Cheap Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 2021 Reviews

Tired of trying to play graphics-heavy games like Grand Theft Auto V on a slow, clunky, and overheating old laptop or on a basic PC? Ever rage-quit over the lag you get? On the following list of best gaming laptops, your reasons for rage-quitting will be reduced. Also, given that they’re all priced under $1,500, you won’t have to worry about dropping several grand on a mediocre gaming laptop. Let’s take a closer look at the best gaming laptops under 1500 for 2017.

What to Look for When Buying Gaming Laptop

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What should you be looking for when shopping for the best gaming laptops under 1500?

When looking for the best gaming laptop, you will want to consider a few things. First, you will want to look for laptops that have backlit keyboards since these make gaming in the dark or in a dimly-lit area much easier.

As far as graphic cards go, both previous-gen and current-gen GPUs are capable of running games at optimal speeds without much lag. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re getting the best frames-per-second (fps) possible. Most newer laptops will net you 60fps.

List of Gaming Laptops Under 1500 Dollar

10. Acer Predator 17

Acer Predator 17

The Acer Predator 17 features an innovative and powerful design the expands the boundaries of gaming integration. If you’re playing in the dark, the backlit keyboard will help you find and hit the right keys.

Beat your competitors with the 7th-gen Intel Core i7-7700HQ Quad Core processor. The Predator 17 also comes with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU, and HD webcam, and 16GB DDR4 dual channel memory.


  • Easily runs graphics-heavy online games
  • Clear screen resolution
  • Long battery life


  • Optical drive can’t be swapped out
  • Lacks a CD/DVD drive

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9. Lenovo Legion Y720

Lenovo Legion Y720

Constructed for gaming, the Legion Y720 is the first Dolby Atmos computer out there, creating immersive audio for gamers. Rear vents and two fans keep the Legion cool during intense use.

The Legion Y720 is equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, PCI-Express SSD storage, and is integrated with the Xbox One Wireless Controller Support. There is 16GB DDR4 of RAM and a backlit keyboard that makes gaming in the dark convenient.


  • Crisp sound from speakers
  • Good angle on the riser
  • Fans run quietly


  • Battery isn’t removable
  • Not a ton of bass from speakers

8. Gigabyte P55Wv7-KL3

Gigabyte P55Wv7 KL3

Gigabyte’s P55Wv7-KL3 is designed to handle high-intensity gaming. It includes software geared toward gamers, including the TriDef SmartCam and XSplit Game caster and broadcaster.

Features on this laptop include 16 GB DDR4 RAM, the 7th gen Intel Quad Core i7-7700HQ processor, and a 1080p Full HD visual display.


  • DVD drive can be replaced by a BluRay drive
  • Solidly crafted casing
  • Lightweight


  • In-game lag and overheating occur while running on highest graphics quality
  • Loud fan

7. Asus FX502VM-AS73

Asus FX502VM AS73

Asus’ FX502VM-AS73 laptop is loaded with high-powered components that meet your gaming needs. NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX10 technology provides unparalleled performance. Weighing just 4.9 pounds, this laptop is one of the most lightweight.

Features on the Asus include dual-band WiFi, an HDMI port, and three USB 3.0 ports. There is an innovative duo-copper cooling system that keeps your laptop cool while running.


  • Boots in under five seconds
  • Keyboard is well-designed
  • Plenty of storage


  • Doesn’t support Thunderbolt 3
  • Webcam gets low-quality images
  • Speakers aren’t the best for gaming

6. Asus ROG Strix GL502VM

Asus ROG Strix GL502VM

Asus’ ROG Strix GL502VM is super-thin but durable and powerful. Built primarily as a gaming console, this laptop is easily portable and is powered by an Intel i7 quad core processor. The inclusion of NVIDIA G-SYNC makes gaming even more fluid and immersive.

The ROG Strix GL502VM features an intelligent thermal design, USB Type-C connections, a mini DisplayPort, and microphones designed to filter out unwanted ambient noise during gameplay.


  • Durable build
  • Portability
  • Has an IPS panel


  • CPU gets hot while running graphics-heavy games
  • You might need to undervolt the GPU to decrease temperatures

5. Razer Blade Stealth

Razer Blade Stealth

The Razer Blade Stealth is a laptop that makes gaming possible on a touchscreen ultrabook. Weighing in at just under three pounds, this ultrabook is only 0.52 inches thick and can be carried with ease.

Specs on the Razer Blade Stealth include a 13.3-inch QHD+ screen, i7-7500U dual core processor with hyperthreading, Thunderbolt 3, and an anti-ghosting keyboard with a precision touchpad.


  • Fantastic screen resolution
  • Allows for light gaming
  • Runs with semi-complex models with a bulk of data


  • Won’t run graphics-heavy games
  • Fan can be loud

4. Lenovo Y700

Lenovo Y700

As a leader in the laptop industry, Lenovo created the Y700 as a portable gaming laptop that is capable of handling data-heavy games. The Y700 has an impressively powerful 1TB 5400rpm HDD hard drive that prevents serious in-game lag.

Features on the Y700 include a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 graphics card, frameless HD displays, IPS anti-glare, and a backlit keyboard.


  • SSD can be separately purchased and easily added
  • Excellent screen resolution
  • Superb sound quality
  • Compatible with Xbox game controller


  • Feels heavier than other laptops
  • Battery quickly drains

3. MSI VR Ready GT62VR Dominator-012

Although MSI isn’t popular among everyday laptop users, it’s a champ in the realm of gaming computers. The Dominator-012 lives up to its name, as it is powered by the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6G GDDR5 graphics card and Intel i7-6700HQ quad core processor.

Other specs include 32GB of RAM, a 256GB M.2 SATA SSD with 1TB, and a full-color backlit keyboard. Additionally, the Dominator-012 has G-Sync technology and is VR-ready.


  • VR-ready
  • Well-designed keyboard
  • Boots in seconds


  • Needs to be left on 100 mhz
  • Audio errors are frequently reported

2. Acer Predator 15

Acer Predator 15

Acer’s Predator 15 is a powerhouse gaming laptop that allows for maximum customization. Designed to work most optimally with Predator accessories, this laptop is both chic and highly portable.

The specs on the Predator 15 are nothing short of impressive. Features include the 6th-gen Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM, and a programmable RGB backlit keyboard.


  • DoubleShot Pro maximizes WiFi and Ethernet customizability with apps
  • Predator Dust Defender keeps dust from clogging internal components
  • VR-ready


  • DVD Drive only (no BluRay)
  • Comes with too much bloatware

1. Asus ROG Strix GL553VE

Asus ROG Strix GL553VE

One of the best gaming laptops under $1,500 is the Asus ROG Strix GL553VE. This laptop packs an all-around punch with its portability, power, and impeccable graphics.

Specs on this powerhouse include an i7 quad-core processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB graphics card, 256GB SATA SSD and 1TB HDD, and USB Type-C Gen 2. Additionally, you can play most old and new games at 1080p and get at least 60fps.


  • Minimal bloatware
  • Crystal-clear graphics
  • Easy-to-use backlit keyboard
  • Won’t overheat


  • Moderate battery life (4-5 hours)
  • Average sound quality

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