Cheap Best Long Lasting Perfumes for Men


Like women, men have been even more cautious about the way they smell. If they have a pleasant fragrance on their body, they are more determined. Because physical beauty has not often happened to men, every man turns to perfume to make up their attractiveness. These days, perfumes have become the most important attractiveness for men. Because of the demands, perfumes have been produced with different fragrance to fulfill customers’ needs. Later, the way perfumes look like has also been altered with great designs because together with a nice aroma and a beautiful bottle, it resembles uniqueness for every man and woman.

10. Perry Ellis 360 Red By Perry Ellis For Men. Eau De Toilette


Perry Ellis 360 is the best perfume for men, one that has received nearly five-star rate for its scent. This kind of perfume is recommended for daytime use, and it has mixed fragrance of citrus, spice, fragrant woods and musk. You can find this product in only one size, in its beautiful red-silver color, best suit a real man. If you are finding a perfect scent perfume, Perry Ellis 360 is recommended for your first try.

09. Thallium for Men by Yves De Sistelle 3.3 Ounce EDT SP


That “ladies seem to like it” is a comment about Thallium for Men. This perfume is another handsome design by Yves De Sistelle from Paris. This masculine perfume has a naturally attractive aroma as warm and sweet like flower. It has been said to cause a lot of delightful feeling after a short whiff. Thallium is amazing. Men should not miss a chance to trying it. It is suggested that it be used every day.

08. Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani For Men. Eau De Toilette


This is the well-known experience by Giorgio. It is produced in different sizes for men. The beauty of Gio’s scent is exceedingly nice. If you are a fan of Gio, you might have felt that it has a fragrance of freedom because of its gentle smell, but you would want to have another whiff on it – second time, third time, and that’s just happy time. You might feel that ‘wow’. Oh, it’s amazing, how comes you are not aware that this scent is for a man like you.

07. Swiss Army Altitude By Swiss Army For Men. Eau De Toilette

7. Swiss Army Altitude By Swiss Army For Men. Eau De Toilette

Swiss Army Altitude is very trusted. It has gained a lot of supports from customers for confident design. Its cap is very well produced so that you don’t worry about the liquid releasing from the bottle. Its body looks attractive, and it has a unique smell. Some users find Swiss strong smell that they recommend it for whole-day outdoor stay. Because of its heavy scent, you don’t have to use many sprays. Produced in only one size, you will save up your perfume just to apply a little spray of its powerful fragrance. All in all, it is a long consumption with suitable price.

06. Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren for Men, Eau De Toilette Natural Spray


Boasting in blue color, Polo Blue came into existence in 2002, and has scents of patchouli, geranium, amber and melon. Polo is designed for real men – very stylish and cool. The blue color shows its handsome and powerful appearance with natural spray. Right now, you are experiencing an indeed pleasant fragrance by Ralph Lauren with only a few sprays and long-hour aroma albeit after shower. It’s such magical bottle perfume.

05. L’homme Yves Saint Laurent By Yves Saint Laurent For Men


Advanced perfume generation for men is now released to make a perfect scent. One of the most elegant in modish cap, beautiful look-through bottle, and gold-color liquid, L’homme Yves Saint Laurent has natural and fresh sensuality. It produces a good feeling to be close to, a fashion that seizes women’s heart. It is an ideally mystical redolence. You should not hesitate to have Saint Laurent as your friend. This one receives a lot of acclaims in customer reviews and the best buy ever. It will not let customers down.

04. Versace Eros Eau de Toilette Spray for Men


Wow, the bottle looks amazing and every bit of its scent gets all people around attention by Versace. Coming for men, the well-designed spray has never frustrated its customers. Look at its reviews, it is the best perfume ever. Classic, rich, and macho manner can be discovered with this man’s magical water. Come on, this is a very up-to-date perfume, coming in three different sizes. Versace is now in stock. Don’t wait.

03. Blue Jeans By Gianni Versace For Men


Blue Jeans is another member of Versace for Men, which shares different fragrance from the previous. It is called “Blue Jeans” because of its pack’s texture and blue-color liquid. The blue color resembles freshness. There with a mixture of citrus, spices, woods, amber and musk, is known as simple but appealing perfume. Its sharp smell triggers woman’s interest in a quick pass by. Not only designed to be gentle, you can also find its price affordably cheap.

02. Drakkar Noir By Guy Laroche For Men


Black color design by Guy Laroche is dangerous for women. Its faint smell is a big deal that every guy should invest in. This perfume came in 1982, one of the most popular brands of the time. Drakkar is a sexy smelling cologne. Its fragrance is made of lavender, citrus, spicy berries and sandalwood. Which one is your favorite? The product has many size options because of its popularity. You can see that this one is in a hit – the product that is the most trusted and celebrated for unique and successful substance. It is recommended for everyday use.

01. Yacht Man Blue By Puig Eau-de-toilette Spray


Yacht Man Blue has got five stars for its nice scent. It is not just for adults but sons, dads, and husbands are all the right kinds. This cologne is strong and sharp, and thus, a little spray will also provoke sweet aroma. It’s blue like a sea the with beautiful cap. The crystal bottle perfume like this is very fashionable for men in contemporary time. Customers have reviewed this product with most committed praise. They want to buy more than one after using it.v

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