Cheap Best Lens for Sony Cameras in 2020

Cheap Best Best Lens for Sony Cameras in 2018

Cameras with interchangeable lens have a great advantage over their smaller counterparts. However not everything goes and the lens needs to be compatible with the camera. The best way to make sure you are getting something that works with your device is to go for a lens that is made by the camera manufacturers. With no further ado here are the top 10 best lens for Sony cameras in 2018.

Sony SEL16F28

The Sony SEL16F28 is an affordable lens that offers excellent value for money. The model is compatible with most Sony Alpha models and comes in a compact form factor. It is a wide-angle lens with a focal length of 24 mm. The viewing angle is quite generous and according to the manufacturer the lens have an angle of view of 83 degrees. The minimum focus distance of the lens is 9.4 inches.

Sony SEL50F18/B

SEL50F18 is a great all-rounder lens that is both affordable and quite reliable. It offers a defocusing effect that enhances shots giving them a more artistic aspect. Beginners will find it extremely convenient and easy to use. The model offers large F1.8 maximum defocusing and comes with a built-in image stabilization. The model is compatible with Sony E mount cameras.

Sony E55-210mm

The Sony E55-210mm is one of the more expensive lenses made by the Asian manufacturer. It has a wide zoom range of 82-315mm or 35mm equivalent. The manufacturers recommend it for nature outtakes and sports. Like most other lenses made by Sony it comes with internal focusing and has a quiet operation. The lens can also be used for video capture due to its autofocus and stability.

Sony 24-70mm

Professional photographers are quite familiar with the Sony 24-70mm lens. This particular model comes with Carl Zeiss lens and has 7 aperture blades. It is compatible E mount cameras and has an angle of view of 34mm. The only downside of this model is its price. Being a professional grade lens means that it is a bit expensive and the ones that would like one need to have a rather generous budget.

Sony FE 70-200mm

The Sony FE 70-200mm is yet another premium lens that that was built for professionals and the ones that need an upgrade. It has an excellent build quality and an easy to use operation. The model comes with control buttons on the left side for easy access. Unfortunately it is a bit pricy. It is a zoom lens with a maximum sensor size compatibility of 35mm FF. Also due to its size the model is a bit heavy.

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Sony VCLECF1 Fisheye Conversion Lens

Looking at the more affordable models we have the Sony VCLECF1 which offers excellent value for the money. It is an inexpensive lens with a magnification of 0.62. The model comes with a compact form factor and has a focal length ok 15 mm. The model also includes 5 elements and 4 groups for their construction. For an average user they provide an easy way to obtain a fisheye effect.

Sony Alpha SAL35F18 35mm

The Sony Alpha SAL35F18 is a great option for beginners that have a limited budget. They have a 35mm DT and can be used with Alpha series DSLR cameras. The model comes with lens caps that makes it easy to carry them around in a bag. In terms of compatibility the lens works with A mount Sony cameras. What makes it so great is its low price and excellent quality. The model is an excellent companion for nature outtakes and indoors photo shooting.


The Sony VCL is an excellent converting lens that offers a new perspective for beginners and intermediate photographers. It is a wide angle lens that works excellent for still shots and nature outbreaks. It provides a much wider angle that is typical for high definition shots.

Sony 75-300mm

The Sony 75-300mm lens is an excellent upgrade for the ones that need something dedicated for close-up shots and studio sessions. It has a 75-300mm telephoto zoom lens and built-in autofocus. The model allows close-ups without being physically too close to the target making it much easier to work with. It is affordable and extremely easy to use.

Sony E 55-210mm

Sony’s E 55-210mm lens is ideal for outdoor photo sessions that can take place during a nature outtake or even during a sports event. It is a 55-210mm lens with internal focusing that operates quietly without disturbing the ones around. The model is compatible with E mount models and accepts 49mm filters.

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