Cheap Best Pen Cameras In 2021

Cheap Best Best Pen Cameras In 2018

A pen camera is a great way to record anything going on in an office, classroom, or other room which you wish to monitor the individuals in. The fact that no one knows there is a built in camera, is a great way to keep tabs on everyone in the room, without tipping them off. Whether it is a classroom or an office, these pen cameras offer great recording capabilities, in any setting. Here are the top 10 best pen cameras in 2018:

Swann SWvid

With a 4 GB mini built in cam, and a built in USB plug directly built in, you can record anything in a room, and directly transfer it to your computer or other devices. With 1280 X 1024 image capture quality, a rechargeable built in battery, and flash enabled device, this recording option is ideal for recording any content in any space. (B00A9XGBV0)

Executive camera pen

Compatible with PC and Mac, this pen has a built in USB so you can connect and instantly see the content you are recording. It records up to two hours of audio and video, and can record audio from a distance of up to 20 ft away from where you are using it. With 8 GB of memory you can also record more content on this pen. (B00ODX8Z2K)

Pen Spy

640 X 480 resolution quality, this pen features a standard USB port to transfer directly to your PC or Mac devices. It features up to 8 GB of built in memory as well, so you can record more content, without having to change your memory. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee so you know it won’t die on you. (B00PSW3QSS)

Spy Pen w/Cam

The one touch operation allows you to press a button and record audio and video content easily. You have two 8 GB memory cards provided with your new pen, it can capture 3 hours of video, or up to 10,000 photos on one card. With true 720 p quality, video resolution is far better than competitor products as well. (B00QK43UN4)

Cheap Best Best Camcorders

Hidden Spy Pen

Simple one click operation, and 1280 X 720 p resolution is far better than many camcorders on the market. It can record in avi format and capture up to 30 fps, 8 GB space, and it has a built in USB so you can plug in directly to your PC or a Mac to view the content which you are recording on the pen. (B00I6PXJBI)


Convenient memory slot can hold up to a 32 GB memory card, and it comes with a free 8 GB memory card with purchase. Record with the touch of a button in 720 p resolution. You can use the USB with PC or Mac, and it records audio from a distance by up to 20 ft away from your subject. (B00SU71OYG)

Amazing Pen

8 GB of memory built in, resolution in 1280 X 720 p quality, full color HD image capture, and hours of recording on a single charge. With the built in USB, you simply connect to your PC or Mac, allowing you to view your video immediately. It also captures audio sound when recording. (B00G2TEKM2)

A camera pen can be used in many situations. Whether you wish to capture images or video content, these pens do both. Additionally, they all offer audio capture as well, allowing you to see and hear what is going on in any classroom, office or other room you are recording in.

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