Cheap Best Perfect Camp Pillows Comparison in 2021

Summer is right around the corner and everyone is looking forward to getting outside and enjoying the great wide open. Planning a camping trip is on the top of everyone’s to-do list which means that all the gear needs to be in proper working order.

What many people forget though isn’t the pad for the ground to give them a good night sleep, it is their pillow. Finding the right pillow for camping is like finding the right sleeping bag. You will need support and comfort for your head just as you would for the rest of your body. Here is a list of the best camping pillows for you to take on your next big adventure.

10. COCOON Air-Core Pillow

10. COCOON Air-Core Pillow

The Cocoon Air-Core pillow is remarkably small and light weight which helps during the long hikes into the campsite. The pillow shell is made from 100% Nylon for the front of the pillow, while the back is made with 100% polyester. This pillow doesn’t move around while you sleep and supports your neck during the nights away from your bed. This pillow comes in at $21.99 and is easily shoved into its travel sack to take with you anywhere you may want to go.

09. ALPS MicroFiber

9. ALPS MicroFiber

Quality, comfort and easily cleaned? That is what ALPS offers with this camping pillow that costs $5.40 to $28.01 depending on the size of pillow you need. The ALPS pillow weighs only 8 ounces making it easy to carry on long hiking trips into the remote locations. ALPS pillow comes with a lifetime warranty should anything happen to the pillow, they got you covered.

08. ARCHER Compressible Self-Inflating Pillow

The Archer inflatable pillow is great for any occasion from camping trips to slumber parties. The pillow inflates quickly with just a twist of the valve making it ready to use at a moment’s notice. This pillow compacts easily into any sack and only costs $14.99.

07. BAMBOO By Coop

7. BAMBOO By Coop

For those campers who are also very environmentally aware, this memory foam camping pillow is the perfect choice. The Bamboo is constructed with the ozone in mind and is a perfect fit for any adult or child. The Bamboo compacts easily into a smaller sack that can be either tied to your pack or stuffed inside without adding too much additional weight. The price for this eco-friendly pillow is $29.99 and is made in the United States.

06. Nemo

6. Nemo

If you are looking for a great pillow that doesn’t weight you down on your trip but still provides maxiumin comfort look no further that Nemo. This little pillow weighs in at 9.2 ounces and is four inches thick when full extended. The price for the Nemo Fillo Backpack Pillow is $39.95.

5.Therm-a-rest Lumbar Pillow

5.Therm-a-rest Lumbar Pillow

The Therm-a-rest Lumbar pillow is made from high quality polyester and is self-inflating. Therm-a-rest is known for making great products and this one is no different. If you are looking for a great camping pillow to shove into your pack, this one is priced right at $29.95.



This pillow is amazingly light and practical for anyone taking a weekend trip to the woods. The Kuda Outdoor pillow is self-inflating that allows you to adjust the pillow to your needs. This pillow comes with a traveling sack that can easily latch to your pack, or stuffed into your gear.



This pillow is truly unique as it is a blow up pillow allowing you to adjust the firmness to support your neck and give you the ultimate comfort during camping trips. This pillow shrinks down and is easily stuffed into any sack or bag. The price is only $23.99 and inflates to 20 inches by 12 inches allowing you to sleep sound with plenty of room to move.

02. TETON Sports Camp Pillow

2. TETON Sports Camp Pillow

The TETON pillow includes a nifty envelope-style pillow case that makes packing up this pillow easy. The SuperLoft material keeps the pillow soft and comfortable over the years. If there was one pillow you needed it would be this one. The pillow is 18 inches by 12 inches and comes in four colors and you can’t beat the price- only $13.99 with a lifetime warranty.

01. Therm-a-Rest

1. Therm-a-Rest

This is the perfect pillow for camping because of its foam material that allows it to shrink down to store in a backpack and then expands when it is ready to use. This pillow is hardly little as it expands out to 16.5 x 27 inches allowing for a very comfortable nights rest in the great outdoors. The Therm-a-Rest pillow ranges from $15.00 to $62.37 depending on the size you prefer.

Camping is one of the great past times and you don’t have to leave the comforts of home behind. Especially when you can grab one of these pillows and make your trip more enjoyable.