Cheap Best Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Accessories

Samsung has long been in competition with Apple in the handheld market. As of March 11, they may have been broken the deadlock and with the release of their S7 series of handhelds, you now see the fruits of their labors. The S7 series represents a new generation of hardware platforms combined with a new 64-bit operating system that android can stack up against Apple’s iOS and come off the victor.

However, even these highly advanced handhelds still require something more. That is why today we are providing you with an S7 accessory guide that allows you to choose additional items that can extend and enhance the S7 and the S7 Edge Phablet to a higher level.

We will answer certain questions about the S7 series and give you some tips on buying accessories along with our selection of some of the best and most asked for accessories for the S7 and its larger sibling.

So, sit back, grab yourself your favorite beverage and enter the world of Samsung Galaxy S7 accessories.

Specs of Samsung Galaxy S7?

  • With a 5.1 inch Display, the S7 is waterproof and supports a 64-bit processor, which will run Android’s latest 6.0 marshmallow a 64-bit capable OS.
  • It will feature a 4K 5.1-inch super AMOLED display. This will be protected by Gorilla Glass and make your S7’s display one of the most drop resistant smartphone on the market to date.
  • The processor itself is an Exynos processor. It also features an Adreno 430 GPU along with 4 GB of RAM.
  • The onboard memory is 32/64 GB and can support 200 GB in Micro SD memory.

Some of the nice things that it also supports are a UV sensor, it is dustproof and has multi-directional microphones.

But, it’s the camera that has everyone talking as you will have 12 Megapixel image capacity on the primary camera. This puts it up in the category of a professional camera. You also get 5 MP for your front-facing camera as well.

The battery is non-removable and is 3000 mHa.

You get a speeded up WIFI, Bluetooth. This along with the expected support features to go along with it makes the S7 a handheld, which could topple Apple’s dominance in the smartphone arena.

Specs of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

The S7 Edge, in contrast, has a 5.5-inch display, which also is SUPER AMOLED as well, which provide you with 1440 x 2560 pixels.

It also supports Android version 6.0 Marshmallow and a curved edge display. The only other major change is that the battery is a 3600 mAh 1, which gives it slightly more than the S7. All the other features of the of S7 are duplicated in the S7 Edge.

Different Types of Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge?

There are a plethora of design options mostly all cosmetic, however, a couple support removable QWERTY type keyboards and a hard case that can protect your new S7 against accidental falls and being laid down on its face.

And you can take a look at the many variations

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge Accessories

  • With all the many accessories that you can possibly purchase for your S7 and S7 Edge, you need to be aware of a few things. The accessories you buy should be either made by Samsung itself or an authorized third party that is pretty to Samsung’s S7 technical specifications.
  • Be wary of knockoffs and no name vendors from Asian suppliers.
  • Your best bet is that if the price sounds too good to be true it is and isn’t a genuine S7 accessory.
  • However, if you purchase from a reputable source, you should be able to avoid being disappointed and getting substandard accessories to enhance your S7 and the enjoyment, use at work, and business opportunities that it will bring you.

Buying Guide

We have prepared a short guide of the various accessories that you might want to purchase an ad to your S7’s capabilities and functionality.

Many of them are designed to protect and preserve your investment as these new generations of handhelds represent a significant cost investment. In this guide, you will find a wide variety of accessories and browse through them at your leisure to find the right mix that provides your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge with the additional features you desire.

Where to buy Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge Accessories?

Ordinarily you would buy many of your accessories from Samsung itself as they are the manufacturer and the creator of the product. However, Amazon, with its bulk buying and clouds in the smartphone arena can buy large quantities of the various accessories that you want and can do so at a discount.

Amazon then passes the savings on to you in the form of offering you these accessories at prices that undercut those of Samsung themselves.

In this way, you get more bang for the buck and you can then afford to purchase more of the accessories you want to have or think you need.

This is a tremendous way to multiply what your money can afford to buy and enhance your S7’s versatility and capabilities all at the same time.

Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge Accessories on the Markets Today?

Well, in a moment you will see just that. As we have winnowed down the list of hundreds of accessories that are suitable for the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and from this list of 17 of the most in-demand accessories you can choose one or more that suits your needs and desires.

So, when you finish reading this guide, you’ll be able to order the right accessories that you know will not only enhance your S7 experiences, but you know are backed by one of the largest online outlet venues in the world.

1. Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

1. Galaxy S7 Screen Protector

You’ve just bought your S7 but unfortunately, it has still the problems that are common to all smartphones. That’s the fact that you can still drop, scrape, and leave fingerprints on the touchscreen.

That’s why you need a screen protector that can protect your new purchase from the above. PLESON has just what you need.

1st, they protect your touchscreen from scratches, dirt, grit, and oil from your fingertips. Next, they are designed to protect the vital parts of your touchscreen from harm. In addition, they are super strong and have a built-in regenerative capability that rebuilds itself after being damaged.

Another feature is the fact that they are military grade materials that can withstand all the daily wear and tear that your S7 is likely to encounter.

But the icing on the cake is the fact that they are sensitive to your touch and if you follow, the directions properly go on seamlessly and without bubbling.

This makes them different from any of the other screen protectors you’ve owned in the past.

2. Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7

2. Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S7

Now you’re galaxy S7 as full body protection that includes a built-in screen protector.

You no longer need fear dropping your brand-new Samsung smartphone as this case is made of premium TPU and super strong polycarbonate, which combined in a sporty and yet almost and destructible case.

Your touchscreen is protected as well from scratching, scrapes, body oil, and the normal wear and tear of daily life that he Samsung smartphone owner puts their S7 through.

Even more useful is the fact is that this case is designed to clip on your belt and rotates a full 360° that allows you comfort. Whether you’re walking, sitting, and driving your car.

The protective front cover goes on bubble free and is as sensitive as the naked touchscreen itself.

Supcase has gone all out in designing and creating the perfect accessory to your Samsung S7. It comes in designer colors and allows free access to all your ports as well.

3. Samsung Fast Charger USB Data transfer

3. Samsung Fast Charger USB Data transfer

Now you can recharge your Samsung S7 anywhere in the world. You have the OEM charger that goes anywhere you do. It also fits the S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S4, as well as the S3.

Now you can make sure that your smartphone has all the energy it needs so you won’t miss that important call or you have extra time to finish that video or go to the next level in that game you’re playing.

The charger takes 100 to 240 V between 50 and 60 Hz .5 Amp and it steps it down. It then puts out at 9 V at 1.67 Amp or 5 V at 2 Amp.

This makes sure that whichever smartphone you’re using has the right voltage and amperage needed to rapidly recharge your depleted smartphone.

It also comes with 2 Micro USB data/charge sync cables that are 5 feet long, which makes it convenient if the wall socket is not in an easy to get at place.

This is not a knockoff. This is original Samsung replacement hardware that ships from the manufacturer to you.

4. Samsung Micro USB Cable

4. Samsung Micro USB Cable

Sometimes you need to get data from a computer to your Samsung smartphone. Now you can do this and with this USB 2.0 charging/data cable. It can be as simple as 123. That means you can transfer information back and forth and backup your important information to your laptop or tablet computer.

This cable is compatible with virtually all of Samsung’s smartphones. The fact that it is 3 feet long means you have enough room to put your smartphone on the table in the correct position without having to go through awkward gyrations to connect everything up.

If you’ve lost the cable that goes with your fast charger, this is a direct replacement and works just as well.
This a great little cable that serves both your data and your charging needs with equal efficiency.

5. Selfie Stick

5. Selfie Stick

Selfies are in! You can now just plug and shoot and this retractable selfie wand is just the thing to get a picture of you and your friends, or if you’re in a crowd lift your camera high enough to get the shot you want without any intruding heads giving you a photobomb for that all-important picture you’re trying to take.

This Monopod is extensible to 32 inches and swivels so you can capture from any point of view you desire.

Once it’s contracted, it can fit into your pocket with these and it only weighs a little bit less than 5 ounces and is 7 inches fully retracted.

It is designed to handle any of smartphones from Samsung. It can handle the S7 with these and can even handle the Galaxy note 5.

You get the selfie wand, wrist strap, a welcome guide, and a worry free 18-month warranty.

6. Car Mount Holder

6. Car Mount Holder

Talking or texting on a cell phone while driving is a leading cause of automobile accidents resulting in the death of the driver. Why take the risk? Put your Samsung S7 in this easy to use one touch dashboard mount that can let you handle your incoming calls and keep your hands on the wheel.

It’s easy one-touch mounting system locks and releases your smartphone with just a flick of your finger. The ultra sticky gel pad will affix the amount to almost any surface and still allows you to remove it easily, should you decide to shift locations.

It also has a telescoping arm that adds 2 inches that brings your Samsung S7 closer for viewing convenience. This is one of the number 1 best sellers on Amazon and with its new iOttie gel pad. It is slated to become even more popular as time goes by.

Its new design allows it to fit the contoured dashboards that the new cars today are coming out with and along with all the above. It also comes with a one-year product replacement warranty.

7. Bike Mount Holder Cell Phone Bicycle Handlebar & Motorcycle Holder

7. Bike Mount Holder

The doctors all tell us we need to get more exercise and one of the best ways to get exercises to write a bicycle. However, you need to be connected to your office, your friends, and your family well. Now you and your S7 can go out riding a bicycle where you can get your cardiovascular health improved and you can keep in touch with the real world as well.

This bike mount that has to silicon butterfly bands fits almost any bicycle handlebars. You can name. Whether they are drop-down, T-bar, or high-rise your Samsung S7 can attach almost instantly.

It also swivels to give you the best and most comfortable viewing angle and this smartphone cradle that holds your handheld snuggly and firmly in place.

Along with all that, you also get a lifetime warranty on the bike mount that is one of the simplest to install ever.

08. Samsung Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charging Pad

8. Samsung Fast Wireless Charging

The Chinese word Qi means energy and that’s exactly what you get wireless energy transferred to your Samsung S7 without you having to connect the cable to a charger or plug into a USB port.
This is an OEM wireless charger made for Samsung and offered to you today. This device is certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

It looks like a Frisbee with concentric circles on top and all you have to do is lay your smartphone on it and in a short time, your S7 is fully charged and raring to go again.

This is a lightweight and portable charger they can slip into your carry bag and can go with you on overnight business trips or vacations. It can also sit on your desk or home on the counter equally well.
And finally, you have a multicolored LED, which lets you know what the charging status of your S7. It is also Micro USB compatible as well.

9. Samsung Micro SD Cards Memory Card 32G

9. Samsung Micro SD Cards

Your S7 comes with a great deal of onboard memory to store pictures, messages, and other important personal data. However, at some time you need to remove this data, either because your smartphone is actually filling up or it is critical data that you want to make a copy of.

That’s why having 32 GB of high-capacity Micro SD memory is something you should have on hand.
It has a transfer rate of 48MB/s and this allows you to get information off of your smartphone as quickly as possible. Its small size lets you put in your pocket or have it on a keychain as you desire. You also get a one-year limited warranty, which allows you to have it replaced, should there be a defect and workmanship or if it fails within the warranty period.

10. Samsung Fast USB Car Charger Power Adapter

10. Samsung Fast USB Car Charger Power Adapter

Many of us use our smartphones while in the car and we often waste time and find that are smartphone is depleted of energy when we get to work.

This doesn’t have to happen as you can have a Samsung OEM fast charger adapter that fits into your vehicles, DC receptacle.

Now you can use your smartphone in the car and not worry about whether it will be charged when you reach your destination. Now your S7 can be fully charged up in as little as 90 minutes using the quick charge feature.

This unit is also compatible with many other Samsung and health products as well. So if you have some of them you can charge them as well on your way to and from work as easily as you charge your S7.

So keep your S7 happy and it will keep you happy and you can do that best by keeping it charged up and this adapter will do that easily and with style.

11. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Keyboard Cover

11. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Keyboard Cover

If you want to type on your S7 and the touchscreen keyboard is not what you enjoy using. You can get a detachable QWERTY full-size ergonomic keyboard that has all the keys you need and makes typing simpler and a more pleasurable experience.

The shell is made from molded polycarbonate. Which means it resists damage and is rugged. It also serves to help protect your Samsung S7 Edge from damage should you accidentally let it slip from your hand.
This is not a knockoff or a cheap imitation but is manufactured exclusively for Samsung and for use with the S7 Edge handheld.

Now you can have your cake and eat it too, and type as if you were sitting at your desk working on your office PC. You will find yourself becoming more productive and your efficiency and output will increase markedly.
Plus, you may be more comfortable with the touch and feel of a real keyboard over that of an overly sensitive touchscreen.

12. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Case LED View Flip Cover

12. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Case LED View Flip Cover

If you worry about scratching, getting dirt in or on your S7 handheld you can now get yourself a flip case with an LED display that lets you protect your investment as well as let you know the status of what’s going on.
The LED display will let you know the time, music, that’s playing, whether or not you have any incoming or unread messages.

It can also let you know if you’ve missed a call, take an incoming call and end the call as well.
It also provides you with a volume control, a low battery alert, and lets you know if the battery is charging after the S7 has been plugged in.

The LED sensors activate automatically or shut down by either opening or closing the cover. You can also control it by pressing your galaxy S7 Edge’s power button.

It also includes an interior card pocket that lets you hold a credit card and/or an ID. This makes it convenient as you now have everything you need for business or shopping for pleasure.

13. Samsung Galaxy S7 Keyboard Cover

13. Samsung Galaxy S7 Keyboard Cover

Should you decide you want to protect your S7 and you want a full function detachable QWERTY keyboard that’s ergonomically designed to let you type and enter information for texting or creating business documents and emails that need to be sent.

This keyboard performs double duty as it shields your S7 against accidental dropping and having the touchscreen scratched by lying face down on a desk, table, and counter. It is made of a rugged polycarbonate plastic it creates a shell molded to fit your S7 like a glove.

This keyboard fits your S7 precisely and snugly as Samsung has commissioned its creation specifically to fit their galaxy S7 handhelds.

So now, you can have the convenience of typing on a keyboard, protecting your S7 investment, and it gives your S7 a professional air and an elegant look as well.

14. Samsung Galaxy S7 Case LED View Flip Cover

14. Samsung Galaxy S7 Case LED View Flip Cover

You can get a plethora of information about what’s happening with your S7 and protected with a flip cover heavy-duty polycarbonate shield that protects your S7 from harm, as it provides you with information such as date and time.

But this flip cover doesn’t stop there. With this highly visible LED display, you know if you have incoming and unread messages waiting for you. You can see if you’ve missed a call and you can take incoming calls and end them as well.

In addition, you have a volume control, low battery alert and it will even let you know if your S7 is charging are not.

So now, you can have a flip cover and still keep track of what’s happening inside as you protect your sensitive touchscreen from dirt, grit, and scraping that often occur with handhelds in daily use.

You also have a credit card holder inside that allows you the ability to make purchases either via your S74 in the old-fashioned way of slighting your card at the checkout counter.

15. Portable Cell Phone Power Banks – Charger External Battery

15. Portable Charger External Battery

One of the big problems with smartphones today is the fact is that their batteries drain down to quickly that may leave your S7 lacking the energy it needs to catch that all important incoming call or to let you finish watching your favorite video. This no longer is an issue as you can get a 10000-mAh self-contained portable charger that can recharge your S7 3 to 4 times before it needs to be charged in turn.

This gives you a fantastic amount of leeway in how you do business, enjoy your entertainment that your S7 provides, and never have to worry about running out of power again.

It is also designed to deliver its energy and to recharge your handheld in the quickest amount of time possible.

It is also certified safe and has built-in protection for both you and the devices you plug into it.

You get the charger, a micro USB cable, travel pouch, as well as a welcome guide, and an 18-month warranty.

16. Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset

16. Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset

One of the advantages of having a Samsung galaxy S7 is the fact that you can have your favorite music with you anytime and anywhere you desire. However, some may not enjoy your choice or taste in your musical pursuits.
Having yourself tethered to your smartphone is not comfortable and you run the risk of getting entangled in the cabling. That’s why this Bluetooth enabled wireless stereo headset is just what the Doctor ordered.

A behind the neck support system keeps the earphones from dragging and making you feel tied down. It has on a single charge 10/15 hours of music/talk time.

You now have a perfect fit, as well as great sound with no physical connection to your S7 at all.
This allows you a flexibility to exercise at your favorite spot without being encumbered with your S7 as it can sit next to you as you work out and you can still listen to your tunes as you pump iron or are riding a bicycle in the park.

17. SanDisk Ultra 64GB Flash Drive

17. SanDisk Ultra 64GB Flash Drive

SanDisk has created a full line of micro USB Flash Drives that allow people all over the world to save information from a multitude of sources. Now you can have a 64 GB backup that lets you take information from your S7 and transfer it between it and your PC, tablet, and Apple computers.

This allows you to save critical data and free up space on your S7, if you have too much music, save messages, and work related documents.

What’s more, there is built-in software and an app that allows you to manage and backup the content of your S7 quickly and efficiently. You can download this app for free on Google Play.

One of the most important things you can do with your handheld is to make sure that your contact lists and other critical information are saved on a regular basis. Even the Samsung galaxy S7 can suffer a mishap such as a drop, loss, and other accident, they could lose you valuable and irreplaceable information. This is why the SanDisk is so useful to you.

Final thoughts

The Samsung galaxy S7/S7 Edge may be the game changer in the war for control of the handheld market in the world today.

Apple has held sway for many years now. But now with Steve Jobs gone and the loss of his hand on the corporate tiller, there is an opportunity for innovative and creative companies to take the lead.

Samsung is one such company and with the release of their S7 series, they show that they are capable and determined to do just that. You have seen today 17 accessories that expand and extend your Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge’s usability and give you a flexibility in what you want to do with your handheld now.

The hard part is deciding which accessory to buy first and with that, we will leave you with this quandary.

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