Cheap Best Food Storage Containers Reviews

Some will leak even when tightly closed while others will make food go bad quickly. By reading the top 10 best food storage containers reviews you will be able to steer clear from poor products and instead go for items that will keep your food safe without any spillage. This ensures you still enjoy the freshly made food or yester-night leftovers during lunch at the office or school. The following is a sneak peek of the top 10 products:

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8. Snapware 18PiecePyrex Glass Total Solution Food Container plus Write N’ Erase Lids



Made from Pyrex glass this food container is suitable for storing a range of food items such as cereals, fruits, vegetables and more. The graduated container is FDA approved and is made from BPA material thus guaranteeing you of food safety and longevity. The food keeper features a write & erase lid that not only tightly seals the container but is also easy to use.


7. Klip It 1450 142-Ounce Cereal Container



Klip It 1450 features among the large food containers and is ideal for cereals. The light and compact canister is made from BPA safe and dishwasher-friendly material and can to store up to 144oz. Coming with a tight locking seal at the top you should not fear because of food spilling, air entering the container, or mold growing on the food.


6. OXO 1-1/2-Quart Good Grip Pop Rectangle Storage Container



The rectangular -shaped 1-1/2-Quart Storage Container with a pop lid and good grip features in the top 10 best food storage containers reviews. It has a 1.5-quart carrying capacity and is suitable for storing items such as coffee beans, knitting and play items, as well as in the garage. The rectangular and square- shaped container features easy-to-use buttons that pop open the lid while the airtight seals guarantees long-lasting freshness and safety.


5. Rubbermaid 40 Cup Rectangle Food Storage Container with Easy Find Lid



The rectangular- shaped and stackable design makes this food container ideal for storing different items. The square shape easily fits into tight spaces while the stacks allow different kinds of products to be stored. It is made in the USA using Pyrex glass which is safe to use with dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, and is also hygienic. The seals ensure the container closes tightly minimizing spillage or air entering the unit.


4. Rubbermaid Premier Solution 12-Piece Food Storage Container Set



Rubbermaid Premier Solution offers you two types of containers (12 and 24 pack) to safely store your food items. The container set is made from Pyrex glass and BPA safe material and comes with easy-to-place seals that make storing several containers simple and easy. The different containers easily stack on top of each other saving lots of space and improving portability.


3. Popit Little Big Box – (8 Piece Plastic Food Saver Set)



The Little Big Box from Popit comes with 8 plastic food containers whose carrying capacity ranges from the smallest 0.46 cup (3 oz) to the largest 5.9 cups (47oz). Other cup sizes include (0.84 cups (6oz), 1.14 cups (9oz), 1.9 cups (15oz), 2.4 cups (19oz), (3.5 cups (28oz) and 4.6cups (37oz). The food saver set is made from BPA-free material which is safe and can be used in the freezer, microwave, and also dishwasher.


2. OXO Softworks 12-piece Container Set



Coming in either rectangular or square shapes and in stackable design, storing different type of food will not be a problem with this 12-piece food container from Oxo Softworks. The airtight seal keeps away any air that may be carrying contaminants that may spoil the food. It can be stored inside the refrigerator, used in the microwave, as well as dishwasher.


1. Kitchen Safe: Time Locking Full Unit Container



Having been featured in the award-winning entrepreneurial show “Shark Tank”, this time locking full unit food container from Kitchen Safe stands out as the best. Its thick BPA free material makes the container strong, highly-resistant to knocks, and also very rigid. It features a motor-driven locking mechanism that keeps food well protected and a display on top of the lid that alerts the user of remaining time. The “Brilliant” food container as it was referred to by TIME Magazine allows a user to set the time for locking the container; for instance, 1 minute or even 10 days. It comes with batteries that can last from 6 to 12 months. Such are the features that make it top the list of the Cheap Best Best Food Storage Containers Reviews.

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