Cheap Best Professional Photo Albums in 2020

English Pop Singer, Ed Sheeran in one of the lyrics of his song ‘Photograph’ says “and inside this pages you just hold me where I will never let you go”. And that is the power of a photograph, to capture a single, solitary moment forever. A photo album collects all these precious moments and stores them to be revisited another time. A day when you want to remember the celebration of your marriage, to remember the celebration of the birth of your son, to remember the memory of a parent gone, to remember all those moments gone but precious.

Although in our modern and very millennial age we have conventionally transferred the photo album into the digital space. And though I don’t disapprove it with myself owning one, there is some essence to a photo you can touch and feel, a book you can flip and appreciate all the your life’s milestones.

To select a good photo album is like selecting a treasure chest, it should be a precious tool to carry precious cargo and here a few facts when looking for a good photo album;

  • Fact 1: ability to be customized and bedazzle.
  • Fact 2: a hard cover gives more longevity than a soft or lay flat covers
  • Fact 3: the more the pages the better, you will store more photos in one album.
  • Fact 4: versatility of use from guest books to funeral mementos.
  • Fact 5: simplicity is best when the range of choice is too wide.
  • Fact 6: better longevity than aesthetics- go for a cover made of good strong material rather an appealing one made of basic material.
  • Fact 7: avoid generic and commonality. Go for unique, an album that really stands out.

Here is a look at some of the best professional photo albums present in the market that customers can’t stop raving about;

10. 84 Pocket Photo Album

10. 84 Pocket Photo Album

Remember those instant Polaroid photo’s that we all loved, well their making some sort of come back. This 84 pages pocket photo album will just be the perfect tool to hold those Mini Fuji Instax Polaroid together with name card forest. Made from tough well designed and illustrated PVC material. With 19.6 by 12 by 1.8 cm it can hold photos of ranging sizes. Most customers have really found it helpful keeping all those photo’s from a single event such as wedding, parties or birthday in one compact, colourful and cute album.

09. Pioneer Photo Albums CLB-346/BN

9. Pioneer Photo Albums CLB-346/BN

For a more formal and rigid look, the Pioneer has a collection of European leather bonded cover photo album. It comes in either black or brown. The pure sewn bonded leather with a deluxe raised rounded book style spine provides you with an item that will serve you and your family for decades. It offers different types of arrangements for photos in a bidirectional way, horizontal, vertical or diagonal way. It provides 300 pockets for up to 4” by 6” photos. The album provides optically clear pockets with a shaded background. It has also a memo writing area. Your photos are safe from acid, lignin and it’s all PVC free.

08. CAIUL Mini Album (Fuji Instax Mini Photo Album)

8. CAIUL Mini Album (Fuji Instax Mini Photo Album)

The CAIUL is our generation’s most recommended Fuji Instax Mini photo album. It can fit Fuji Instax Mini 8 70 7s 90 50 25s/ Pringo 231/Fuji Instax SP 1/Polaroid PIC-300p/Polaroid Z2300/LG PD 233/LG PD 239 at 8.5 by 6 cm photos. Can hold up to 60 photos with 3 per page. Its design is sure attractive, unique and offers a very nostalgic and rustic appeal. The album is compact and therefore lightweight despite being well made with impeccable workmanship and practicability. It can be placed on desk, table or shelf with different viewing choices. With an assurance to quality and 12 month warranty it’s no wonder customer can get enough of it.

07. Pioneer 200 Pocket Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album

7. Pioneer 200 Pocket Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album

With the sky blue being the most requested from this series of Pioneer Album it offer aesthetics, compactness, durability and protection for photos. A fabric is sewn onto a hardcover for extra protection. The front design offers a frame with a range of colour of blue, purple, red, pink and green. Can hold 200 4”by6” photos 2 photos per page. It’s very archival, protective and further PVC free.

06. Kiera Grace Photo Album

6. Kiera Grace Photo Album

Give yourself the gift of memory with this celery green Kiera Grace Album. With 200 4”by6” photos it provides your photos safety & its acid and PVC free album. It easy to use with clear side loading pages. The cover has two window opening for customization purposes.

05. Pioneer Embroidered Live, Laugh, Love Cover Album

5. Pioneer Embroidered Live, Laugh, Love Cover Album

Once again pioneer is creating the perfect memory treasure chest. The black leatherette cover album has a special frame on the front with an embroidered ‘Live, Love, Laugh’ sentiment. It has the ability to hold 200 photos in optically clear pockets with black mesh backgrounds that include memo writing areas. Photos are arranged two per page. It has a special sound rounded spine that offers it size parameters of 8.75” by 9.25” by 2”. As with all the Pioneer photo albums the photos are acid safe, lignin and PVC free.

04. 64 Pockets Photo Album

4. 64 Pockets Photo Album

It’s just a small and very quaint photo album that is 100% brand new and made of strong PVC material. Its sky blue in colour with an approximate size of 11.4*14.0*2.8 cm and photo pocket size of 6.1*8.4 cm and holding capacity of 64 photos. It has been built to accommodate Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 7s 25 50s 90 Polaroid. There is a blue name card slot present. Perfect for those far off and time lapsed deployments and transfers and you want to hold to some photo’s while your away.

03. Pioneer 3-ring Pocket STC-504 Burgundy Album

3. Pioneer 3-ring Pocket STC-504 Burgundy Album

Do you want a very special place to hold your very many unsorted photos? This pioneer 3 ring pocket album can hold up to 504 photos of 4by6 prints neatly in 100 acid free pockets. The binders style and designed for archiving and storing away of photos. It has six photos per flip and their easy to place in and take out. The album is designed with a heavy duty faux burgundy leather that is easily textured for quality look and feel. Inside the 3-ring D shape binders are approximately 2” in diameter. Made of heavy gauge steel for durability with repeated opening and closing operations

02. Sprite Science 1 by 64 Pockets Photo Album

2. Sprite Science 1 by 64 Pockets Photo Album

Simplicity is probably the best feature of any photo album for obvious reasons. This is another simple Mini Fujifilm Instax 8 7s 25 50s 90 Polaroid and name card. It allows for small sized photos of 114 by 140 by 28 mm size with pocket size of 61 by 84 mm size also. Made with strong but light weight PVC and soft Pink colour best for holding to your baby girl’s very special moments.

01. Pioneer High Capacity Sewn Fabric and Leatherette Cover Photo Album

1. Pioneer High Capacity Sewn Fabric and Leatherette Cover Photo Album

A photo album celebrate moments, both good and bad and you need Pioneer with their experience, accountability and pocket friendly prices. With the high capacity you can hold as many as 500 photos of 4 by 6 inches. It acts as an archive with lignin, acid and PVC protection. It has an attractive, durable and very astute book style bound cover with a Beige fabric cover with black sewn leatherette trim. It has 5 pocket pages in optically clear plastic pockets with memo areas, to give each photo enough space and different layout positions on the page.


Photo album behold the secrets, memories and wonders that hold a family together. Hence a good photo album is selected to go the whole mile long, to provide ease of access and to protect these special treasures.

It’s worth noting that you might take to buy a pre-existing photo album and modify it to reflect the type of photos it has, the people mostly photographed, the room it will be in and the general purpose of it e.g. wedding photo album, birthday photo album, and first milestone album. Like pioneer, allow yourself to live, laugh and love through your photos.

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