Cheap Best Ipad Styluses 2021 Reviews

While you don’t have to use a stylus with your iPad, there are many reasons why you should invest in one anyway. For one, it makes activities like drawing, writing and painting a lot more fun.

The best thing about choosing a stylus is that like a pen or pencil; it doesn’t have to do anything special. All you have to do is go for one that feels comfortable and allows you to accomplish tasks efficiently. Some iPad styluses have Bluetooth capabilities that allow for special features like pressure sensitivity. Others are capacitive and trick your iPad into thinking they are a finger. There are so many styluses on the market and in this post, we review the top 10.

10. Targus Stylus

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Targus Stylus

This 4-3/8″ long stylus not only works on iOS devices but can be used on any capacitive touch screen. It features a powder-coated metal body, key ring fixture at the top and a chrome-colored pocket clip. A chrome-colored ring on one side holds a rounded rubber tip that is compressible and soft, yet not as spongy like other models. You only need to press it hard enough for it to depress the rubber tip.


  • Available in several colors
  • Doesn’t require too much pressure
  • Works on all capacitive touch screens
  • Keeps your iPad smudge-free


  • Causes fatigue when for writing for long periods of time

9. Bargains Depot 4Pcs Capacitive Styluses

Bargains Depot 4Pcs Capacitive Styluses

The Bargains Depot Capacitive Stylus is available as a pack of four with 20 replaceable rubber tips. Each of the four styluses has a 4.5mm and 6mm rubber tips. The smaller rubber tip allows you click on links or small icons and is perfect for drawing apps. Like the stylus reviewed above, each of the styluses in this 4-pack is compatible with any capacitive touch surface. The 20 replaceable rubber tips allow for increased versatility.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Increased accuracy when selecting text
  • Rubber tips can be replaced without a second tool


  • Some of the tips are a little too mushy

8. Cambond 2-in-1 Stylus Pens

Cambond 2in1 Stylus Pens

The Cambond 2-in-1 stylus pens utilize the rubber/fiber hybrid technology to provide higher sensitivity and smoother slide than ever. It protects your iPad from smudges and scratches while allowing you to type comfortably. The package includes five 4.9″ long capacitive pens that make it easy to draw, pick a movie or even turn a page. A 2-in-1 design means that you can either of the two ends to accomplish tasks conveniently.


  • Ultra-light and easy to carry around in your pocket
  • 2-in-1 design allows for added convenience
  • Backed by 12-month warranty


  • Some customers cited that the rubber tips don’t last very long

7. The Friend Swede Hybrid Stylus

The Friend Swede Hybrid Stylus

Available as 3-pack and in three colors, this unique stylus bundle offers a smoother gaming and typing experience. The 5.3″ long pens feature micro-knit fiber tips as well as aluminum and steel body. Perhaps the best thing about this bundle is that the replaceable fiber tip design is exclusive to the company and allows for increased versatility. The styluses are compatible with capacitive touch surfaces. Also included in the bundle are two 15″ lanyards and a microfiber cleaning cloth.


  • Well accessorized with cleaning cloth and lanyard
  • Durable and versatile design
  • Smoother typing and gaming experience


  • Micro-mesh tips are not very responsive with tempered glass protector

6. Bargains Depot 2PCs 2-In-1 Styluses

Bargains Depot 2PCs 2In1 Styluses

Both styluses in this bundle are 5.5″ long with a pen tube diameter of .33″. Like all Bargains Depot styluses, these feature a stainless steel and aluminum body without plastic parts. They are 100% compatible capacitive devices including iPad, Galaxy, Motorola Xoom Tablet and Kindle Fire just to name a few. You also get four 6.02mm and six 4.5mm extra replaceable soft rubber tips for increased versatility. The 1-year warranty coverage is a nice bonus.


  • 2-in-1 design provides added convenience
  • Perfectly fits in pocket or pocket
  • Don’t require too much pressure


  • Rubbers tips start collapsing after a while

5. AmPen Capacitive Stylus

AmPen Capacitive Stylus

The AmPen Capacitive Stylus utilizes the latest technology to deliver increased responsiveness. As the name suggests, it works on all capacitive devices ranging from the Galaxy Tab A/Tab E/Tab 8 to iPad 2/3/4. It features a pen design that offers convenience and a lanyard for easy carrying. This stylus is also available in a silver edition.


  • Compatible with all capacitive touch screens
  • Tips made from conductive rubber
  • Just as responsive as your fingertips


  • Lanyard is way too short

4. Generic 10-Pack Stylus

Generic 10 Pack Stylus

This is a pack of ten stylus pens in five colors i.e. purple, pink, black, red and blue. All of the pens feature an innovative design that allows accurate and precise selection. The clips are durable and attach nicely to your pocket or carrying case. Like all the models on this list, these pens work with all capacitive touch screens.


  • Varied selection of colors
  • Value for your money
  • Feels good in your hand


  • Doesn’t last as long as other styluses on this list

3. Amazon Basics Executive Stylus

Amazon Basics Executive Stylus

With more than 4,000 reviews and an average rating of 4/5, it’s easy to see why the Amazon Basics Executive Stylus is a favorite for many. It offers a smooth, pen-like writing and drawing experience. The pen is compatible with all capacitive devices ranging from Galaxy Tab and iPad to Blackberry and Motorola Xoom Tablet. Its sophisticated and sleek design is an excellent match for professionals, especially who draw apps.


  • See-through tip allows you to see exactly where you’re writing
  • Responsive
  • Comfortable length


  • Foam tip wears out fast

2. The Friendly Swede 3-Pack Stylus Pens

The Friendly Swede 3 Pack Stylus Pens

The Friendly Swede 3-Pack Stylus Pens are thin-tip high precision styluses made from a combination of aluminum and stainless steel. They are 100% compatible with capacitive devices including iPhone, iPad, Kindle and more. You also get three replaceable tips that don’t require an extra tool to install. Other accessories in the package include three 15″ detachable elastic tether strings that allow you easy access to your pens as well as a microfiber cleaning cloth.


  • Well accessorized
  • Durable construction with stainless steel and aluminum
  • Compatible with most touch screen devices
  • Thin-tip styluses allow for increased accuracy


  • Lanyard tends to hog the headphone jack

1. AmPen Hybrid Stylus

AmPen Hybrid Stylus

The main thing that sets this stylus pen apart from the rest is the interchangeable hybrid tip feature, which allows you to replace the tip. This saves you money on a new stylus when the tip wears out. The stylus is conveniently designed in pen form and perfect for carrying around. As it incorporates the latest technology, you can rest assured that the AmPen Hybrid Stylus is very responsive.


  • Interchangeable hybrid feature allows you to replace worn-out tip easily
  • Just as responsive as your fingertips
  • Works with all capacitive touch devices
  • Available in six variation


  • Pen feels a little too thin and short


With our review of the ten best iPad styluses coming to an end, we can only hope that it has been of help to your search. If you already own one of the above, we would love to hear about your experience in the comment section. The same applies if your favorite isn’t on this list.