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In today’s world which is full of people with malicious intentions, the necessity of installing home security systems has increased. Security system would add to the safety of your property by minimizing the possibility of burglary. According to a report by FBI, about 58% of burglaries involved forcible entry, and therefore, sealing off the entry points is one of the security measures. Another report showed that a typical burglary lasts 8-12 minutes; hence, the initial step in the installation of a security system is to make it difficult for the burglar to gain easy access.


Home security devices are the installable hardware that one can put in place or safeguard against access by unwanted persons. The devices include alarm system, motion detectors, lights, and locks among other. However, for the installed security system to be effective, there are precautions that one should take to ensure the effectiveness of the system.

Security Precaution

Apart from installing security systems, there are some precautions that one needs to take to make the system efficient. One needs to observe the security Tips highlighted below.

  • Never hide extra keys outside
  • Never turn off all the lights
  • The security systems should be installed on a power-back up system.
  • Keep a good rapport with neighbors.

The Importance of Security Systems

Theft and burglary are some of the drawbacks to success. Every businessperson would like to safeguard his assets, office equipment, and employees. Similarly, the valuable in the homes also needs protection from access by ill-minded people. Similarly, it is always good to be sure that when you leave your valuables in the office or at home, they remain safe. This calls for installation of a monitored security system. Therefore, the main advantage or purpose for installing a security system is to ensure the safety of people and property.

Examples of Effective Security Systems

There are various security systems that one can choose from depending on the intended purpose. However, a combination of two or more security systems would be more efficient and reliable. These are some of the most popular security systems.

Door and Window Contacts

Security contacts for doors and windows are the reliable but simple form of security  that is easy to install. Once installed, security contacts will produce a sound alarm whenever someone opens the window or door. The contacts are installed at the connecting points of the doors and windows.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are the best for detecting intruders. They can be connected to lights or alarm system. Whenever an intruder steps within the circumference of the sensor, the lights switches on automatically or the alarm rings. Most of the motion sensors have activation and deactivation options hence, can be switched off during the day and on at night. Furthermore, you can install a timer that to enhance automatic switch on and off.

Control Panels

A control panel is the order of the day in most companies. The authorized persons have special codes for gaining access to the premises. With the same code, an employee or an authorized user can access designated areas. With this system, it is advisable to install the master panel in a hidden place.

Surveillance Cameras

Most buildings these days have several areas within and outside the buildings fitted with surveillance cameras. Installing cameras expose the hiding places for intruders. At the workplace, the cameras deter workers or customers from theft or engaging in other inappropriate work behavior. CCTV surveillance is the ultimate current form of security with some integrated with alarm and camera system. It is a real surety on monitoring any suspicious activities.

Selecting the Best System

When it comes to choosing the best system to install in the office or at home, you need to be aware of your security needs. The final decision, therefore, depends on with the relevance of the system to your own safety needs.

10. 2gig DW10 Thin Door Window Contact

The system is meant for use together with 2GIG Alarm system and is installed on the doors and windows. The sensor transmits the signals to the panel whenever a mounted magnet is moved closer or away from the sensor. To ensure additional security, the system is equipped with a cover. It is one of the best systems that can serve you in a full capacity.

Best Home Security Systems in 2018

9. Fortress Security Store (TM) Contact Sensor

Forced entry by thugs or intruders is done mostly through the windows or doors. In order to ensure security, it is ideal to install contact sensors on the windows and doors. The magnetic sensors detects whenever a door or a window is opened. When this happens, the alarm is triggered and sets on the sire. However, for advanced security, the use of S02/GSM system is recommended. In the case of use of S02/GSM, when the sensor detects an opening of the door or windows, the system would call all the designated numbers until one is picked.

Best Home Security Systems in 2018

8. Doberman Security SE-0104-2PK Motion Detector

Doberman Security SE-0104 operates on Infrared Technology in detecting motion that triggers the 100 dB loud alarm. The sensors have a wider coverage of 15 feet radius. Most past buyers have confirmed the ease of installation of the system. It has an adjustable swivel mount that permits easy rotation of up to 270 degrees. This is the perfect system for both outdoor and indoor protection. The system operates on 9 Volts Battery.

Best Home Security Systems in 2018

7. JOOAN 530YRB-T Video Monitor Analog Camera

The system has a 700 TVL image sensor that offers true superior analog video. Its lens has wide viewing area o 3.6 mm and 36 IR LEDs that enhances Night Vision. The casing is waterproof and can stand all the outdoor weather conditions. In complete darkness, the system reaches a maximum of 50 feet distance. This camera has long life span due to the superheat emission technology.

Best Home Security Systems in 2018

6. Piper nv Smart Home Security System

Piper nv is one of the few wireless portable security systems.  This system gives you the best experience and tight security in your home at no monthly fees. With Piper nv’s day/night HD camera and other wireless accessories, it is possible for one to see, hear and also know exactly what’s on the ground or happening in your office or home using your smartphone or tablet. Besides, you can also get alerts by email, phone, text, or push notifications whenever there is some detection. With this system, you will never regret over the security in your absence.

Best Home Security Systems in 2018

 5. Blink Home Security Camera System

Blink is one of its kinds in the category of home security products. It is battery powered and the perfect one for homeowners and tenants. Its design is a unique, innovative HD Video technology. It instantly delivers home insight via the blink app on your Android or iOS device. It has a stylish look and is fully wireless hence, portable. This is the best to consider for the entryways and window or the kids’ room. The device is powered by a powerful and long-lasting batteries that have a full year lie. It operates automatically in a sequential order that begins when motion is detected. The system also provides for easy expansion and customization with extra cameras.

What about the cost? This system is among the most affordable ones. You are able to cover the entire home or the whole apartment at just a fraction of your budget. Furthermore, this monitoring system has no call for monthly fees or subscription.

Best Home Security Systems in 2018

 4. YI Home Camera

YI Home Camera is made the latest state of the art in security system design. With the 720P resolution and the full glass lens, this camera guarantees you crystal-clear images. The system is unique because of its features that are different from others. 940NM infrared sensor is perfect for night vision. Besides, you can monitor all the activities via your phone. The option for multiple cameras is possible with YI Home Camera and attracts no subscription fee.

Best Home Security Systems in 2018

3. Amcrest 960H Video Security System

The Amcrest 960H Professional Video Security System is a simple, secure, and reliable security system that you can trust. It is considered the most robust DVR that uses a simple software interface that makes it a paragon friendly device. The system is enhanced by the DIY installation that offers advanced motion detection. Its high resolution of 800+ TVL cameras offers excellent video quality and clarity. Therefore, you can comfortably record in widescreen and view remotely on android, iPad, or iPhone devices. Its storage comprises of 500 Gb internal capacity which is expandable to 3 TB that allows or 6 days continuous recording. Furthermore, it has a USB backup option that makes your mind peaceful with no fear of losing data.

Best Home Security Systems in 2018

2. Arlo Smart Home – 1 HD Camera Security System

Arlo Smart Home Security Cameras are among the best ever and the world’s FIRST 100% wire-free, High Definition Indoor/Outdoor video cameras. The camera is motion-activated hence, initiate recording upon detecting a motion. The information is retrievable via the app or email. It is also a Night vision camera and, therefore, can record even in a fully dark night. It also Outdoor/Indoor Weatherproof.

Best Home Security Systems in 2018

1. Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P

Over 5,000 users have reviewed Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P 5/5 and that number is too big to lie. It records full HD 1080P video on a microSD card. It has 90-degree viewing option that enhances a great field of view. What more? Intelligent motion alerts,  two-way talk, mobile and Webs app. The Ambarella processor is known to be the best. The seller guarantees a 1-year warranty and a lifetime support.

Best Home Security Systems in 2018

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