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Cheap Best Best Gel Eyeliner 2018

Wearing eyeliner will make your eyes look bigger and make every makeup-look look different. But, it is irritating when your eyeliner is smudged by the end of the day. Therefore, finding gel eyeliner that is best match with your skin type is important as you need to consider to avoid or reduce the raccoon-eye. Using gel eyeliner may take a little more time than other products, but the result of using gel eyeliner is superb since it can provide a smooth matte finish.

Every makeup bag has certain essentials; foundation, mascara, lipstick…and a gel eyeliner. Just like a liquid eyeliner, the gel eyeliner is used for a dramatic effect on the eyes, accentuating the upper lash line for a long-lasting ‘winged’ effect underneath the mascara. Luckily, the vintage looks are trendy again, so get the bold lipstick and the gel eyeliner and the beautifying can begin!

First you need to make a difference between liquid and gel eyeliner – even though similar, they are applied quite differently. The gel formula is packed in a cute little pot or jar and has a quite heavier, creamier consistency than liquid eyeliner. It is applied with a small brush, for more precision, and you need to have quite a ‘calm’ hand grip. However, many makeup artists would agree that gel eyeliners are perfect for beginners or those experimenting with makeup, since with every stroke you move closer to the eye corner and can pause along the way. You have more control of the outcome with every brush stroke. The brush size can be chosen freely as well as the line thickness created with it.

On the other hand, liquid eyeliners are basically like pens with a pointy applicator. Since the formula is waterier and the brush size and shape is pre-determined, you might need to be a pro of makeup applying to master the liquid formulas. So, let us focus on the gel eyeliners and why they are the best choice.

There are various types of gel eyeliner on market and hence we have picked the Cheap Best Best Gel Eyeliners 2018 for our newest review.

Bobbi Brown, long wear gel eyeliner

This is definitely an amazing waterproof, long-wearing gel eyeliner allowing you to wear all day long or even when you are swimming without getting smudge. If you wish to have a sexy deep black look, this gel eyeliner works best. The perfect texture gives you super easy to handle.

Mac, gel eyeliner

This is a long lasting gel eyeliner which prevent your eyes from smudging after a day long. The moisture texture makes it easy to draw a fine line or to correct mistake when applying.

NARS, Eye Paint, Black Valley

NARS gel eyeliner is considered as the best eyeliner as it has a really good pigment. It has various colours and can be last till the end of the day without smudging your eye. This product completely worth the money.

Stila, Stila Smudge Pot

Stila is not only a gel eyeliner, but also an eye shadow. The texture is creamy providing a smooth fine line. It can stay up for whole day even you have an oily eyelids; however it is dried out fast so that it may be challenged in using this product, simply means that you need to be skilful in applying eyeliner.

L’Oreal Infallible Gel Lacquer Liner

L’Oreal gel liner gives an intense black, creamy and easy to apply to the lash line. It works quite well with oily eyelid as it can hold for all day leaving a nice matte finish. It is suitable to use for outdoor activity.

NYX, Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner and Smudger

NYX gel eyeliner has a creamy texture that it is “smudagble” and easy to fix any mistake; therefore, this may also easily smudge within few hours. This product should be worked well indoor rather than outdoor (especially in the humidity whether). As it has a very reasonable price, it is worth buying this product to practice for your eyeliner.

Maybelline, Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline Gel Eyeliner comes with a brush that perfectly works on making precise lines. The gel texture goes smoothly without pulling hard on the eyelid. You can readily work with this eyeliner application whether you are an expert or beginner with the eyeliner. Not only can it use to make a cat eye, but it can also make a smoky eye by smudging gently with fingertip before the liner dries.

Revlon Color Stay Cream Gel Eyeliner

The packaging is small and comes with a short handy brush that is easy for traveling. It provides a really smooth and dark and can stay for all day. Revlon Cream Gel Eyeliner is not extreme waterproof that can easily remove.

The first thing you notice is the cute package, and the best part is seeing the content inside. It is always nice to admire the sheer, glittery, matte gel content you see in the see-through small jar as you gently dip the brush inside!

Applying a gel eyeliner might seem scary at first, especially if you are accustomed to using pen-liquid eyeliners, but there is nothing simpler than this. First, decide on the brush. You need the one that suits you the best. Everything else from there on is easy. You might want to get a thin tip brush with a handle equally thin, for a better grip and handling, a bit firm, with synthetic or natural fibers. The next step is scooping up the gel. It is fun to dab quite a few times and make the perfect line, rather than using the liquid formula pens and get it wrong. With a gel liner you probably won’t need tissues to correct the look, so just keep on dabbing tiny amounts several times until you finish that perfect winged line.

What makes gel eyeliners superior and better than liquid ones? The mistake-proof factor. Since the formula is gel-like, harder in consistency and more ‘gliding’ across the lid, it is virtually impossible to make a mess. The brush bristles are soaked in product and this simplifies the usage.

The gel formulas have other advantages too. Maybe you want a dramatic look with a liner on the lower lash line, known as the waterline. Now you can do this as well! The liquid formulas would run down the cheeks and can become quite messy. But the gel formula is PERFECT for both lash lines. Another thing is the waterproof and durability factor. If it’s raining, or you get teary easily or you jumped in a pool – no worries, the gel formula is less likely to run down than the liquid formula. Also, while the liquid formula may thins-out after several hours, the gel would turn to a sultry look of a nice smoky eye, with a line same as when you applied it.

You know how you might get nervous when applying a liner? Or have shaky hands? Or you are in a hurry? The liquid formulas would be prone to create messy mistakes or release tiny droplets in your eye – then it is all in vain. But, gel formulas are perfect for anxiety makeup sessions! And, you can feel artistic, holding a brush, a small jar with makeup, you can play along the line with the shapes: bold, thin, cat eye, slightly winged or dramatic – any shape with no mistakes. You can even mix two types of liner with ease, a solid color for the basic line and glitter dabbed dots over it for a shiny effect.

Gel eyeliners can be dried out quickly; therefore, you can put it upside down while you are using and cover properly after using it. Removing make up specifically the eye make up is an intensive part since you have to spend more time to ensure that they are cleaned. Find the best makeup remover here to help you save time in removing all make up.

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