Cheap Best Home Theater Projectors

Unlike in the past when people relied on small television sets and DVD players to watch their favorite movies, the advent of home theater projectors has improved how people entertain. They are easy to use, have powerful systems that generate pictures in high definition, and are relatively easier to set up without cluttering living rooms with wires, as is always the case when using DVD players.

Home theater projectors also minimize shadowing, have a high screen to contrast ratio, and generate transitioning pictures whether you are watching a movie at a low or high frame rate. Even though the benefits of buying home theater projects cannot be understated, the product you buy could mean the difference between success and failure. For the former experience, read on for a detailed analysis the 10 best home theater projects to purchase in 2018.

10. ViewSonic PJD5155 SVGA

10. ViewSonic PJD5155 SVGA

Favored by tens of movie enthusiasts worldwide, ViewSonic PJD5155 SVGA is a powerful DLP home theater projector that generates approximately 3200 lumens when in use. It is durable, very easy to set up, and has an advanced super color technology that generates rich, but naturally colored pictures whilst watching a movie. It also has a high contrast ratio (20,000:1) that improves performance in bright settings, a Blu-ray-ready HDMI input that relays high-definition 3D movies seamlessly, and a large speaker chamber with a powerful amplifier that generates immersive sound whilst entertaining. For those with a tight budget, this projector is affordable. It has an intuitive interface with a tactile keypad, a cable management system, and three warranties (first year exchange warranty, 1-year lamp warranty, and 3-year parts and labor warranty.)

09. Epson Home Cinema 730HD

9. Epson Home Cinema 730HD

Are you shopping for a new home theater projector? If quality, longevity, and performance rank high on your list of wants, Epson Home Cinema 730HD might be the best product for you. It is 3000 lumens, has an advanced image relaying system that generates approximately three times brighter colors than traditional models, and a powerful lens that works from a distance. In terms of longevity, this one of a kind projector offers value for many years. It is also easy to use, has an efficient cable management system, and has a power efficient certified three-chip technology that generates vibrant and rich color. You also get a digital HDMI video and audio connectivity, a functional gaming model, and a powerful built-in high-definition speaker system.

08. Optoma HD26

8. Optoma HD26

Optoma HD26 is a 1080p 3200 lumen 3D home theater projector ideal for regular entertaining. It is MHL-enabled. It also has a functional HDMI port, a sturdy and well-built body, and a high-performance video processor that delivers stunning, natural looking images with a contrast ratio of approximately 25000:1. Once installed, Optoma HD26 generates diagonal images sup to 300-inches size. It is power efficient, supports streaming of content from laptops, tablets, and smart phones, and supports remote interoperation unlike most traditional models in the market. This way, you do not have to leave your seat to load movies.

07. Taotaole Multi-media Mini 800

7. Taotaole Multi-media Mini 800

Designed for multimedia streaming in home environments, Taotaole Multi-media Mini 800 is a professional-grade micro projector with a native resolution of 800×480 pixels. It generates 800 lumens of brightness and contrast, and has an advanced system that generates images in 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. Although this home theater projector is not as powerful as most products on this list, it ranks among the most reliable products in this niche. Its 3.5 to 12.5-feet projection distance, for instance, is impressive. Its ability to normalize picture trapezoidal distortion and keystone correction is innovative, while its array of multifunctional connectivity ports (USB, AV, Micro USB, and SD) allows users to stream content from several applications. This projector is portable, has a durable 20000-hour LED lamp, and an efficient 100-240-volt electrical system.

06. Optoma HD25-LV

6. Optoma HD25-LV

Are you a movie enthusiast? Are you shopping for a powerful high-resolution home theater projector that will improve your movie-watching experience? This 3500 lumens HD25-LV home theater projector by Optoma will serve you well. With a native resolution of 1080p, it is powerful and delivers visually stunning images with rich color when in use. It is 3D compatible, has a high-speed HDMI port for streaming media directly from phones and computers, and a comprehensive system of connectivity that also benefits people who enjoy playing video games for fun. Other desirable features are its industry-leading energy-saving design, whisper quiet operation, and powerful SRS WOW HD surround sound.

05. Epson 5030UB

5. Epson 5030UB

Popular in top 10 best home theater projectors in 2018 reviews, Epson 5030UB is a backwards-compatible 3D/2D 3LCD projector that generates 2400 lumens. It is bright, super clear, and has an impressive contrast ratio (600000:1) that improves picture output. It is also durable, works with 3D glasses, and has a wide lens shift, ideal for casting images from a distance. As most Epson projectors, you get a technologically advanced and certified three chip technology; a sturdy and scratch resistant casing; two HDMI connectivity ports, and a certified THX 3D HD display technology.

04. Epson Home Cinema 2000

4. Epson Home Cinema 2000

Considered among the best home theater projectors in the market, Epson Home Cinema 2000 is a functional 1080p machine made for everyday entertaining. With an 1800 lumens bulb, it displays bright, colorful, and natural-looking 3D pictures. Its 080p full HD resolution is ideal for regular entertaining, while its array of connectivity features (HDMI and MHL ports) boosts its flexibility. You can use it to stream downloaded content from your smart phone. You can also connect it to a Blu-ray player or laptop and watch your favorite movies or play without compromising quality.

03. Optoma HD141X

3. Optoma HD141X

Designed with everyday movie and video gaming enthusiasts in mind, Optoma HD141X is a durable and powerful home theater system that displays full 1080p 3D pictures. It is affordable, offers reliable all-digital connectivity via two HDMI ports and a MHL port, and has a built in 10-watt speaker system that generates immersive audio whilst watching a movie or playing your favorite video game. This projector is easy to setup and use. It is reliable, efficient, and displays on a 300-inch diagonal axis.

02. ViewSonic PJD5134 SVGA

2. ViewSonic PJD5134 SVGA

Favored by tens of homeowners worldwide, ViewSonic PJD5134 SVGA is a 3000 lumens DLP home theater projector with a native resolution of 800×600 pixels. It is clear, has an impressive contrast ratio of 15000:1, and several connectivity ports (dual VGA, HDMI, VGA/audio out, RS232, and S-video) compatible with several peripherals. You also get a Dynamic Eco technology that lowers power consumption by cutting brightness by 70%. This projector is affordable, low maintenance, and easy to set up.

01. BenQ W1070

1. BenQ W1070

Topping our list of the best home theater projectors, BenQ W1070 is a durable 1080p 3D projector, ISF-certified for use in all rooms. It is plug and play, has two HDMI ports, and a SmartEco Mode that adjusts lamp power automatically to lower consumption without affecting performance. BenQ W1070 is easy to use, reliable, and comes with a 180-day warranty.

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