Cheap Best Potatoes Mashers in 2021

Cheap Best Best Potatoes Mashers in 2018

When making mashed potatoes, or other potato dishes, if you have ever used a fork to mash the potato you know how long and tedious this process can be. With the right potato masher, not only is it going to be less time consuming and more efficient, but you will make the potatoes far finer as well, making it easier to consume your favorite dishes. No matter what dishes you plan on making, these are some of the best options, and are also quite affordable options for you to consider, when you are shopping for a new potato masher for use in your kitchen. For those who enjoy being in the kitchen, the right equipment is going to make your life much easier. Whether making mashed potatoes or any other potato based dish, a potato smasher can help make this task far easier on you. We found the best potato mashers in 2018.

Norpro 1715 Nylon Potato Masher

The nylon masher is designed for either left or right handed users, making it simple for anyone to use it in the kitchen. With large spaces between each grate, and with the ability to be placed in conditions of up to 450 degrees F, it won’t break down or easily melt when cooking in hot temperatures.

New Star Foodservice 37654 Commercial Grade Potato Masher

The commercial grade smasher has stainless steel grates, making it clean and easy to use with even the largest batch of potatoes. The long wooden handle gives you plenty of room for grip and more power, allowing you to smash even the hardest potatoes when cooking in the kitchen.

OXO Good Grips Potato Ricer

Durable stainless steel, soft easy to squish handles, and non slip knobs, allow you to use this ricer to strain and make thinner layers of potatoes.It quickly and easily makes smooth, finished potatoes, if you want a lump free dish when making mashed potatoes or other dishes.

OXO Good Grips Nylon Potato Masher

This smasher is also nylon based, making it more durable than others on the market. It easily mashes potatoes as well as other soft vegetables, and it can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees F in the hottest kitchens. Dishwasher safe, and it has soft, non slip grip handles.

New Star Foodservice 37630 Commercial Grade Potato Masher

With a long wooden handle, you have more power to smash potatoes with the metal steel rounded base when mashing potatoes or other soft ingredients. It is a commercial grade smasher, making it simple for you to use in smaller settings, and allowing you to finish the job in a fraction of the time.

HIC Two in One Potato Masher Mix N’ Mash

This two in one smasher will not only smash your potatoes, it is also going to be able to mix them with other ingredients you are using in a dish. Made of stainless steel material, it will mash, as well as mix in one single motion, and a perfect round grip offers an ergonomic base for users.

World Kitchen 1094559 Stainless Steel Potato Masher

With a durable rubber grip handle, and all stainless steel base, an ergonomic grip design makes mashing potatoes a cinch with this smasher. With small holes along the bottom, potatoes won’t get jammed, slowing you down when you are mashing several potatoes in a dish.

Good Cook Classic 9-Inch Chrome Potato Masher

Classic chrome, 9” masher, has rigid design base, and a molded plastic handle is going to fit comfortably into your hand when mashing a larger dish. Extra strong construction, and dishwasher safe, this smasher will make mashing potatoes easy, as well as working with other vegetables.

Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel Masher

Brushed stainless steel with a soft rubber grip handle, makes mashing comfortable and easy to do, even with larger amounts of potatoes. An integrated silicone bowl scrapper will allow you to catch potatoes off the side of the bowl easily, and finer holes ensure fewer lumps in your dish.

OXO Good Grips Smooth Potato Masher

Broad, soft, horizontal handle makes for an ergonomic grip design when mashing potatoes, and a fine grind stainless steel base will help remove lumps and thicker skin when mashing potatoes with this smasher. It works with potatoes, as well as fruits and root veggies, and it is dishwasher safe so you can get out all the strains left behind after each use of the smasher.

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