Cheap Best GPS Hoverboard in 2020 Review

A hoverboard is a levitating board used for personal transportation. Hoverboards come in different sizes and shapes. They have pressure sensitive pads that one steps on to enable navigation, they contain gyroscope which helps a person to find balance when riding. They are easy to use for instance if one wants to move backward all he or she needs is to lean back and if you want to move forward then lean forward, to change direction you push one foot forward of the other and lean toward the direction you intend to move. Before buying a hoverboard one has to consider things such as speed and the amount of weight it can hold. The following are some of the best GPS hoverboards in 2018:

1. Airwheel x3

The Airwheel X3 has a single wheel in the middle or rather a smart balancing wheel unlike most hoverboards that have two wheels on the side. It can hold weight of up to 22 stone; and another added advantage is that it can travel quickly due to its 400w speed motor. It has a speed of 12mph and a single charge; hence it can travel for about 4-6miles. Since it is waterproof one can ride it while raining as opposed to the rest of the hoverboards that cannot be rode when it is raining; hence it is a little more expensive tending to drill a hole in a buyers pocket, but if you ask me the investment is worth it and it only takes about 1 hour to charge. Therefore, becoming much convenient to many people who are in a hurry and don’t have much of time to spend charging it.

Airwheel Q3

2. Airwheel Q3

The Airwheel Q3 has 2 wheels hence it is much effective in terms of control and balance. Its 800w speed has improved the overall ride experience and it can travel for about 26-30 miles thus being the only hoverboard that can go that far. It weighs about 11.5kg hence if anyone is thinking of purchasing it you have to consider the fact that you have to carry it when out of charge; although unlike other hoverboards it has an in built handle so the weight would not be felt as much. It takes 2 hours to charge and the availability of IP54 that is waterproof prevents it from a little splash but it should not be rode in the rain.

Airwheel x3

3. RED5 hoverboard

The Red5 hoverboard has wheels that are puncture proof; this though is yet to be validated. It is portable and lighter, this makes it very easy for one to carry in case of any mechanical problem or when out of charge. Furthermore, it takes 2 hours to charge and travels for a range of 5 miles before it requires recharging. It also has an impressive speed of 10 mph and can hold weight of 15stones 7lbs. To help with one’s balance it has a smart auto – establishing technology.

4. MonoRover R2

The MonoRover R2 has tyres that are puncture proof, this being an added advantage as one can ride on any type of terrain without any worry. It not only has an impressive motor speed of 1000w, but it can travel at 6mph and also with a capability to go at a range of 12.4 miles, of course depending on the weight of whoever is riding it. It takes 90 minutes to charge and weighs 10kg. Another added advantage is that it has a 1 year warranty and can hold up to 120kg.


5. Duoglyde

The Duoglyde has a CE certified cables, this is a safer option as opposed to the non-CE ones that could cause and even start a fire. It can hold up to 100kg and weighs 10kg. It travels for about 12 miles with a speed of 6mph.


6. Smartrax S5 airboard

The Smartrax S5 airboard is a little bit expensive as compared to other hoverboards. Not only is it inflation free but it can also travel for a range of 9-12 miles depending on the weight of a person. It takes 1 hour or less to charge and what makes it better than other hoverboards is the fact that it has a remote control. This just like the one in cars it enhances security when it’s not in use and one does not have to worry about constantly turning it on and off every time.

Smartrax S5 airboard

7. Non – branded hoverboard

The non- branded hoverboard can hold weight of up to 15 stones 7lbs; it can also travel for a range of 4 miles hence moving at a speed of 9mph. It takes 90 minutes to charge. As compared to other hoverboards its cheap considering is manufactured in china although it’s similar with the others.

8. A8 10in hoverboard

The A8 10in hoverboard as opposed to other hoverboards that have 7in wheels it has 10in wheels hence delivering a better performance. For instance, one can ride on slippery grounds whether in a snow or even wet grass, as it has got very good grip tyres. It can hold up to 120kg and travel for 12 miles therefore having a speed of 9mph and takes 90minutes to charge.

9. Q3 self – balancing scooter

The Q3 self – balancing scooter has an inbuilt Bluetooth speakers, this being advantageous because one can ride while blaring up his or her music. It can travel for a range of 12 miles hence it has a speed of 6mph. Its puncture proof and it contains the IP54 grade that enables waterproofing.

Q3 self - balancing scooter

10. HK – cube two- wheel smart

The HK- cube two- wheel smart has a voice alert when it is turned on hence having good security. It also has an LED power switch and the ability to travel at 15mph with a maximum tilt of 15-30. This of course depends on the weight of whoever is riding. It can hold up to 120kg and has a power of 500w and with its charging time being 60-120 minutes. It weighs 12kg and gives a warning alert when the battery gets to 10%, although it should not be over charged. In addition to that, it has a capability to travel for about 15-30km.

HK - cube two- wheel smart

Hoverboards are among some of 2018/2018 major technology inventions. Although it is argued that they will make our generation lazy; they help a lot in conserving the environment because as opposed to taking a car to travel a short distance you can purchase yourself a hoverboard and help conserve the environment.

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