Cheap Best Running Shoes for Girl 2021 Reviews

Girls’ running shoes come in many styles and models. Whether she is ready to crush her first 5K or needs to rule the playground in style, this list of the top 10 best running shoes for girls will help you find the right shoe for the occasion.

When looking, keep several things in mind: cushioning, breathability and durability. This will make it much easier to narrow down the choices for your child. Are you looking for an everyday shoe or something to enhance your child’s running experience? The answer to that question will help you determine the right shoe for your child. For running, be sure to look for something that is lightweight and breathable. Durability is key when looking for everyday shoes. Since each brand and model may have a slightly different fit, it’s always important to try on each shoe. Let’s look at the top 10 best running shoes for girls and find out which shoe is right for you and your child.

10. Saucony Ride 9

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Saucony Ride 9

The ride 9 provides neutral support and a more cushioned fit, perfect for anyone who likes to jump. It has a medium offset to enhance cushioning, and it features a breathable mesh upper.


  • The ride 9 provides the extra cushioning to those who need it. Yet, it is also breathable and durable. This shoe is ideal for running and everyday wear.


  • The heavy cushioning does not make this a fast shoe. If you are looking for something lighter or faster, there are other options.

9. Under Armour Kids’ Girls’ Pre-School Rave

Under Armour Kids’ Girls Pre School Rave

Under Armour is quickly emerging as a key player in the running shoe market. The Girl’s Pre-School Rave is built similar to its adult counterparts. It is lightweight and flexible, which makes it fast and responsive. The mesh upper provides a natural fit while providing much breathability.

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  • Under Armour is known for its sleek style, and this shoe is no exception. The lightweight mesh upper makes it a great choice for girls who have active feet and are not afraid to break a sweat. If you are looking for a fast but comfortable shoe, you should seriously consider the Girls’ Pre-School Rave.


  • The lightweight mesh upper is not very durable. Some reviews have reported holes developing in the upper after only a few months of use. If you need a shoe that can hold up to extreme wear and tear, you may want to find something more durable.

8. Puma Flare JR Sneaker

Puma Flare JR Sneaker

This shoe provides style, breathability, and a smooth ride thanks to its foam midsole cushioning and breathable mesh upper. The additional cushioning provides durability for everyday use. Its style, functionality and cushioning allow the Flare JR to be a great all-around sneaker.


  • It offers a stylish look with several colors to choose from. The mesh upper provides great breathability, and the heel pull-tab makes it easy for your child to quickly put their shoes on when they are on the go.


  • You will find better options if you need something more suited to running. The thick rubber outsole translates to a less responsive running shoe.

7. Sketchers Kids Girls Sketch Air Deluxe

Sketchers Kids Girls Sketch Air Deluxe

Sketchers are known for their lightweight design and comfort, thanks to the memory foam insoles. The mesh upper makes it light and breathable. Its look and comfort make the Air Deluxe a great choice for anyone looking for a stylish and lightweight running shoe they can use anywhere.


  • The memory foam insoles, combined with the breathable upper, make this a lightweight and comfortable shoe. The vibrant colors give the Sketch Air Deluxe style girls will love.


  • It has been difficult to find any negatives with the Sketch Air Deluxe, except for an occasional review concerning durability. Overall, however, this is a great shoe.

6. New Balance Kids’ 455

New Balance Kids 455

The New Balance Kids’ 455 is a classic running shoe that also works well off the track. The mesh upper, combined with the leather overlays, makes this shoe breathable and durable. It is lightweight, comes in several vibrant colors, and it is easy to take on and off.


  • The combination of its lightweight design, breathable mesh, and leather overlays make this a great shoe for running while also providing durability for everyday use.


  • The velcro strap tends to separate after heavy use.

5. Nike Kids’ Revolution 3

Nike Kids Revolution 3

With its sleek design and vibrant color options, the Nike Kids’ Revolution 3 is a great looking shoe. The flex groove sole design encourages natural motion while the mesh upper provides a lightweight and breathable fit.


  • This is an attractive, functional and breathable running shoe that offers comfort and style. Even with the lightweight mesh upper, the Kids’ Revolution 3 can stand up to everyday use.


  • The soles can wear more quickly if you are using the shoe for running.

4. Asics Kids’ Gel-Contend 4 GS

Asics Kids Gel Contend 4 GS

Asics has been a long-established name in running, and the Gel-Contend 4 continues that tradition. The gel cushioning system absorbs shock during impact, and the reinforced stitching around the toe box give it durability.


  • This shoe provides the comfort and support needed to propel a serious runner. The gel cushion provides superior comfort and a smooth transition.


  • Some have reported quick wear, although much of it may be attributed to poor fitting. Sizing may be a little different, so be sure to try them on.

3. Reebok Zigkick Sierra

Reebok Zigkick Sierra

The Zigkick Sierra is a stylish running shoe allowing unrestricted movement and flexibility, thanks to its low-cut design. This minimal forefoot design makes it a great shoe for running.


  • The mesh upper provides superior breathability, while the low cut design also makes it fast. Reebok offers a wide array of colors and designs to make this a stylish running shoe.


  • The unique zigzag platform can become an easy place for dirt to track inside your home. Keep some spot remover on hand, your carpet will thank you.

2. Saucony Cohesion 9 Lace Sneaker

Saucony Cohesion 9 Lace Sneaker

The Cohesion 9 give Saucony another reason to be considered one of the top 10 best running shoes for girls, it is an ideal shoe for everyday use. The leather and mesh upper make it a breathable and durable shoe. Its many color variations make it quite eye-catching.


  • The Cohesion 9 provides a great mix of durability and cushioning. It is a comfortable shoe that can be used for running or daily use.


  • Flexibility is limited. Some have reported a more “clunky” feel when running.

1. Skechers Kids Skech Air Bungee Strap Sneaker

Skechers Kids Skech Air Bungee Strap Sneaker

This shoe has a few similarities to the Air Deluxe, namely the memory foam insole and the velcro strap. The shiny patent leather overlays make the upper slightly different.


  • The Skech Air Bungee is a great shoe for everyday use. There are many colors and styles to chose from, so you can find a style that matches what you’re looking for.


  • While the leather overlays enhance the appearance, they also make the shoe slightly heavier than its Air Deluxe counterpart. It’s less of a running shoe and more of a sneaker.

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