panasonic for beauty and care. The shaver itself is a creative design, very suitable for feminine use. Another beauty is made up for your haircut satisfaction. It is also a good function in both wet and dry operation.

together with three blades, it is the best shaver to provide the clean and clear surface. This product has a really resistant shaving charger with additional foils for sensitive skin kinds. As a mobile personal tool, you can use it anywhere even while you are on a trip.

06. Panasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver

Panasonic ES3831K Single Blade Travel Shaver

Panasonic ES3831K is a single blade shaver in beautiful black design. However, every purchase of it is included with a brush. The handle is well made from good quality plastic so that you can have a comfortable hold of it. Because of that, you will be also confident while shaving hair. What’s important about it is the floating head that traces your skin surface to provide a complete and clean shave. This kind of shaver uses battery for power renewal. All in all, it looks so fashioned and useful.

05. Philips Hp6306 Wet Dry Beauty Shaver for Ladies

Philips Hp6306 Wet Dry Beauty Shaver for Ladies

This one is different product introduced by Philips. Most customers review it with perfect rates. More importantly, women should have a try on this device since it looks best for feminine use. Being able to use it in wet and dry areas, you can also operate it in either shower or bath. You can find it easy to use because it is a cordless device that uses the battery for renewal power. HP6360 makes clean and complete shaving. Moreover, it is designed for hygiene use. There is a cap for protecting the foil after using.

04.  Remington PR1260 R5 Lithium Power Series Rotary Shaver

Remington PR1260 R5 Lithium Power Series Rotary Shaver

It is known as the rotary shaver. Indeed, it is a very fashioned blue device that everyone should have one. Look at its body design, it is covered by titanium with two track blades so whenever you shave hair, this shaver has a close contact with the skin. Therefore, it’s very trusted tool.

While you are can make your preferable rotating move on the skin, you will find its great skillful operation on every surface. You will not be disappointed with error operation, nor do you worry about the chance of hurting your skin. Besides, this black tool functions as a friendly trimmer. Most importantly, it operates up to 60 minutes. This cordless design is just amazing.



This is another shaver for women. As a device equipped with stainless steel blades, women don’t have to concern about hygiene after using. It is made to operate on every kind of skin, and no matter in bath or shower. Working smoothly and softly on the skin, it moves on the skin surface to make sure there is clean shave. This product is included with one razor to secure cover. It is cordless and an environment-friendly shaver—as no disturbing sound. This kind is powered by battery use.

02. Emjoi eRase e60 Dual Opposed Heads 60-Disc 2-in-1 Electric Epilator Tweezer with Shaver Trimmer

Emjoi eRase e60 Dual Opposed Heads 60-Disc 2-in-1 Electric Epilator Tweezer with Shaver Trimmer

If you are being annoyed by having fast-grown hair, this shaver will resolve your problem. Every operation with this shaver will satisfy you by leaving your skin smooth up to six weeks. It’s an interestingly designed device in pink, one for use on every part of your body.

This design is to ascertain that users do not come down with annoying mode because it is perfectly made to secure your body cut. It moves quickly but generates clean shaving. By its dual opposed heads, you will have soft operation even for sensitive areas, and because of that, you feel it is also like massage machine. It’s really comfortable.

01. PIXNOR POVOS PS1086 Portable Washable USB Rechargeable Women Lady Electric Shaver

PIXNOR POVOS PS1086 Portable Washable USB Rechargeable Women Lady Electric Shaver

This is another shaver model for women with complex technology to gratify users, and also a new shaver with LED indicator light for certifying comfortable use and perfect shaving. It’s freedom of moving with other thin blades is to provide you a smooth and clean surface.

It is famous for its very thin shaving foil, and as a trimmer for your preferable haircut from. Sharp but safe, it is also resistant for operating in both wet and dry areas. This device is a battery mode.